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«Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 1066: Blood River Prime

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Chapter 1066: Blood River Prime

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Alright, let’s not stay here any longer. Let’s all go back!” Qin Feng said.

Although they were all S-tier elites, Qin Feng knew that due to the problem of resources, the strength of the S-tier elites in the Blue Star Realm was weaker than the ordinary S-tier elites in the Human Alliance. Being affected by radiation in the universe would also consume a lot of energy, there was no need to stay here.

Saying this, Qin Feng also flew back.

Long Ting and the others naturally followed. Looking at Qin Feng’s back, it was even more unfathomable for them.

As Qin Feng walked, he thought about how to deal with the Verdant Emperor Saber.

The current Verdant Emperor Saber was too sharp. Its power when it was upgraded was already very terrifying… If Qin Feng were to really inject internal energy and release the spirit of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal, it would not be a problem for him to cut through the high-level realms with one saber.

Therefore, he needed to be careful. He did not want to make a mistake and break the Blue Star into pieces.

With this thought in mind, the aura on the Verdant Emperor Saber gradually calmed down. There were not so many mystical parts on the saber, and it even seemed a bit ancient. Qin Feng was not at ease letting go of the Verdant Emperor Saber, so he took out a piece of top-grade beast skin and wrapped it around the Verdant Emperor Saber, carrying it on his back.

After that, Qin Feng returned to the Blue Star Realm. All the SS-tier and S-tier ability users in the entire realm had also heard the news and knew about the matter of Qin Feng killing the Moon Star with one strike.

There were even people who went to the universe on purpose, wanting to see the power of Qin Feng’s strike. The ancient warriors had even learned a lot of things from it.

Qin Feng naturally did not know about these things. After he returned to the Blue Star realm, he went to the Blood River Realm.

The people here had already retreated. Even the humans who had come from other realms had completely become a part of the Blue Star Realm. This time, when Qin Feng said to retreat, these people also went to the Blue Star Realm to live.

Qin Feng descended once again. Looking at the blood-red land and the dark-red Sky, his consciousness spread out.

This enormous consciousness continued to expand.

In Qin Feng’s eyes, the boundless Blood River Realm had nowhere to hide.

This was an extremely huge realm, the size of which was comparable to the Giant Star Turtle Immortal.

One had to know that the name Giant Star Turtle itself had already shown the size of this creature. The giant star formed was extremely terrifying. The highest level creature in the Blood River Realm was only an S-tier. However, looking at it this way, Qin Feng felt that it was a little strange.

“With such an abundance of energy, it shouldn’t only be able to give birth to S-tier Gorefiends. It’s even possible to nurture an Immortal.”

Qin Feng’s consciousness swept through the realm. Looking at it carefully, this realm was like a huge blood pool.

Void beasts and stars that passed by in the universe would also fall and their lives would be absorbed.

There were also those cracks that were swallowing and spitting out ultra beasts. When they fell into the Blood River Realm, their blood would immediately be sucked out.

Compared to this huge realm, the humans who were in A-tier and B-tier back then were really child’s play.

Right at this moment, Qin Feng’s consciousness seemed to have touched something.


This was the sound of consciousness transmission, even more like the sound of a beating heart.

Qin Feng’s eyes flashed as he carefully observed the Blood River Realm once again.

“So that’s how it is!”

“Fortunately, the Blood River battlefield we are in is only a small area. Otherwise, if it develops in the future, these humans will definitely die.”

“This… is not a plane at all!”

This was because Qin Feng had already sensed that this was actually the body of an Immortal.

The Giant Star Turtle Immortal roamed the universe. Its body was like a star, carrying its own tribe. Some of the more powerful ones had already reached the SSS-tier.

The Blood River Realm in front of him was clearly not a realm. Instead, it was an enormous existence comparable to the Giant Star Turtle Immortal.

Otherwise, how could such a special realm have been formed?

However, in terms of aura alone, Blood River Prime was much weaker than the Giant Star Turtle Immortal.

That was because the other party’s aura felt as if it had been injured. In addition, he was constantly devouring ultra beasts and void beasts, as well as those Gorefiends who could not grow to SS-tier even though they were rich in resources. This explained everything.

This Immortal was injured.

Ever since he saw the battle between Qian Mu Prime and the Giant Star Turtle Immortal, Qin Feng knew that although Immortals did not age or die, they would die in battle. The energy in their bodies would be exhausted, and the realm core within their energy life forms would be triggered, they would then die without a doubt.

And now, an injured Immortal was right in front of Qin Feng. How could he not be enticed.

Moreover, the current Qin Feng was no longer the Qin Feng of the past.

“The Verdant Emperor Saber can touch the core of an Immortal. I should be able to kill him. But let’s try this first!”

With that thought in mind, he rose from the ground to start fighting against the Immortal. How could Qin Feng wait to be surrounded on the other party’s body.

Qin Feng entered the universe and then saw the complete picture of the Blood River Realm. This place was like a huge blood pool, a monster that swallowed everything.

Regardless of what the other party was, it was the same to Qin Feng.

Because Qin Feng was the one that could swallow everything.

“Come out!”

Qin Feng summoned and the dark starglobe appeared under his feet.

The dark starglobe with a diameter of nine hundred meters slowly rotated. The universe quickly changed. Even the lifeless universe was polluted by the darkness and became even more dead.

As if his actions were too obvious, the Blood River, which was originally flowing slowly like a star realm, also sped up.

Qin Feng’s consciousness landed on the dark starglobe.

“Let me see the power of the ability that represents an Immortal!”

Of course, this was only the attack of a fake Immortal, because Qin Feng only used 80% of his consciousness to mobilize the runes.

Even so, a terrifying scene still appeared!

The runes flew out from the dark starglobe and turned into a human face. Then, like a giant python with a human face, it dashed out.

Following that, the giant python’s body grew bigger and bigger. The human face opened its big mouth and bit toward the Blood River Realm.


At this moment, the Blood River Realm exploded with the sound of a violent beating heart. Then, the Blood River suddenly increased in height. Like a huge fountain, it spurted out blood.

These pillars of blood were extremely huge, almost as big as a python. Then, the two collided.

The human face controlled by Qin Feng was all covered in blood. The power of decay was destroying the dark runes.

However, the human face quickly reacted. It opened its mouth and bit down. Countless tons of blood were sucked into its mouth. Qin Feng felt a huge amount of life force coming out from this mouthful of blood.

One had to know that when Qin Feng was fighting with the Giant Star Turtle Immortal, the Sovereign Roar he used had no way of absorbing the opponent’s energy and life force. But now, Qin Feng could clearly sense it.


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