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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1323 Send Someone to Negotiate!

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Chapter 1323 Send Someone to Negotiate!

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The reaction online…

Leaders of the major Chinese Medicine companies were all dumbfounded.

This situation had severe repercussions.

The Foundation's revelations, Fang Qiu's chain of evidence, and all kinds of conspiracies that the netizens came up with made this topic reach the top of the trending topic list on Weibo.

When they saw this, these bosses were frightened out of their wits.

In particular, these conspiracies that were heatedly discussed by netizens terrified them. After all, public opinion might turn good things into bad ones and bad things into evil deeds.

Though they were still hiding in the dark, these imaginative guesses of netizens directly signed their death warrant.

Netizens had come up with various schemes and intrigues, which even scared these bosses behind the scenes. Public opinion could exercise considerable influence over people. These bosses were afraid that others would believe these wild guesses.


Fang Qiu exposed three companies: Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company, and Heyi Pharmaceutical Company. Due to the urgency of the situation, they couldn't ponder deeply over the whole matter. They started looking for scapegoats all night and did not dare to delay any longer.

More and more people joined in the online chats and vehemently condemned them. Thus, they had to cover up their lies as soon as possible. No one knew if the situation would get out of control.


The three companies could only hope that the statements they released would be effective.

On the Internet…

Countless people that followed this matter kept an eye on the home pages of the Weibo accounts of the Three Billion Foundation and Fang Qiu. They kept refreshing the pages and waited for another company to be exposed.


A long time passed, but Fang Qiu and the Foundation's official Weibo accounts remained unchanged.

Perhaps, there were only these three companies.

Netizens wouldn't believe it.

Everyone felt that there would be more sensational pieces of news forthcoming.

Fang Qiu had never let the public down.

At the cultivation base…

After he unmasked three companies simultaneously, Fang Qiu decided to take a break.

Just as numerous netizens had expected, there was more news to come, but Fang Qiu was in no hurry to release them.

In fact…

He was still waiting.

He was only halfway through his plan!

At 9:30 the next morning…

The stock market opened for trading.

The stock prices of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company, and Heyi Pharmaceutical Company instantly plunged to the limit, and even their stock ratings declined.

Not merely the three companies…

Since the whole thing had been completely blown out of proportion, stock prices of all the other Chinese Medicine companies also dropped sharply. The entire industry became a land of wails and despair!

This was the consequence that those Chinese Medicine merchants feared most.

Fang Qiu's Three Billion Foundation was purely a charity foundation. The public couldn't use public opinion to attack Fang Qiu and his Foundation. After all, no one would go against a charity organization, not to mention that Fang Qiu had been helping with public welfare.

But they didn't need to.

What Chinese Medicine companies feared the most was public opinion.

The stock prices were suddenly down to their lowest limits. This dramatic change proved how dire online public opinion could be for these companies.

In an instant, the stock prices of the three companies fell to their daily maximum limits.

This result fueled the feeling of panic among the leaders of the Chinese Medicine companies.

They didn't feel at ease after the announcement. On the contrary, they became increasingly panicky, all the while fearing that they would be hit by bad luck.

Of course…

Compared to them, the bosses of the three companies already exposed by Fang Qiu were calmer.

Looking at their stock prices that dropped so rapidly, they were torn with grief!


They couldn't do anything about it.

Anyway, things had come to this point, and it was almost impossible to salvage the situation. They could only accept their misfortune. Luckily, as their companies had already been exposed, they were not as nervous as the others.

When they saw that the stock prices of other companies had also fallen, the bosses of the three companies smiled smugly.

“You deserve it!”

“When we were in trouble, you watched indifferently without lending a hand and only wanted to protect yourselves.”

“We were in trouble, and so will you be too!”

They were glad when other people also faced difficulties.

At the same time, Mr. Luo of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Mr. Li of Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company, and Mr. Liu of Heyi Pharmaceutical Company rushed to the capital.

When they arrived in the capital…

The three of them gathered in a hotel guest room.


The first one to arrive was Mr. Luo of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company. His grey hair had almost turned completely white now. When Mr. Li and Mr. Liu came up to him, he found their hair had also turned silver.


The three of them must have suffered greatly from this matter.

“I didn't expect Fang Qiu to start with us.”

“Well, I found the pattern. This guy launched his attacks according to our previous Weibo posts. Mr. Luo's Qiming Pharmaceutical Company was the first to stop cooperating with the Foundation and publicize their decision on Weibo. Then, Mr. Li's Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company released a Weibo post. My company was the third one that published remarks against him.”

Mr. Liu, who was in charge of Heyi Pharmaceutical Company, analyzed the situation.

“What's the use of talking about this?”

Mr. Luo snorted coldly and said, “Now, we need to think of a solution!”

Although he was reluctant to admit his mistakes…

Mr. Luo felt quite regretful.

“I turned against the Foundation and publicized the news. Why was I so reckless and did not consider the consequences? Why had I foolishly taken the lead?”

Of course…

Mr. Li and Mr. Liu had the same thoughts.

They recalled what had happened.

They rushed ahead to fight against Fang Qiu to get more cheers from the public. Now, they certainly had to bear more severe consequences.

“Mr. Luo, you're better at this than us. Do you have any good suggestions?”

Mr. Li asked.

“It seems no one else will help us.”

Mr. Luo's face fell. He remembered that the others had spoken fervently, calling for unity to fight shoulder-to-shoulder against their common enemy. When he thought about this, he was on the verge of exploding with anger.

“We can only depend on ourselves.”

Looking at the other two people, Mr. Luo's eyebrows rose and he said.

“On the way to our meeting here, I came up with an idea.”

Mr. Liu of Heyi Pharmaceutical Company said, “This matter is no longer a problem for our three companies. It has become a crisis for the Chinese Medicine industry. While everyone is in a heated discussion, we can pay some people to remove the trending topic about our three companies. After that, we can hire some paid Internet trolls to mention the names of other companies. By making use of this opportunity, we can get rid of this matter.”

“No, we can't do that.”

Mr. Luo immediately shook his head and said, “The trending topic about us has become the center of public attention. Withdrawing it will only further provoke the public. Besides, we are not the only ones willing to spend money. Once we do that, the other companies will instantly spend a fortune and send us back to the list of trending topics! They need us to draw our enemy's fire. To protect themselves, they are capable of doing anything!”

“That's right.”

With a nod, Mr. Li echoed, “Even if we want to drag them down with us, it's not the right time now. A great many people have their eyes on our three companies and joined in the heated discussion. No matter how much money we spend on spreading slanderous rumors about the other companies, they will be lost among the remarks and comments against us.”

“Then what should we do?”

Mr. Liu looked panic-stricken.

“But we can't remain a trending topic.”

Mr. Luo gritted his teeth with determination and said, “It's better for the doer to undo what he has done. Now we can only find another person to negotiate with Fang Qiu. We need to survive this crisis first. Only then can we take our revenge!”

“It seems to be the only way out.”

Mr. Li nodded and said, “According to my investigation, the Three Billion Foundation has some connection with the Renyi Group. A senior executive named He Xue works for the Renyi Group as the executive director. If we want to find a negotiator, we can start with He Xue. After all, given the current situation, Fang Qiu won't agree to negotiate if we can't find a suitable negotiator.”

“He Xue?”

Mr. Luo raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is she from the He family in the capital?”

“That's right.”

Mr. Li immediately nodded and said, “I'm just thinking about how to use my connections. Mr. Luo, do you know anyone from the He family?”

“I'm not that familiar with the He family, but I can get in touch with them.”

Mr. Luo shook his head and said, “I have a friend who is very familiar with the He family. It's just that they might not come to our aid in our current situation. If we want to ask the He family for help, we will have to pay a high price.”

“As long as we can solve this problem, it doesn't matter if we spend some money.”

Mr. Li continued, “We'll get the money back from the other companies after all this is over!”


With their money, the three bosses managed to pull a few strings. Finally, they found He Dongming from the He family in the capital.

He Dongming…

He was the first in command of his family's business and was widely known in the entire capital. All the bosses had to show him some respect, no matter how large their enterprises were.

Of course…

This was partly because He Dongming was a good and capable man. Unlike the other family members, he was very good at socializing but was not as slick as other businessmen. He was always upright and his behavior was impeccable. Thus, he was liked by many people.


Among the elders in the He family, He Dongming treated He Xue the best, even better than her grandfather.

Because of this, the bosses of the three companies spent money to get in touch with him. They wanted to buy him over.

Sure enough…

He Dongming didn't take their money.

This incident caused a big sensation. When he heard that, he felt sorry for the three companies. Thus, he agreed to help.

Before long…

He Dongming managed to contact He Xue.

After they confirmed the time to meet, he flew to Beijiang. He Xue picked him up at the airport and took him to the cultivation base.

“Fourth Uncle, why did you suddenly want to see me?”

He Xue still felt puzzled when she picked He Dongming up.

“When you were at home last time, you had suffered a lot, but I was away. This time, I specially came to see you. Also, I want to talk to your boss about a small matter.”

He Dongming was dressed formally. Looking at He Xue with a smile, he said, “I made a promise to my friend, so I had to come here.”

“Don't tell me you're here to intercede with my boss on behalf of the others?”

He Xue figured it out.

“Why are you so anxious? I'm not asking you for a favor.”

He Dongming laughed heartily and turned to look at the whole cultivation base. He nodded and praised, “Wonderful place! This is the largest cultivation base I've ever seen in the country. It looks very standard and advanced.”

Next to him…

He Xue smiled wryly and frowned.

It was hard for her to refuse his request.

She had guessed his purpose for this visit, but she couldn't drive her uncle away, right?


He Xue had no choice but to take her Fourth Uncle to the office.

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