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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 5633 Glory Days

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Chapter 5633 Glory Days

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

However, all these individuals have now fallen.

The Dao Lords on the Original Planet Jiu Yuan, the weakest among them are probably tier 5 Emperors now.

It’s been nearly an epoch since Si Tian perished, who was once a peak tier 5 Emperor.

Not to mention Wan Xing, who had a potential greater than Si Tian.

Emperor Wan Xing, who followed the Myriad Dao, though progressing slowly, never halted.

He now advanced into the ranks of tier 6 Emperors, with formidable strength.

Having left the Qishen Temple, he was said to have conquered an entire Original Universe in the temporal river, renaming it the ‘Wan Xing Universe’.

While not in complete control of the universe, he wielded significant authority over it.

Had had become a dominant force.

“How time flies!” Jian Wushuang rose slowly, looking up at the murals on the cave walls, sighing, “Do you remember the joy of seeing the Innate Treasure for the first time?”

Hu Qing also stood up, then conjured a blood-colored tower, saying, “How can I ever forget it?”

This was the Innate Treasure of the God-Emperor Mo Long from the past.

Moreover, it was a peak Innate Treasure.

This was a treasure used by Emperors back then.

But now, among the inheritors, Emperors use Eternal Treasures.

Some even possess Universe Treasures.

Jian Wushuang was not clear about this, but Hu Qing, who has spent an entire epoch on the Grave God Mountain, knew it well.

Now, on the Grave God Mountain, the first Inheritor was Hu Qing himself.

The second Inheritor was Shang!

The third Inheritor was an unfamiliar Ultimate Emperor, to the extent that Hu Qing has rarely seen them and they seldom move within the Four Great Secret Realms, always cultivating on the Grave God Mountain.

On the Grave God Mountain, only those who could reach the 50th floor were qualified for permanent residence.

Currently, only ten individuals obtained this qualification.


Hu Qing directly illuminated the rankings on the stone wall.

First: Hui Qing, 60th floor!

Second: Shang, 58th floor!

Third: Gu Qianluo, 54th floor!

Fourth: Emperor of Light and Shadow, 52nd floor!

Fifth: Tongtian Buddha, 51st floor!

Among these top five, almost all were from the first batch of inheritors.

The fact that Tongtian Buddha could rank fifth surprised Jian Wushuang!

The remaining five individuals all reached the 50thfloor.

They had just ascended recently.

Hu Qing and Shang’s rankings were far ahead.

If it weren’t for Broly’s judgment of the Qishen Temple in the beginning, Jian Wushuang’s ranking might also be in the top five.

Shang’s progress speed remained steady, as usual.

He was also a popular figure in the Qishen Temple, now ascending to the Tribulation Realm.

Almost everyone expected Shang to step into the Tribulation Realm ahead of others.

Because Shang’s spatial realm had long reached the Cosmic Realm and was likely already perfected.

As for the peak secret technique, it was just a hair’s breadth away from perfection.

Once everything was perfected, he could directly reach the 60th floor and become a Tribulation Realm cultivator.

Although Hu Qing’s strength and realm were powerful, his cultivation time was still too short. To become a Tribulation Realm cultivator, one couldn’t just keep cultivating in this place; significant opportunities were also needed.

However, such opportunities were scarce within the Qishen Temple, to the point of almost non-existence.

In the beginning, when Hu Qing integrated with the Dao, it not only triggered the Three Kings Court but also became the catalyst for entering the Calamity Realm.

Such opportunities should exist within the Qishen Temple, but they are scarce.

To become the gateway to the Tribulation Realm, one must look beyond the temple’s confines.

Jian Wushuang, maintaining a focused and concentrated demeanor, felt that the Qishen Temple had aided him during his time as an Emperor, but achieving the Tribulation Realm might require venturing beyond this place.

Having glimpsed a corner of the Moro Temporal River, Jian Wushuang harbored a deep yearning for its formidable power.

That was the true abode of the mighty, unlike the artificially created realms such as the Qishen Temple.

Now, within the temporal river of the Original Universe, named the ‘Mie-Qi’, turmoil had begun.

The first to erupt was the Emperor.

When the number of Emperors reached a certain level, the Tribulation Realm would inevitably emerge, ushering in a new era.

The division of eras in the Mie-Qi was somewhat similar to the Moro Temporal River of the past.

From utter nothingness to the arrival of the Qishen Temple, and then to the emergence of the Temple of World Annihilation.

This progression significantly elevated the foundation by countless levels.

Compared to the primitive era of the Moro Spacetime, this spacetime of Mie-Qi was far superior.

At least here, the human race thrived, facing virtually no external threats.

The human race had always originated from the original universe, coexisting peacefully with special life forms.

Both the Qishen Temple and the Temple of World Annihilation, like Higher Heavens in the Moro Spacetime, provided practitioners with opportunities for breakthroughs.

After the Moro Temporal River’s Higher Heavens collapsed, it became even more formidable.

It remains to be seen whether the current destruction of the two temples would further advance this temporal river.

After many discussions with Hu Qing, Jian Wushuang gradually became familiar with external matters.

The main reason the Temple of World Annihilation could compete with the Qishen Temple was its low threshold for accepting Inheritors.

Or rather, it had no threshold.

It even accepted ordinary people.

And the layout was profound, reaching from the top-notch experts to the mundane forces.

All of them devoutly worshipped the Temple of World Annihilation.

With Mie Sheng as the main focus.

“Mie Sheng!” Jian Wushuang’s eyes flashed with thunder, and the cup in his hand instantly turned into powder.

Hu Qing raised her eyebrows, asking, “Brother Wushuang, have you had dealings with this person? How strong is he?”

“I don’t know, but he can contend with Lord Zhen Ling. We are simply not opponents!” Jian Wushuang shook his head.

In fact, he had learned about the strength of Zhen Ling from the mouth of the Shen Ling Frolasa. Estimating the current Mie Sheng’s power based on Zhen Ling’s strength, it was likely not much different from the Mie Sheng in the Moro Spacetime, perhaps even stronger than Zhen Ling.

However, he did not tell Hu Qing.

He had his own thoughts. Mie Sheng’s identity was not that simple; it was related to HIgher Heavens in the Moro Spacetime and also connected to Dong Jun in the Starry Sky.

Moreover, it had a huge connection with him.

This was his second person that he couldn’t figure out.

If it was just a half-step into the Seven Tribulation realm, Jian Wushuang had confidence and hope to catch up, without fear.

But considering Mie Sheng’s identity, the Mie Sheng during the period in Heaven Heavens was probably more powerful than even the Qishen in the present.

Without absolute strength, he wouldn’t take the risk.

That was also the reason he dared not go out.

Now, within the Qishen Temple, there were hidden currents.

Although it didn’t pose a threat to him, it could threaten those Inheritors!

To the extent that even Zhen Ling gave up cultivating Inheritors in the Qishen Temple.

Instead, they let billions of Inheritors all go out and establish the second generation of Inheritors.

But this way, the quality would also drop significantly.

Combined with the Qishen Temple’s lack of discrimination, it made the Qishen Temple even more passive.

Although they weren’t lacking in treasures compared to the Mie Sheng Temple.

Some treasures were specifically prepared for the geniuses, and they couldn’t be given to those useless ones!

Especially for some Emperors with weak Origin Source Daos, they were basically useless.

Facing this, the Temple of World Annihilation had made extensive preparations.

They had Holy Water that could sacrifice the body, causing the strength to soar.

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