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Legend of the Supreme Soldier (Web Novel)




Fang Xiang, 方想


Ye Chong was a denizen of tr*sh Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk – Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated “caveman” that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more!

Rating 2.8/5 (5 votes)

04 days 19h 20m 09s. (115 hours) • 13522 • 2018-12-17 19:16:23

Chapters (606/606)

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