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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3134 Alone

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Chapter 3134 Alone

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One this day, in the evening, it was a rare sight to see that Feng Jiu had stopped and even grilled wild game for them to eat. At this time, the three of them were covered in injuries and they looked in a state of embarrassment.

Their bundled black hair was messy with a few strands of hair hanging down and leaves plastered to their hair. Their dirty and stained robes were either scratched by branches or claws of a ferocious beast. Their wounds hadn't had the time to heal and more wounds were added. They no longer looked like the graceful young men that they did in the past.

"I have never worn such dirty clothes." Lin Chengjin said with a smile. While he bandaged his arm, he said: "It's only been two days and there are already so many injuries on this body. Even Master's training has never been this ruthless."


Mu Ling had tugged on the wound on his back, and he couldn't help but take a breath. He said to Pei Zixuan who was beside him: "Do me a favour and help me sprinkle some medicine on the wound on my back."

After Pei Zixuan took the medicine and sprinkled it on his back for him, he said: "The wound is quite deep, it might leave a scar."

"As long as I get to live, it doesn't matter if I have scars!" Mu Ling said indifferently. After all, he was not a woman, so he didn't care about scars.

"Eat well and take the time to rest so you can recover." Feng Jiu said. She ordered the two beasts to guard them while she sat by the fire and ate her grilled meat.

After the three of them had treated their wounds, they tore off some grilled meat and ate it. Some of them sat around the fire in the night and some of them leaned against the big tree. The next morning, when the sky dawned, the people who had been sleeping woke up and continued to their destination.

With their combined strength, they managed to get past the ferocious beast at the foot of the mountain and avoided the danger in the dense forest until they came to the side of the cliff.

Feng Jiu looked up and saw that the place where they were now was halfway up the cliff. On one side of the cliff, the clouds and mist had spread throughout and the bottom of the cliff was endless.

"Wait for me here!" She said to the three people behind her.

"Be careful." The three of them said, but didn't follow her.

As soon as they had spoken, they saw her pointing her toes and stepping onto the clouds in the air. She headed towards the top of the cliff and left her two Sacred Beasts behind to guard them.

The female beast watched Feng Jiu leave and looked at Cloud Devouring next to her. She couldn't help but approach him and asked: "Are you not following her? Aren't you worried that Master will be in danger?"

Cloud Devouring glanced at it and said: "Aren't you leaving yet? What are you doing with us?"

"Master said she will take me out of here, so of course I will follow you!" The female beast said with joy in her voice, she looked at Cloud Devouring: "Besides, you are the most powerful one of our species that I have seen. I like you."

Cloud Devouring snorted: "You just haven't seen a stronger one."

"No matter how powerful or strong others are, I think that you are the most powerful one." The female beast said shyly with a fawning look, and she moved closer to Cloud Devouring's side.

The corners of the mouths of the three people on the side twitched. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have known that beasts could say such sweet words. However, they should protect them no matter what. They were standing on the side like they didn't exist, and if they left, then wouldn't they…

When they thought of this, the three of them glanced at the two Sacred Beasts and coughed lightly. Then, they walked over to the side and sat down to rest.

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