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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3133 Won't Follow

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Chapter 3133 Won't Follow

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Pei Zixuan and Mu Ling looked in that direction, and when they saw that it was quite some distance away, they said: "It doesn't look that far, but if you want to go there, it will still take at least a day or two at the earliest."

If they were to walk there from the dense forest, naturally it would take them at the very least a day or two. But they also knew that if they travelled by flying sword, it would probably only take them a day to get there.

However, flying in the dense forest would make them a target of flying beasts attacks.

Feng Jiu's ears twitched slightly as she was looking in the direction of the cliffs, so she turned her head and looked at a certain place behind her. She was faintly aware of the movement and released her spirit intent in that direction.

When she saw the two Venerables from the Blue Star Immortal Sect who were killing the two fierce beasts rushing towards them, her eyes flickered slightly. Those two people had come from behind, it seemed that they had sent the disciples in the cave dwelling away.

She withdrew her spirit intent when she saw that they had killed the two ferocious beasts and came over to this side, then she said to the others: "The two Blue Star Venerables are here, do you want to go back with them?"

Upon hearing this, the three of them were slightly surprised: "A Venerable really came in? Then let's leave quickly before they catch up to us."

Feng Jiu's lips curled slightly when she heard this and glanced at the three of them and said: "Let's go!"

As soon as she had spoken, her figure flew out quickly and the three of them followed behind quickly. Because they knew that the two Venerables were behind them, they didn't dare to slow down, lest they be caught by the Venerables.

Not long after they left, the two Venerables arrived at the place they were before and their faces darkened: "Those kids! Someone amongst them used their spirit intent to detect us and they ran away. It's outrageous!"

"I don't think they want to go out and are avoiding us on purpose."

The other Venerable thought for a while, then said: "Their strength is not considered weak, they can be even considered to be the top amongst the disciples on strength. Now that they are even able to run from us, they probably have the confidence to survive here. Instead of chasing disciples who are avoiding us, we might as well find the others first."

The other Venerable listened and was silent for a while. Finally, he nodded: "Fine! Let's go!"

So, the two of them changed directions and left. As they walked, they called out to the disciples of the Blue Star Immortal Sect with their spirit energy infused in their voices…

When she felt that the two Venerables were no longer behind them, Feng Jiu gradually slowed down and waited for the three people behind her. The three of them slowed down when they saw that her speed had slowed down and asked: "Are they not following us?"

"Let's go." Feng Jiu said, then she heard a bang in the sky, as if there was another distress call.

"It's the distress signal from Green City Immortal Sect." Mu Ling said. He looked at the direction it came from: "It's some distance away from us." Even if they had wanted to go and take a look, there was nothing they could do as it was too far away from them.

Although they were unable to go and save them, the Venerables from the Blue Star Immortal Sect had already seen it and were rushing over…

For the rest of the journey, they didn't rest very much. Even in the dark, Feng Jiu led them through the dense forest. So, they inevitably encountered fierce beasts along the way. They had experienced two days of hellish training and their injuries were gradually increasing. At the same time, their reactions and combat effectiveness were also improving.

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