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Leveling Up Wives In The Apocalypse (Web Novel)

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Mathew survived the entire two weeks of the apocalypse. A great score for someone blessed with brains over the brawn. Yet, even he fell after just fourteen days, giving his all to save the one person he cared for.

But why does a death looks like watching himself from the third person perspective? Is this the purgatory to watch over his own shoulders at the mistakes he made? A punishment for Mathew's sins to repeat those mistakes over and over again?

But wait, what are the three clocks in the corner of his vision, one of which only five minutes away from ticking out?

And most of it all, why does the school looks like it did just a moment before the apocalypse began?

Rating 2.8/5 (14 votes)

01 days 23h 06m 51s. (47 hours) • 18471 • 2022-07-25 14:57:01

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