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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 5631 Arriving at Grave God Mountain

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Chapter 5631 Arriving at Grave God Mountain

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Could it really be just a coincidence?

She soared into the air, gazing at that Special Life Form at the supreme-peak level.

However, she found the figure moving slowly, attempting to evade the Sword Intent.

But his speed was too slow.

Much slower than the Sword Intent.


In the perspective of that Special Life Form, in just a moment, the Sword Intent had already reached before it.

As it approached, the sword shadows transformed into a world of swords.

Instantly enveloping the towering Special Life Form, the Sword Intent filled the heavens and earth.

Then came the complete eruption.

Like cutting through a Special Life Form as if slicing vegetables, in an instant, it shattered the opponent’s divine body, which was over 60,000-fold.

The divine body shattered, and the Special Life Form fell!

With just one sword move, he killed the top expert at the supreme-peak.

This scene left Zhu Qi stunned in the sky.

Jian Wushuang had actually reached such a level of strength.

And he hadn’t even merged with the Dao.

A Dao Lord, slaying a supreme-peak expert.

Among those Inheritors, some were descendants of prominent families who had encountered supreme-peak experts before.

“The aura of this Special Life Form is even more powerful than our family’s supreme-peak ancestor!” exclaimed one descendant of a family in fear.

But in the next moment, that terrifying supreme-peak Special Life Form had already fallen, its body turned into countless powder.

The power of the divine body was quietly absorbed by Jian Wushuang.

He had already gathered numerous treasures from the divine bodies.

These treasures were, in fact, plundered from the formidable beings possessing divine bodies.

For instance, the shell of the Turtle Spirit Island’s lord.

And the flesh of the Eight-Armed Beast Emperor.

As well as the Special Life Form’s divine body, currently at the supreme-peak level.

All of them had been absorbed into his body.

Once he ascended to the position of Emperor, he could indulge himself in a feast.

Amidst the astonishment of the onlookers, Jian Wushuang stepped into the ship’s hold.

The threat had been eliminated.

However, the small beings were incredibly excited.

“Can a Dao Lord be this strong?”

“A single sword strike, slaying the supreme-peak!”

Ji Wushuang’s eyes were also shining with excitement.

From this moment, the towering figure in front of her was no longer that Imperial Uncle Ji Chaoyang, but Jian Wushuang.

Perhaps, at this moment, the image of him had been etched in everyone’s hearts.

The appearance of Jian Wushuang drawing his sword.

Just as they were about to return to the deck to get a closer look at Jian Wushuang, they realized he was nowhere to be found.

Zhu Qi understood Jian Wushuang’s intention and prohibited them from entering the hold to disturb him.

Many felt a bit disappointed. They envied Jian Wushuang’s prowess, harboring endless doubts.

One of the doubts that puzzled everyone was the Dao Lord slaying the supreme-peak.

The stronger he became, the less they dared to inquire in his presence. Investigating such matters was a challenge even for equals, let alone provoking Jian Wushuang.

However, these small beings were too weak, so their questions could be considered innocent.

“Ji Ying, it’s all because of you, stirring trouble with Senior Jian Wushuang!” someone blamed Ji Ying.

Ji Ying now desires to converse with Jian Wushuang more than ever.

Upon witnessing that particular sword strike, he understood that there was no hope in this lifetime.

It wasn’t that he could never surpass Jian Wushuang throughout his entire life, but rather, when he was a Dao Lord, he could never reach the level of Jian Wushuang.

The Ultimate Dao Lord, even if cultivated to the extreme, could at most match a tier 5 peak-level Emperor.

To match a tier 6 Emperor was almost impossible.

Not to mention matching the supreme-peak, let alone slaying it.

Hearing others’ ridicule, Ji Ying remained unperturbed. Instead, he stood at the bow of the ship, gaze fixed on the distance, while pondering the essence of that last sword.

Although they practiced different Origin Sources, the power contained in that sword shadow was immense. Just absorbing a trace of it would be immensely beneficial.

Originally, when they were nearing the Grave God Mountain, these little fellows were quite excited. Now, witnessing Jian Wushuang take action and slay the supreme-peak, their excitement heightened, and they chattered incessantly on the deck.

Zhu Qi concealed a smile in her eyes and quietly left.

Looking through the white curtains, Zhu Qi found solace in observing Jian Wushuang inside the cabin.

It was trust in Jian Wushuang and affection for Shan Jun.

She believed that Jian Wushuang would, one day, liberate Shan Jun from the Second Prison.

Even the Four Great Temple Masters were unaware of the connection between Mie Sheng and Qishen Temple.

Zhu Qi was even more in the dark.

Therefore, apart from Zhen Ling and Jian Wushuang, no one knew Shan Jun had been taken away by Mie Sheng.

Perhaps the prisoners in the Second Prison were aware, but they couldn’t come out!

It was the Black Tortoise Temple Master and Yun Zhong who noticed that something was amiss.

The Blood Demon and the Ten-Thousand Demon suddenly disappeared.

They simply believed it was the work of Zhen Ling.

For this reason, Yun Zhong pleaded with Zhen Ling for a long time. In the end, unable to endure further, Zhen Ling gave him some benefits and sent Yun Zhong away.

But the Master of Black Tortoise was not easy to deceive.

For the Black Tortoise Temple, the existence of Ten-Thousand Demon was crucial.

Ten-Thousand Demon possessed profound knowledge of All Things, especially in the art of puppetry, where he stood as a peerless master, slightly weaker only than the Black Tortoise Temple Master.

The sudden disappearance of such an important figure made the Black Tortoise Temple Master naturally suspect the involvement of Zhen Ling.

However, upon closer inspection, things seemed amiss.

He didn’t rush to confront Zhen Ling.

Instead, it was Zhen Ling who took the initiative to explain and reveal the events involving Mie Sheng.

The scene at that time was exceptionally eerie.

The Black Tortoise Temple Master’s eyes betrayed a mix of astonishment and horror.

Because the prophecy had come true.

This meant that the temporal river of destruction was the one unfolding before their eyes.

A transcendent figure appeared, and everyone would be buried alongside.

This included the Qishen Temple.

Hence, the Black Tortoise Temple Master, in the aftermath, acted generously, deploying numerous puppets to aid the Azure Dragon Temple in conquering the Temple of World Annihilation.

For Mie Sheng to break through the Qishen Temple, there were only two ways.

One was to become a Seven Tribulation realm powerhouse.

This was undoubtedly impossible.

If it were possible, he would have achieved it long ago.

At present, Mie Sheng was probably a wandering Tribulation Realm powerhouse.

Although he possessed the combat power of a half-step Seven Tribulation realm, he couldn’t advance further.

After all, it had been such a long time.

Based on Jian Wushuang’s observations of Mie Sheng in the Moro Spacetime, it was inferred that the original Mie Sheng was a wandering Tribulation Realm powerhouse.

However, the Mie Sheng in Higher Heavens was, even as a wandering powerhouse, at least an Eight Tribulation realm powerhouse.

After all, having the combat power of a half-step Seven Tribulation realm was achievable outside the Higher Heavens.

The opponent’s background was unfathomable.

If not becoming a Seven Tribulations realm powerhouse could break the Qishen Temple, there was only one path left.

It was to cultivate numerous Inheritors and confront the Qishen Temple on equal ground.

Despite the countless inheritors of the Temple of World Annihilation, they were still unable to trap the Qishen Temple.

It just hadn’t proven effective yet.

Mie Sheng, this time, incarnated as the Temple of World Annihilation, clearly made ample preparations.

There were probably more treasures in the Higher Heavens than in the Qishen Temple.

As long as he could trap the Qishen Temple or wait for the emergence of Gu Jun and Mo Jun, Mie Sheng could still stabilize the Qishen Temple.

That’s why he incarnated as the Temple of World Annihilation.

This coincided with the memories Jian Wushuang obtained in the future world.

The reappearance of Mie Sheng was only a supreme-peak, equivalent to his strength.

It was to devour him.

Therefore, Jian Wushuang dared not go out now. Even if he had merged with the Dao, he couldn’t go out.

No one knew what kind of schemes Mie Sheng had laid outside, waiting for him.

Jian Wushuang couldn’t take that risk.

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