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«Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 656 Re-entering Reincarnation

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Chapter 656 Re-entering Reincarnation

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Yan Ziye felt ashamed. As he was about to speak, Bai Su continued, “Of course, this is not your fault. It will cost a long time for cultivation. Ten years were extremely short for ordinary practitioners, not to mention you.

The enemy is coming. You must be as strong as possible in a short time. I have an idea.”

“What’s your idea?”

Hua Yan glanced at the demoralized people, and she asked on their behalf.

Bai Su smiled and pointed to Reincarnation Mirror and Black Lotus Ring enshrined in the center behind him, “In fact, it is not my idea. I just see a way that leads to these two treasures.”

Everyone turned their eyes to look at Reincarnation Mirror, and they wore complicated expressions in unison.

The beginning of everything was this treasure, and now this Reincarnation Mirror had actually become the treasure of Su Jiuzhou.

Seeing that Reincarnation Mirror was still playing possum, Bai Su raised his head slightly and said leisurely, “Su Jiuzhou is at a critical moment, so she shouldn’t be disturbed. If you can help us, you will surely please your master.”

As soon as these words came out, the Reincarnation Mirror quivered under the shocked eyes of everyone, and then a small beast phantom appeared, staring at Bai Su, “Really? You are not a spirit. How can you know me?”

Bai Su pointed to his own eyes and smiled mysteriously.

“I see you.”

The Little Beast of Reincarnation smiled proudly and controlled Reincarnation Mirror to fly to the center of the people. When it was about to show off, Black Lotus behind it suddenly said, “Idiot!” Then the Little Beast of Reincarnation almost fall directly on the table.

Yan Ziye looked back and saw Black Lotus Ring also fly up and land on the long table top.

In addition to Reincarnation Mirror, when did Honored Master have another treasure?

He recalled for a moment, and he discovered that the black ring was on her ring finger from the moment he met Su Li.

Two treasures!

Honored Master had more treasures than a normal holy sect!

Everyone was speechless for a while. Facing the two treasures’ spirits, they seemed to have lost their ability to speak. Only Ling Li and Fang Yuan looked calm. Ling Li had already communicated with the two spirits, while Fang Yuan also had treasures. With a heavy heart, Fang Yuan didn’t care much about what was happening in front of him.

“Geezer, go ahead. What do you want this idiot to do?”

Black Lotus’s arrogant tone made Little Beast of Reincarnation feel angry. But it didn’t dare to retort.

Seeing the situation, Bai Su smiled slightly and said to Little Beast of Reincarnation, “Senior Reincarnation Mirror Spirit, in those years, decades years passed in the mirror, but hundreds of years passed in the outside world. Does it mean that now you can create a space which can slow down the flow of time to offer advantages for cultivation?”

Little Beast of Reincarnation looked dazed and blurted out, “How do you know that?”

“Can you really do that?”

Yan Ziye spoke in surprise. Little Beast of Reincarnation realized that he forgot itself. Then it could not help coughing, and continued, “Yes. I am best at controlling time. Since swallowing a mirror that I didn’t know where it came from, I have almost recovered.”

Guiming Mirror was really eaten by it!

Bai Su twitched his eyelids, holding back his heartache. He continued to ask, “What’s the most velocity of time flow?”

Little Beast of Reincarnation’s arrogant expression suddenly disappeared. It looked at everyone and was embarrassed, “So far, it can reach its twenty times…”

“Twenty times?”

Yan Ziye gave a quizzical look. One year and twenty years were indeed a long time for mortals, but for practitioners who practiced in isolation for hundreds of years or thousands of years, twenty years were too short!

“No wonder you never showed up.”

Bai Su realized something. Suddenly, his eyes with purple light turned, and threads gradually appeared in his eyes. He relied on these threads to judge the direction. If the secret method of astrology was used, more secret threads would emerge, but this kind of thread cannot last as long as the thread he usually saw, and he could only maintain it for a moment.

But a moment was enough.

He clearly saw that there were countless secret threads connecting between Reincarnation Mirror and Black Lotus Ring, or he could say that…the two treasures were originally an organic whole!

Thinking of this, Bai Su saluted Black Lotus Ring with both hands and chuckled softly, “Qian Mu, if it is because of your ridiculous self-esteem that this group of juniors loses the last chance to strengthen themselves, Su Jiuzhou will not forgive you when she comes back. At that time, you can’t be the top of the treasures.”

“Geezer Bai, are you courting death?!”

The spirit of Black Lotus emerged with a gloomy face. He was not that stupid Little Beast of Reincarnation. Naturally, he could see that Bai Su’s state at the moment was very strange.

“Ha-ha, for the sake of me, could you support Reincarnation Mirror once?”

Black Lotus’s face was gloomy. He fixedly his eyes on Bai Su, and then he glanced over the young people present. He finally sighed, “Well, for your sake… I will not do it again! Besides, I have one condition that the world in Reincarnation Mirror is also open to me!”

Bai Su looked at Reincarnation Mirror. Although Little Beast of Reincarnation was a little reluctant, it nodded when it thought that Black Lotus would be the auxiliary treasure for it.

Black Lotus snorted coldly, and the ring created a red knot out of thin air, which was buckled on the handle of the bronze mirror and turned into a black ornament. A strange pneuma enveloped the two treasures and quickly fused them together.

Little Beast of Reincarnation closed its eyes for a moment. Then it opened its eyes and said in surprise, “A thousand times!”

Everyone was moved. A thousand times meant a year was equal to a thousand years!

The two treasures of Honored Master were amazing!

“It’s so good.”

Bai Su laughed unsurprisingly, “But it’s not enough.”

He rummaged around in the universe ring and took out an azure blue crystal with the size of a walnut, which had many lines on its surface, as deep as a starry sky.

“This thing is the starry sky essence that I spent thousands of years to condense. It can replace the celestial stone and be used to set up the Nimbus Gathering Matrix. Its effect is on the celestial stone, and it can cover the natural law so that you will not be found out by Bai Mo in advance.”

After saying this, Bai Su threw the starry sky essence into the mirror surface. The mirror surface rippled for a while, swallowing it completely, and the rich starlight pneuma permeated the air.

“He is worthy of being called Old Ancestor Tianxing. He can see a trace of the essence of the treasures used by Honored Master.”

Yan Ziye was excited and thought admiringly.

Hua Yan took a deep look at Bai Su. It would always take a price to get everything in the world. Old Ancestor Tianxing could suddenly break through the essence. What had he paid?

“Geezer Bai, this is not like you.”

The ring hung on the Reincarnation mirror swayed, and Qian Mu’s spirit appeared, “I have never seen you so generous. What can you gain by doing this?”

“I just want to defeat Bai Mo.”

Bai Su sighed, “I am ashamed. Even in this state, I still cannot infer the true purpose of Bai Mo. After the destruction of Qingshui Palace, he could clearly expand, dominate Qingshui Region, and even become an immortal. But he did not do these things. It even left many hidden dangers for him.”

Ling Li frowned slightly. He thought Bai Su’s words were reasonable. Bai Mo just slowly penetrated in secret without any fierce means whether they were the top holy sects or the many holy sects. And he rarely acted personally.

“There is weirdness in it. I will try my best to find out this year, and your task is to strive for breakthroughs in Reincarnation Mirror. You shouldn’t serve as a burden in the decisive battle.”

Hua Yan was silent for a moment. Then she nodded, “Just follow Senior Bai’s order. But if everyone enters Reincarnation Mirror, how can Ni Sect maintain its operation?”

Bai Su chuckled, “Tianyake Attic will do it. Lord Hua, you should work harder and stay outside to make decisions. If Tianyake Attic can’t find out the movements of Fate Palace, neither can Ni Sect.”

Hua Yan sighed helplessly, “Senior, you are right.”

Next, the people of Ni Sect and top men of Linli Building all rushed into Reincarnation Mirror. At the request of Bai Su, there was no ghost left.

He was practicing star skill and had a sufficient understanding of the natural law. Even if the natural law was now controlled by Bai Mo, he still needed a trigger to bring about the Destroy Thunder.

This trigger could be the prodigy envied by the natural law, the ghost that shouldn’t stay in the world, or the evil practitioner who killed too many mortals and committed momentous sins. If Bai Mo found out the ghosts stayed in Ni Sect, Bai Mo would have sufficient reason to use fate skill to affect the natural law. Bai Su had no choice but to guard against this matter.

Two hours later, the hall was empty and only Bai Su and Hua Yan left. Even Xie Tianxing was sent into Reincarnation Mirror by Bai Su. Since he was in Ni Sect, it wasn’t useful for Xie Tianxing to stay here. He should waste no time practicing.

“Senior, what did you see?”

Hua Yan couldn’t conceal the worry in her eyes, “You suddenly came out of Tianxing Mysterious Realm with great action. A few days ago, Ziye and I also felt uneasy. Did Bai Mo act?”

“I still can’t see that clearly.”

Bai Su sighed softly, “But as long as I am still in Ni Sect, I can stop the loss in time and prevent Bai Mo from succeeding. If Su Jiuzhou can take that step in this year, everything will become simple. The natural law can only face the Great Emperor from mother star with resignation, and all Bai Mo’s plans will fail.”

“The Great Emperor…”

Hua Yan murmured and became speechlessness. Although she believed that Su Li would one day become a Great Emperor with her talent. But she thought it was almost impossible for Su Li to do that in just one year.

Just after all the people of Ni Sect entered the Reincarnation Mirror, the golden tower far in Fate Palace suddenly flashed. Then it seemed to have lost its power and impetus. It dissolved the Destroy Thunder that was brewing.


A white shadow flashed past and fell in front of the golden tower.

He stared at the dimmed little golden tower silently with a calm expression.

Su Zipei came over silently, stopped behind him and lowered her head.

Bai Ming smiled, “They let the natural law unable to act from the source. It seems that besides Su Jiuzhou, there are other hidden existences in Ni Sect, which is interesting.”

Su Zipei raised her head, bowed and said softly, “Master, I will prepare for the second step.”

“Go ahead.”

Bai Ming’s voice was soft, and he looked towards Jiuzhou Region, “How will you respond to my next move?”


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