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List Novels (Apocalypse) 69 Results
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This tag is to be used when the story takes place in an apocalyptic type setting.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 DaysWeb Novel2015Completed(98)
2ArmipotentWeb Novel20201467/1000
3Back to the ApocalypseWeb Novel2012Completed(131)
4Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the ApocalypseWeb Novel20211356/1000
5Card RoomWeb Novel2019Completed(610)
6Dark Blood AgeWeb Novel2010800/1717
7Dead on MarsWeb NovelN/ACompleted(251)
8Dimensional DescentWeb Novel20212868/1000
9Dimensional Store System In ApocalypseWeb Novel2021417/1000
10Dominion’s EndWeb Novel201493/100
11Doomsday Online: Supreme BlessingWeb Novel2020Completed(208)
12Doomsday WonderlandWeb Novel2014855/1262
13End of the Magic EraWeb Novel2013Completed(1472)
14Epoch of TwilightWeb Novel2016Completed(593)
15Esper Harem in the ApocalypseWeb Novel20211005/700
16Five Frozen CenturiesWeb NovelN/ACompleted(434)
17Global Descent: 100×RewardWeb Novel2021784/797
18Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse GameWeb Novel20212189/1000
19Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The StartWeb Novel20211353/1000
20God and Devil WorldWeb Novel2013Completed(1216)
21I Found A PlanetWeb Novel2018Completed(493)
22I Have a Manor in the Post-apocalyptic EraWeb NovelN/A315/569
23I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(1609)
24I Never Run Out of ManaWeb Novel2016247/251
25I Only Wanted A Class In The ApocalypseWeb Novel20221644/1000
26Infinite HorrorWeb Novel2007Completed(829)
27Infinite Mana in the ApocalypseWeb Novel20202974/1500
28Leveling Up Wives In The ApocalypseWeb Novel2022388/300
29Life MissionPublished Novel2015Completed(279)
30Master of the End TimesWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1087)
31MushroomWeb Novel2019Completed(89)
32My Crown Prince Consort Is a FirecrackerWeb Novel20173170/5780
33My Doomsday TerritoryWeb Novel2018680/857
34My Girlfriend is a ZombieWeb Novel2011753/1362
35My MCV and DoomsdayWeb Novel2016Completed(690)
36My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!Web Novel2021992/1000
37Nightmare’s CallWeb Novel2019586/926
38Number One Zombie WifeWeb NovelN/ACompleted(376)
39Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!Web Novel20201959/1364
40Omniscient Reader’s ViewpointWeb Novel2018Completed(551)
41Prime OriginatorWeb Novel2019800/1000
42Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of CounterattacksWeb Novel20142596/4155
43Quickly Wear the Face of the DevilWeb Novel2015Completed(187)
44Re: Evolution OnlineWeb Novel20211317/800
45Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!Web NovelN/ACompleted(830)
46Rebuild WorldWeb Novel2017Completed(296)
47Reincarnated as a Dog with SystemWeb Novel2021219/500
48ReincarnatorWeb Novel2015Completed(493)
49ReturneeWeb Novel2016359/353
50SSS-Class Suicide HunterWeb Novel2018299/400
51Sovereign of JudgmentWeb Novel2016Completed(211)
52Supreme UprisingWeb Novel20171260/1577
53Swallowed StarWeb Novel2010Completed(1486)
54Tales Of The World Devouring SerpentWeb Novel2018Completed(731)
55The Avalon of Five ElementsWeb Novel2015Completed(715)
56The City of TerrorWeb Novel2016642/1779
57The Earth is OnlineWeb Novel2017Completed(245)
58The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster BabyWeb Novel2016291/276
59The First HunterWeb Novel2016Completed(162)
60The Hero ReturnsWeb NovelN/ACompleted(555)
61The King of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2016Completed(282)
62The Oracle PathsWeb Novel20201151/800
63The Sacred RuinsWeb Novel20161644/1670
64The World After the FallWeb Novel2016Completed(247)
65To Be a Power in the Shadows!Web Novel2018Completed(203)
66Trash of the Count’s FamilyWeb Novel2017949/800
67Void Evolution SystemWeb Novel20221658/1500
68Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel20171847/2212
69Zombie Sister StrategyWeb Novel2016Completed(1456)