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«Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 655 Too Weak!

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Chapter 655 Too Weak!

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In the dark blue hall, Bai Su came over slowly with a serious expression. His every step on the ground was like ripples. It looked like the sea or the most mysterious starry sky.

The deep night sky was full of stars. Some stars were dim and some flickering, accompanied by the special movement of the hall, slowly and deeply rotating.

This was not the real starry sky, but it had many connections with the mysterious starry sky. Only here could Bai Su truly avoid the interference of the natural law and perform accurate astrology.

Of course, since he replaced the natural law to bear the weight of the starry sky, he got a great burden.

After performing this method, he would be in a psychic state for a year, and any changes of pneuma fortune in Qingshui Circle couldn’t be concealed from him. But after one year, he would have a long dormancy or…die!

No one could really see through his destiny, and he, who was about bear the destiny, would receive the unpredictable reversed effect.

Even so, Bai Su still walked to the center of the dark blue Hall. He put on a strange posture, prayed and slowly closed his eyes.

The contradiction between Ni Sect and Fate Palace couldn’t be resolved, and the war was about to break out. He might let the tragedy of Qingshui Palace happen again!


After a low buzz, the speed of the starry sky on the dome of the hall was immediately accelerated. Then beams of starlight fell down and poured into the heaven-typed spirit of Bai Su.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

During the process of pouring starlight, Bai Su’s shriveled and aging body became full at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his dry and white hair turned into cyan hair in a few breaths. All the wrinkles on his face disappeared. In a short moment, he recovered his handsome appearance back then.

Starlight surrounded his body, as if an elf in the dark, dancing lightly. A sense of mystery naturally radiated. If people looked at him at this moment, it would seem that people were staring at the starry sky. It was too wonderful for words.

At a certain moment, Bai Su suddenly opened his eyes, and the silver light in his eyes flashed away. With a smile, he knelt down on the ground respectfully and meditated.

“Star Lord, thanks you for your blessing.”

Xie Tianwei waited quietly for the old ancestor. Even though he had been waiting here all night, he did not look impatient.

He knew the pros and cons of astrology. But the old ancestor had made his decision, Xie Tianwei couldn’t stop him.

At this moment, Xie Tianwei suddenly heard the door opening and couldn’t help looking up. He saw a young man who looked very similar to him walked out of the hall with a faint smile on his face.

He widened his eyes, “Old… Old Ancestor?”

Were it not for the fact that the young man changed his clothes, Xie Tianwei would believe that his father had an illegitimate son.

The young man glanced at him and gathered his white robe, “If someone else had come out from here, you wouldn’t have been alive!”

Xie Tianwei was a little eased and nodded with a smile.

Although the appearance of the old ancestor had changed, his temperament was still the same as before. Fortunately, astrology had not changed the essence of the old ancestor.

In the records of the ancestors of the past generations, accidents did happen in the astrology. According to legend, in ancient times, there was an evil existence in the starry sky who responded to this method to walk in the old ancestor and almost destroyed Tianxing Valley.

No one knew how Tianxing Valley at that time killed such a horrible existence.

While thinking, Xie Tianwei took the rune from Bai Su. He wore a solemn expression, “Old Ancestor, be careful.”

Bai Su raised his brows and nodded lightly.

Just as Bai Su left Tianxing Mysterious Realm, Chi Tian suddenly opened his eyes in the cave at the sealed entrance of Chimo Circle, and the red fireworks flashed in his eyes. Ling Li was immediately awakened, staring at him who was probably the only Great Emperor in the world.

“Boy, I’m afraid I can’t stay here anymore.”

Hearing Chi Tian’s first sentence,, Ling Li frowned and asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

He did not doubt the sincerity of Chi Tian for cooperation. He had got along with Chi Tian for many days, and it was enough for him to see Chi Tian clearly, who was a big-hearted and righteous master of a circle. He was upright and disdained conspiracy and tricks. He was completely different from Fate Ancestor who always hid in darkness.

Chi Tian grinned and looked up. It seemed that his gaze passed through the cave, and he saw the billowing clouds in the sky.

“The natural law gazes us more and more frequently. Bai Mo must have done something. If I continue to stay here, I will cause a crisis for Ni Sect.”

Ling Li took a breath lightly and said cautiously, “Senior, if you are not here, Ni Sect will also be overthrown by Fate Palace.”

“Bai Mo sets a trap for us.”

Chi Tian narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Bai Mo is really worthy of his reputation.”

Ling Li frowned tightly, thinking about it. He was not busy for the time being. The speed of bloodline awakening was far slower than that of the arrival of the crisis. Even if his bloodline fusion speed was much faster than before after guidance, he still had his work cut out to achieve the complete fusion.

“If you fully awaken your bloodline, you may become a Great Emperor. Your power can be higher than that of mine.”

Chi Tian signed with emotion, “Ling Qingshui really stepped into the realm of immortals back then, otherwise his offspring wouldn’t enter Dacheng Realm only by blood fusion.”

Ling Li was silent for a moment and then said helplessly, “I lack time.”

“Su Jiuzhou also lacks time to grow up. Her talent is like that of a demon and she is more powerful than you! Bai Mo takes advantage of this opportunity to prevent you from growing.”

Then Chi Tian gave a serious look, and he snorted coldly, “Who is deliberately mystifying? Get out!”

As he said, he was about to blast out with a fist. The figure hidden in the dark suddenly appeared and quickly said, “Senior, forgive me. I bear you no ill will!”

After Chi Tian paused, he saw the figure clearly. Ling Li couldn’t help but blurt out when he saw the man’s face, “Xie Tianwei?”


Xie Tianwei’s pneuma was not so decadent. He carefully looked at the young man’s face, and his expression gradually became weird, “Old Ancestor Tianxing?”

The young man was about to approach. Seeing Chi Tian still staring at him coldly, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. He asked with a dry smile, “Ling Li, how did you recognize me?”

“Senior, I remember you have once said that you couldn’t come out of Tianxing Mysterious Realm, otherwise you would be spotted by Bai Mo. You are…”

Tianxing Mysterious Realm… Tianxing Valley…

Although Chi Tian was in Chimo Circle, he was familiar with the forces in Qingshui Circle, and he even knew much more than some holy sects. When he heard Ling Li’s words, the vigilance in his eyes immediately disappeared.

Bai Su walked forward. While sitting down, he waved his hand and the stone walls around disappeared suddenly. Then the surrounding was lit up by starlight.

“This is…”

Ling Li was uncertain. Bai Su smiled, “I can come out naturally because of the blessing of starlight. The natural law cannot sense me.”

At this point, Bai Su stopped smiling, “During the divination, I saw that Ni Sect was destroyed by the Destroy Thunder like Qingshui Palace back then!”

As soon as these words came out, Chi Tian and Ling Li were shocked and looked serious in unison.

“So, I left the mysterious realm.”

Bai Su stared at Chi Tian, “Senior, after you go back, please tell Su Jiuzhou that she only has one year. No matter how much she has achieved after one year, she must come out to preside over the overall situation!”

Light flashed through Chi Tian’s eyes. While looking the young face which was not suitable for Bai Su, he seemed to understand something. Then he nodded slightly and said in a soft voice, “I will tell her without losing a word.”

Looking at Bai Su’s relaxed face, Ling Li had a bad premonition, “Senior, you…”

“There are many invisible threads that are interconnected and involved in fate. Any change in fate will cause the threads to change their shape.”

Bai Su turned his head, interrupted Ling Li and chuckled, “No matter what Bai Mo does next, I can see it in advance. Perhaps, I can use this to pry into the essence of Bai Mo’s fate skill. It is of great use for you.”

What was the price of prying?

Ling Li opened his mouth and wanted to ask, but in the end he didn’t for fear that he couldn’t bear it.

“Hearing your words, I feel relieved.”

Chi Tian waved his hand to unlock the sealed protection boundary. Then his body quickly faded, and his voice was still echoing in the air.

Bai Su’s smile reappeared, and his eyes fell on Ling Li, who had a quite complicated look. “I will not count on one person. Su Jiuzhou has a year, and you may have even more.”

Ling Li was startled slightly, and he saw Bai Su turning around.

“Follow me.”

After a while, Hua Yan called everyone to gather in the hall. She was not the leader but Bai Su.

“Old Ancestor?! You…”

As Xie Tianxing, who had been stationed in Ni Sect for a long time, saw the appearance of the old ancestor, his face changed drastically and he was about to say something. But Bai Su raised his hand to stop him.

Bai Su glanced at the crowded hall. The people here gave different looks. His eyes paused on Fang Yuan and Ling Li, who was an unperson. Then he waved his sleeves and cast starlight. When Xie Tianxing saw this, he knew that his guess came true, and he looked more seriously.

After the palace was shrouded in strange starlight, Bai Su smiled and spoke slowly.

“Except for a few people such as Lord Hua Yan, most of you are the talents in Reincarnation Mirror back then, and now you gather here, perhaps with different purposes, but we have the same one.”

Bai Su was solemn suddenly and said, “Vengeance! Whether it is for yourself, Holy Girl Su, or Qingshui Palace that was tragically destroyed in those days, Bai Mo…must die!”

“Old Ancestor Tianxing, you can speak freely.”

Yan Ziye raised his brows. Although he was in awe of the mysterious owner of Tianyake Attic, there was only one person who could command him.

Bai Su smiled. He was not angry and continued, “It took Su Jiuzhou just ten years to make Ni Sect a behemoth. When it comes to its nature, it has never been you who can really rival Bai Mo, but only her.

If she dies, Ni Sect will be overthrown.

If she is injured, you can only avoid the forces of Fate Palace, and you may not even withstand the pressure from the holy sects.

If she disappears, you can only shrink your combat power. Even if there are 27 holy sects to take refuge in Ni Sect, but no one will dare not take any action.”

Bai Su’s gaze swept across the crowd sternly, and he said mercilessly, “You, except Ling Li…are all too weak! You will only become a burden for Su Jiuzhou against Bai Mo!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s complexion changed slightly, and the hall was silent.


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