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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1322 The Third One!

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Chapter 1322 The Third One!

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At this moment…

Mr. Luo of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company and Mr. Li of Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company were on the same side. Although they were not allies, they seemed to have reached a tacit understanding.

They could suffer some hardship, but they would be unhappy if they had to pay for it.

Since all the companies were in this battle together, why should they pay for all of them?

Soon, all the bosses of other pharmaceutical companies heard their voice messages through the WeChat group.

Everyone started sizing up the situation.

Previously, when only Qiming Pharmaceutical Company was in trouble, they could unite to dodge the compensation issue. But shirking the responsibility wouldn't be easy when Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company joined in.

And most importantly…

The two companies were not easy to deal with.

They had to give a clear reply. Otherwise, the two companies might join forces to play tricks behind their backs. They wouldn't be able to cope with so much trouble.

Apart from that…

They were in the same WeChat group, which contained all the messages they sent. Some people had deleted the previous information, but some might have saved all the contents by taking screenshots.

At the thought of this…

“Mr. Li, Mr. Luo, don't worry. We're all in the same boat. We can help you when you're in trouble. Fang Qiu chose to punish you two as a warning to others. We have no choice but to accept reality. Don't worry. When this matter is over, we will spare some medicine channels to help you recover quickly.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Money may not be helpful. The channels are the key to the development of enterprises.”

“That's right. We can enrich the channels of Qiming and Huizhong from all aspects. This will be much more beneficial to you than money. As long as the right channels are in place, I believe it won't be long before your companies completely recover and reach their peak.”

Over at their end…

Mr. Luo of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company and Mr. Li of Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company saw the promises made by the bosses of other pharmaceutical companies.

In unison, they heaved a sigh of relief.


As long as the others made these promises, they felt greatly relieved. At the same time, the two of them took screenshots as evidence. With this, they were not afraid that the other bosses would go back on their words!

They survived the second crisis.

Peace was finally restored in the WeChat group of pharmaceutical companies.

They began another round of discussion.

“What does John Doe want to do?”

“Is this kid trying to cow everyone into submission?”

“The way I see it, this boy simply wants to warn us.”

“As you all know, the truth of this matter was discovered long ago. Since Fang Qiu got the evidence chains of Qiming and Huizhong, he could get the evidence against other companies. Maybe he has collected the evidence chains of all our companies. But under pressure from the government, he doesn't dare to fall out with all of us.”

“Did we push him too hard?”

“Really? But how can we survive if we don't force him to give in? When he develops rapidly, he will monopolize the Chinese Medicine industry throughout the country. Do you want him to cause our companies to die a slow death, one by one?”

“That's true. But what should we do now?”

“Let's think of a way to get rid of him!”

As everybody joined in…

Bosses of these pharmaceutical companies began a lively conversation.

They were now under a great deal of pressure brought about by Fang Qiu.

They all knew they couldn't go on like this. Sooner or later, Fang Qiu would defeat them. In this condition, they were eager to find a countermeasure.


Just as these bosses were in the midst of an animated discussion…


One of them sent another screenshot to the WeChat group.

It was about a new post on the Foundation's Weibo account.

Another company had been exposed!

It was Heyi Pharmaceutical Company!

The screenshot was sent out.

In the WeChat group, the heated discussion about how to deal with Fang Qiu suddenly halted!

At the sight of the screenshot…

All of them…

They were all dumbfounded!

“What the hell. Why would he pick me?”

In the WeChat group, a person with the username Mr. Liu immediately cursed angrily when he saw this screenshot. He was in a great state of panic.

Not merely Mr. Liu…

This time…

Mr. Luo of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company and Mr. Li of Hui Chinese Medicine Company had already been exposed. Except for them, all the bosses of the other pharmaceutical companies in the group panicked!

It was okay when Fang Qiu unmasked one of them.

Everyone endured his actions when he brought the two companies” dark secrets to light.

This time, he disclosed the illegal activities of the third one!

The most disturbing thing was that…

Fang Qiu's strategy was excessively insidious.

These companies had discussed it with the authorities, who agreed not to reveal their inside story. That was why they dared to attack Fang Qiu unscrupulously.

But they overlooked one important fact: no officials would reveal their secrets, but Fang Qiu could do it!

They would be scared when the police came to them and investigated them. But it was even more terrifying if Fang Qiu exposed their dirty deeds.

By prolonging the police's investigations, they could buy time and think of ways to solve the problem.

But after Fang Qiu made his move…

Netizens flew into a fury. What happened to the Qiming Pharmaceutical Company also occurred in the Heyi Pharmaceutical Company. A great many netizens swarmed into its Weibo account and brought it to a standstill. Hackers attacked its official website, and its stock price plummeted to the limit. If this situation lasted for a few days, the police would no longer need to investigate this company because it would be bankrupt. At that time, there would be no point in investigating the case.

At this critical moment…

They were still confident that Fang Qiu wouldn't dare to jeopardize the overall interests of the whole industry.

However, what Fang Qiu was doing now was more frightening to them.

By manipulating public opinion, he could expose these companies and ruin them one by one. Nowadays, bad news would bring down the stock price immediately. When such a sensational incident happened, everyone in the country would crazily berate the company. How could its stock prices not drop to their limits?


The most important thing was…

None of the leaders of all the companies in the WeChat group knew when Fang Qiu would carry out his plan. No one could figure out who would be next. It was also unknown if Fang Qiu would destroy them all!

All these guesses struck terror into their hearts. They were overwhelmed by uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

“What should we do? What can we do?”

“This guy is crazy. He's going to wipe us out!”

“Who knows what he's trying to do? Will he expose our company next?”

“It's over. Fang Qiu is going to destroy us by using public opinion!”

For a moment…

Leaders of all the companies in the WeChat group frantically discussed this matter and urged everyone to think of a solution.

As a result…

Everyone in the WeChat group was busy arguing as they fell into a hopeless tangle.

“Stop making that terrible racket! Please help me out first. What should I do now?”

Mr. Liu of the Heyi Pharmaceutical Company sent a message, anxiously asking for help from the others.

To his great dismay…

As soon as his message appeared, it was drowned out by many messages from others. The other people in the WeChat group were still arguing and discussing. No one cared about his situation at all.

“Could you stop arguing? All of you, shut up!”

Mr. Liu shouted angrily in a voice message, “Damn. I got it. You are not worried when you're not in trouble!”

Mr. Liu roared angrily.

At the same time, Mr. Luo of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company and Mr. Li of Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company also stepped forward and condemned all the others.

In the end…

The others still ignored them.

This time…

The WeChat group became even more chaotic.

The three bosses in trouble rebuked the others vehemently. Some were looking for ways to deal with these problems, while others were worried about whether they would be the next target.

They made a great commotion, but no one came up with any helpful ideas!

These sober-headed businessmen lost their usual composure.

At this time…

“Everyone, stop!”

The WeChat group leader, Mr. Xiao, who led this event, stood up and tried to calm everyone down.


Everyone was in a terrible state. After all, no one knew who would be next and when Fang Qiu would uncover their secrets.

As a result, they couldn't calm down at all, and the WeChat group was still in chaos.

“Go to hell!”

Seeing that no one paid any attention to him, Mr. Liu of Heyi Pharmaceutical Company suddenly howled his displeasure and stopped checking the messages in this group.

“50 million Huaxia coins? I'll fucking donate 100 million Huaxia coins!”

No one offered him any solutions.

He could only copy the methods of the first two companies.


When netizens saw the Foundation's third post that unmasked another company, they were even more shocked. In a heated discussion, they were anxious to see if Fang Qiu published any new evidence on his Weibo account.

When one company was found guilty, the public took it lightly. Then, doubts began to surface when they faced the two companies” dark secrets. Now that the three companies were proven to have serious problems, the situation became grave.

Everyone felt there was a diabolical conspiracy behind this.

Three Chinese Medicine companies happened to target the Foundation at the same time, and their employees secretly sabotaged the Foundation. But all three companies knew nothing about all this. What a creepy coincidence.

There didn't seem much likelihood of it happening.

Netizens were full of doubts.

They flooded Fang Qiu's Weibo account as they waited for his new post.

But when they entered Fang Qiu's Weibo account, they found he didn't publish any new posts.

When the Foundation published a Weibo post to expose the previous two companies, Fang Qiu released the chain of evidence each time. Therefore, they left messages one after another.

“Let's just wait and see what will happen.”

“Hurry up and release the evidence!”

“Go ahead and uncover all the secrets. I feel it is a huge conspiracy.”

Over here…

More than ten minutes later…

Fang Qiu deliberately delayed for some time. When the situation heated up, he updated the chain of evidence against Heyi Pharmaceutical Company.

Without a doubt…

As soon as the chain of evidence appeared…

Netizens immediately began to imagine all kinds of conspiracies, even without the guidance of Zhu Benzheng and the others. Many people even began to wonder whether more companies had been involved. There might be a fourth company and a fifth one.

In the interim…

Without the help of others, Heyi Pharmaceutical Company could only deal with public relations crises using the previous method.

“Our company is completely unaware of this, but we are willing to bear all the consequences. In addition, our company has officially filed a case with the police. We will cooperate with the police to conduct a detailed investigation. Once the real criminals are found, we will punish them severely. If the investigation results show that the rumors are true, our company is willing to compensate Three Billion Foundation and donate 100 million Huaxia coins!”

The announcement was sent out.

When netizens saw it, they remained indifferent.

These companies adopted the same countermeasures and released three posts with similar content. No one would believe it.

More than that…

Many people even began to suspect that there was a big conspiracy behind this!

“I'll wager a chocolate bar on this: when the crimes of the next company come to light, it will promise to donate 150 million Huaxia coins. All are welcome to place your bets!”

“I'll wager two chocolate bars on this: there will be another company!”

“I don't want to bet. I'm sure another company will be uncovered.”

In an instant…

Fellow netizens that followed this matter began to use all kinds of jokes to mock these companies!

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