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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 5632 The First Inheritor

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Chapter 5632 The First Inheritor

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In a future defeat, he found himself unable to take the gamble.

Losing meant losing the entire temporal river.

Instead, he became consumed by Mie Sheng, becoming a superpower with control over reincarnation.

He couldn’t help but desire to consume the other, to wield the power of reincarnation himself.

However, it was all too difficult.

Beside Mie Sheng was the true form of Qishen, and now even the Qishen Temple felt unstable for him.

He dared not venture out. At least, after integrating with Dao, he would assess his own capabilities before making any plans.

In the past, he had no intention of leaving after the Dao Merge.

But now, with the method to nurture a second Nascent Soul, he could boldly attempt it.

Nurture a second Nascent Soul and then devour that thread of the power of Death. Experience the power of reincarnation first before deciding.

As his thoughts swirled, the warship had already docked in the vastness of the Grave God Mountain.

They were welcomed by the guardians of the mountain.

As for the other Inheritors, let them go or cultivate; there was no time to bother with these little fellows.

On the Grave God Mountain, they shared a common master—Zhen Ling.

After the guardians took charge of the group, the little fellows still hoped to wait for Jian Wushuang to come out.

However, the guardians directly took control and departed from the port.

After the departure of the group, a familiar figure of Jian Wushuang faintly appeared. It was the awakened Hu Qing.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang also walked out of the cargo hold.

The two locked eyes.

One on the ship, one on the shore.

When Jian Wushuang sensed Hu Qing’s aura, he felt a headache. If Hu Qing didn’t come, it would have been fine.

Even if they met and had a battle, it would be fine. The awkward part was now.

Without saying a word, they just waited for each other.

The incident with Jiang Shang was probably a significant blow to Hu Qing.

Just as Jian Wushuang was carefully considering how to shift the blame onto Zhen Ling, Hu Qing burst into laughter.

Seeing Jian Wushuang coming ashore, Hu Qing walked over with a smile and took the initiative to speak, “Brother Wushuang, you’ve finally arrived. Since awakening, I’ve wanted to find you, but Lord Zhen Ling asked me to wait here. It’s been an entire era of waiting!”

Just as Jian Wushuang was puzzled, Hu Qing continued, “I’ve heard about Jiang Shang’s matter from Lord Zhen Ling!”

“Hu Qing, about this matter, you have to listen to me!” Jian Wushuang’s expression darkened as he spoke.

He forgot all the words he had just thought of and was momentarily unsure of how to pass the blame to Zhen Ling.

Hu Qing sighed and said, “I already know everything!”

Upon hearing this, Jian Wushuang felt a chill in his heart.

He had indeed overlooked this aspect of the situation.

After Hu Qing woke up, Zhen Ling must have shifted all the blame onto him.

Jian Wushuang secretly cursed Zhen Ling in his heart.

However, what Hu Qing said next left him stunned.

“Thanks to Brother Wushuang in the Human Realm, otherwise, I’m afraid that person, Mie Sheng, would have taken away my disciple!” Hu Qing’s eyes revealed a hint of determination.

Evidently, he was already aware of the situation regarding Mie Sheng.

Jian Wushuang was astonished, “You know about Mie Sheng?”


Hu Qing nodded and said, “It’s this person who controlled my little disciple, Jiang Shang. Otherwise, Lord Zhen Ling wouldn’t have taken action against her!”

As Hu Qing spoke, he also showed a sense of guilt.

The matter with Jiang Shang was related to him, and as her master, he had failed to take care of his disciple properly!

Now that his disciple had left and a formidable enemy, a major demon, had emerged, threatening the lives along the entire temporal river, Jian Wushuang felt compelled to resist the Qishen Temple’s impending doom.

If not for Zhen Ling forbidding him to leave, he would have long gone to confront the Temple of World Annihilation and protect the lifeline of the temporal river.

As Jian Wushuang listened to Hu Qing’s words, he sensed that something was amiss and quickly interrupted her, waving his hand. “Hold on, let me handle this alone!”

He had no idea how Jiang Shang and Mie Sheng became connected, but it was likely that Zhen Ling was deceiving Hu Qing.

Currently, he was unaware that he was the one who had sacrificed Jiang Shang’s brother in the past.

This time, he misunderstood Zhen Ling, who had portrayed him as a hero for saving Hu Qing in the Human Realm, which was indeed true.

However, the details of his involvement in Jiang Shang’s situation were kept hidden.

The fact that he went to the Human Realm to rescue Hu Qing was disclosed, but the act of slaying Jiang Shang was not mentioned.

Jiang Shang’s departure was also portrayed as her choice, following Mie Sheng willingly.

After clarifying things with Hu Qing, Jian Wushuang patted his shoulder reassuringly, saying, “Life is long, especially for beings like us. Encountering a few scoundrels is normal. I suggest you stay here and wait. Once I achieve enlightenment, I will go out and teach Jiang Shang a lesson. I’ll tell her to respect her teacher and follow the right path.”

He spoke with conviction.

Hu Qing’s eyes welled up with tears of gratitude, yet Jian Wushuang hesitated to harm his disciple, even after he was manipulated and betrayed.

Since the Qishen Temple made the first move against Jiang Shang, Hu Qing believed that she chose to leave to avoid causing trouble.

“Let her be; she has her own thoughts,” Hu Qing sighed, shaking his head.

However, the next moment, determination flashed in Hu Qing’s eyes as he continued, “But that guy named Mie Sheng, I will surely defeat him!”

Jian Wushuang wiped the sweat from his forehead, encouraging him, “You will definitely succeed!”

After this lengthy conversation, Hu Qing realized they were at the harbor.

He quickly pulled Jian Wushuang towards his residence, taking the opportunity to show him around the ordinary areas of the Grave God Mountain.

The Grave God Mountain had 88 levels, and Hu Qing’s abode was currently situated on the 60th level.

As they reached this level, looking down, all they could see was mist and clouds, obscuring the view below.

“To ascend to this place, one must at least be comparable to the Tribulation Realm!” Hu Qing said calmly.

However, Jian Wushuang, standing aside, seemed as if his eyeballs were about to fall out.

To be comparable to the Tribulation Realm on the 60th floor.

Doesn’t that mean Hu Qing already possesses Tribulation Realm strength?

The last time it was only at the supreme-peak.

This time, it’s approaching the Tribulation Realm.

The speed is just too fast!

“At which level is Shang?” Jian Wushuang inquired.

Pointing downward, Hu Qing replied, “He’s on the 58th floor!”

58th floor, that’s also the strength of someone at the Tribulation Realm or even comparable to it.

On the Grave God Mountain, there are 88 floors, divided by cultivation realm.

In terms of actual combat strength, the difference is probably not too significant.

“Brother Wushuang, let’s discuss inside!” Hu Qing raised his hand, inviting Jian Wushuang into the cave mansion.

The structure of the cave mansion was simple and clear.

However, the materials used inside were quite valuable, even better than the cave mansion on Yuanyang Island.

But in terms of luxury, it couldn’t compare to the cave mansion on Yuanyang Island.

In the cave mansion where Hu Qing resided, everything necessary was there, and it happened to be just enough for him alone, without any excess.

Unlike Yuanyang Island, where they crammed the cave mansion with so many treasures that taking them out could establish a sect.

After entering the cave mansion, the two of them sipped on tea and reminisced about the past.

Both sighed deeply.

Over a millennium ago, both of them were Grand Yan Immortals.

Back then, Jian Wushuang was only a Three Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal, while Hu Qing was at Six Revolutions.

To this day, they both remember their first enemy.

Luo Hao!

And that figure who brought them despair, God-Emperor Mo Long who oppressed them both.

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