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«Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 1065: Moon Star Ravine

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Chapter 1065: Moon Star Ravine

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This time, Qin Feng did not even know if he could succeed.

However, Qin Feng could not keep an eye on the Verdant Emperor Saber’s evolution. Plus, he had been reminded by Z previously, so Qin Feng planned to verify if that idea was true.

The Blue Star Realm was obviously not suitable. Qin Feng simply flew out of the atmosphere and entered the universe.

The universe outside the Blue Star Realm was even more desolate. The power of the cosmic rays was not too great, but there was also a fatal aura inside. The sealed aura could suffocate ability users to death.

This was not a threat to the current Qin Feng. He raised his hand and took out a huge dark realm core.


It was the realm core of Bahamut.

When this core was exposed, it almost expanded instantly. When the runes came into contact with the energy in the universe, it almost turned into a giant dark beast, and even almost turned into a terrifying land of darkness.

However, at this moment, Qin Feng’s consciousness was wrapped around this dark core, and then his ability exploded.

“Absorption Ability!”

Visible to the naked eye, this dark core started to melt rapidly.

At the same time, the dark starglobe under Qin Feng’s feet began to grow.

A moment later, Qin Feng’s dark starglobe had grown to a diameter of one hundred and ten meters. However, Qin Feng could not feel any expanding or exploding power. It did not seem to be his limit at all.

In an instant, Qin Feng’s heart began to beat crazily.

“I succeeded. I can indeed contain more dark power. This means that before my strength reaches the stage of an Immortal, I can truly possess the combat power of an Immortal!”

Qin Feng continued to devour the giant dark core. Even the matter regarding the Blood River Realm had been postponed.

Days passed, and the core of Bahamut Realm had been completely devoured by Qin Feng. His ability core had finally expanded to a diameter of nine hundred meters.

This was the result of complete absorption.

The dark runes were different from the frozen stars. Due to the purity of the frozen stars, every time they devoured the cores of other realms, they would reject impurities. However, the dark core was formed by runes, so there was no trace of impurities. Qin Feng had completely accepted it.

In his consciousness realm, there was already a terrifying existence that was comparable to the core of the Bahamut Continent.


At this moment, Qin Feng felt that a human-shaped phantom image had actually appeared on the huge dark core. It was Qin Feng himself.

Moreover, this phantom image opened its mouth, as if it could devour everything.

This was the true Absorption Ability.

In the past, the Absorption Ability could only devour dead existences. At this moment, the Absorption Ability had finally unleashed its terrifying power. The current Qin Feng could even devour living beings, instead of using his dark ability to absorb them, the Absorption Ability was used indirectly.

‘This ability is most likely not at the SSS-tier, but a method used by an Immortal. It’s a pity that my consciousness right now is only at the SSS-tier of the divine level. If I want to fully utilize it, I’ll need to raise my consciousness.’

Consciousness required energy, not runes. This energy could also be devoured from the violent energy within the core of a realm. He could also kill elites and plunder their consciousness.

This was actually something that could be easily accomplished.

Qin Feng continued to comprehend the state of the dark starglobe after it became nine hundred meters in diameter. The more he looked at it, the more terrifying it felt. It was as if he really had the feeling of being able to destroy the world with a lift of his hand.

Just as Qin Feng was exploring, he suddenly felt something. He raised his hand and looked at the secret realm ring. There was a new change in the Magical Tesseract.

More than ten days had passed. The materials in the Magical Tesseract had completely melted. The Magical Tesseract had also become dilapidated. Now, the final step was underway.

The star-slaying iron and the materials from the Giant Star Turtle had been integrated into the Verdant Emperor Saber. With the last bit of integration, the Verdant Emperor Saber had completely changed.

A long greenish-black saber appeared in Qin Feng’s line of sight.

“It’s done!”

Qin Feng was ecstatic as he subconsciously took out the Magical Tesseract.

The moment the Magical Tesseract was taken out, it seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Magical Tesseract, which was covered in countless cracks, suddenly exploded.


The Magical Tesseract completely disintegrated into pieces. Then, a saber fell out of the void. It was the Verdant Emperor Saber that Qin Feng had sensed earlier.


The Verdant Emperor Saber emitted a terrifying aura. The tip of the blade swayed slightly in the air, forming a terrifying energy fluctuation. This fluctuation did not inject a single bit of internal energy into Qin Feng, but it spread out to an extremely far distance as a blade aura slashed out in the universe.

In the next moment, Qin Feng seemed to feel the sound of something being slashed apart. He subconsciously looked into the distance. There was a withered dead star in the middle, and the surface of the dead star was slashed into a ravine.

Qin Feng sucked in a breath of air.

That dead star was none other than the Moon Star.

At this moment, on the Blue Star Realm, people who were looking up at the moon suddenly saw a deep mark on the surface of the Moon Star. They were immediately astonished. Some people even thought that this was a call for disaster.

There were even S-tier elites who flew out of the Blue Star Realm to investigate.

And at this moment, in the air, Qin Feng grabbed the Verdant Emperor Saber with one hand. He felt a feeling of being connected to it by blood. If not for this feeling, Qin Feng knew that the current him would not be able to control such an existence.

A weapon at the level of an Immortal.

It had already become something that human power could not control.

“Good, good, good, good.” Although Qin Feng felt a great heartache after losing the Magical Tesseract, he was satisfied with the final evolution of the Verdant Emperor Saber.

At this moment, a few S-tier users flew out of the Blue Star Realm and entered the universe.

Among these people, they were Long Ting, Rick, and Arus.

Long Ting was the current leader of the Huaxia Alliance, while Rick was a member of the Meherz Empire.

Most importantly, both of them were slightly familiar with Qin Feng, and they had the most authority on the Blue Star Realm. The more powerful they were, the more responsibility they had. Naturally, they came to check on the incident immediately.

As for Arus, he had just advanced to S-tier, but the Blue Star Realm had sealed off the outer space. Under the scarcity of resources, he was very active, and it was all for himself.

As soon as the three of them entered the universe, they saw Qin Feng’s figure.

“Lord Qin, so it’s you.” Long Ting saw Qin Feng, and the worry in her heart was also eased.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not some elite’s attack,” Rick said.

“Lord Qin, did you do this?” Arus was the most shocked, and he immediately asked.

The three of them looked at the traces on the distant Moon Star. Although they could also create such traces, the range was so large that it almost covered the entire diameter of the Moon Star. In addition, Qin Feng was now too far away from the Moon Star.

These were definitely not things that and S-tier could do.

“I didn’t control it. I’ll be more careful in the future!” Qin Feng said.

The corners of Long Ting and the others’ mouths twitched. This damage was from not controlling his attack? If he were to attack with all his strength, would the Moon Star not be cut in half?


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