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«Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 657 Memory

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Chapter 657 Memory

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There was absolute silence in Reincarnation Mirror.

With a difference of time flow as high as a thousand times, Reincarnation Mirror Spirit could only accommodate a space the size of a palace. Fortunately, it was enough for everyone in Ni Sect to have a place to meditate and practice, because the palace could be divided into many enclosed spaces for them to concentrate on practicing.

In one of the enclosed spaces, Ling Li was concentrating on fusing and absorbing the bloodline. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and saw the phantom of Qian Mu, the ring spirit of Black Lotus Ring, who was wandering in front of him.

“Boy, do you want your precious son to reconcile with you?”

Qian Mu smiled deeply, “I have an idea. Do you want to try it?”

Ling Li stared at Qian Mu quietly, and said, “Won’t your master really get even with you when she comes back?”

Qian Mu’s face was gloomy, but then he smiled, “Even if the heaven falls down, a tall man will hold it up. What am I afraid of? Ling Li, this is a golden opportunity for you. There are memory fragments inadvertently separated out in this space. Sometimes you cannot decide anything, but it is different for me.”

Ling Li was silent for a moment.

“What do you want me to do?”

In another enclosed space, Su Buwang’s eyes closed tightly, and he was about to be in the trance state. Suddenly, a frightening image flashed before his eyes, which immediately awakened him.

“What the hell? Is Reincarnation Mirror also scary?”

Su Buwang talked to himself, and waited for a moment. After finding no other noises, when he was about to re-enter the trance state, another image flashed before his eyes with a swish.

This time, he finally saw it clearly.

It was an image in Reincarnation Mirror, where his mother and that person had met for the first time at a temple fair in Reincarnation Mirror. Su Buwang had seen the same image when he was possessed by the bloodstone.

“Maybe there are still images of that year in this space?”

As Su Buwang guessed, it turned into another image where Su Jiuzhou met up with Yan Ziye in the Black Stone Forest and they rushed to the Cang Lei’s Cave together.

This image came from the memory of Black Lotus Ring itself. Qian Mu could restore it perfectly without stealing Yan Ziye’s memory.

But Su Buwang knew nothing about it, and repudiated his previous conjecture after seeing this.

“Is this Immortal Sister and Brother Ziye? Could it be Brother Ziye’s memory? Maybe something has changed over time, so that we can all see other people’s memories?”

Su Buwang suddenly panicked. Could his memories also be seen by others?


Other people’s cultivation was higher than his, and they might have been in trance state early, so these images might not necessarily be visible to them, and most likely only to him.

Su Buwang rested slightly as his thoughts came alive again.

Now that other people’s memories could be seen, what should that person’s past be like?

Su Buwang had thought about it more than once, but in order to avoid humiliation, he would naturally not ask in person. Even if he saw that person, he would be furious and refused to communicate.

Qian Mu was secretly observing Su Buwang. When he saw Su Buwang looking like this, he smiled and then put Ling Li’s memory into it.

“Stupid ass, wait to die!”

“You would take the blame for this!”

“Even you want to surpass me as the best treasure, dreaming!”

Qian Mu disappeared happily, and Su Buwang was now finally seeing the image he wanted to see, as he had hoped.

“My Lord, nice to see you!”

“My Lord!”

The background of Shengtian Shrine appeared in the image, and Ling Li, who was dressed in a black battle suit, looked indifferent as he walked into Shengtian Palace step by step.

Su Buwang had never been to the Shengtian Palace before, so at this moment, he couldn’t help but stare at it carefully.

“What do you want me to do?”

Ling Li opened the door with no awe on his face. He looked up at the back of the throne in the shadow. Not long after, a low voice sounded in the hall.

“There are too many talents in Ankui Valley.”

When Ling Li heard the words, his eyes were gloomy. “I see.”

After speaking, he turned and left the hall without saying anything.

When Su Buwang saw this, he was disappointed. Most talents of Ankui Valley were secretly killed, so outsiders blamed on that person. But Su Buwang still hoped that the person was framed. He didn’t expect it to be true, and it was ordered by the Great Lord of Shengtian Shrine himself.

Shengtian Shrine was really disgusting.

Thinking about this, Su Buwang continued to watch. Not long after talents of Ankui Valley were killed, the person left Shengtian Shrine. He wanted to know why the person suddenly acted uncharacteristically and let him go.

And then the image shifted to a canyon filled with purple poisonous mist. There was nothing but purple mist when the image was seen closely.

Suddenly, there was a flash of blood and a scream, and a corpse was thrown on the cliff, splitting into many parts.

“Ah! Senior Fellow Apprentice, help me!”

A practitioner dressed in the costume of inherited disciple of Ankui Valley came in haste. When the practitioner was halfway, there was another flash of blood behind him, and the scream stopped abruptly. Ling Li’s pale and bloody face appeared from the mist, and his black robe was riddled with holes, which blended with flowing blood together. If the image hadn’t been seen closely, it would have been impossible to see it clearly.

Perhaps it was because Su Buwang had never seen Ling Li in such a state of distress and panting before, so he became nervous, with a strange mood rising up.

Was he worried about the person?


Su Buwang murmured in a self-deprecating manner. “How would I feel sorry for him?”

What a shame!

“Ling Li, you can’t get away!”

More figures appeared in the mist, and Ling Li was surrounded by dozens of people.

“You assassinated so many of my junior fellow apprentices, so you were to blame!”

Talents of Ankui Valley didn’t give Ling Li a chance to catch his breathe. At the command of these talents’ leader, everyone swarmed and attacked him.

Even if Su Buwang knew that the person came back alive at last, he still couldn’t help being nervous when seeing this.

How did the person escape?

Just at the critical moment, the image was suddenly blurred, as if the person deliberately blurred this memory, or…he didn’t want to recall it.

Su Buwang felt very uncomfortable because it was like the moment when he was hearing the wonderful part, the storyteller told him to listen to it next time.

No, it was even more uncomfortable than that moment, and he would never get an answer unless he asked the person himself.

This uncomfortable feeling didn’t last long, though, Su Buwang was attracted by the next image.

There was a huge palace in the image, reflecting the side face of the man dressed in black robe sitting on the throne. Not long after, Su Buwang saw himself coming from outside the palace.

Su Buwang remembered that Ling Li had returned not long ago and should have been fighting in Ankui Valley before that. With such a short interval of time, his injuries could not get better, and he might even be seriously injured.

But Su Buwang didn’t realize this at all at the time. It was that day that Ling Li uncharacteristically agreed Su Buwang to leave Shengtian Shrine without any hindrance.

To this day, Su Buwang still remembered how overjoyed he was on that day, like a bird that had broken free from its cage and finally had the chance to soar into the sky.

At this time, the image showed that he disappeared from the big tactical matrix of Shengtian Shrine.

Su Buwang was slightly startled, and he suddenly realized that this was the person’s memory, which meant…the person had been paying attention to him from beginning to end, instead of not caring about his life or death as he thought at first.


The image returned to the Hall of Lord of Evil, and the next image should be what happened after he left.

Su Buwang got excited and kept his eyes on for fear of missing any image.

At the moment when the protection boundary of Shengtian Shrine was closed, the white-haired youth’s chiseled face showed an indescribable bitterness in the black palace.

Su Buwang almost thought his eyes were blurred. He never thought that such an expression would actually appear on the person’s face.

Was it because of him?

Su Buwang’s heart was beating like a drum, and at this moment, a sigh seemed to sound in his ears.

“If you let him out like this, it would be not easy for you to explain to the Great Lord.”

A shattered mirror lit up, and Su Buwang stared at the scene in the image dumbly.

It turned out that he was suddenly released just because the Great Lord of Shengtian Shrine suddenly decided to let him marry into Huangxing Hall, but the person didn’t want to do it and be sorry to his mother. Then…he was allowed to go?!


Su Buwang laughed, and his hoarse voice frightened himself, “That person would actually care for me? Is it because I am crazy or is this Reincarnation Mirror crazy?”

“How can Lord of Evil be trapped by affection? At least in front of others, I can’t do that.”

Hearing these words from the black figure in the image, Su Buwang suddenly shook his body and fell into silence.

Su Buwang was no longer a novice, and he had confirmed many things from the outside world that his mother was not a maid of Shengtian Shrine, but the Holy Girl Su who had wrecked Qingshui Circle back then. Why did Ling Li lie to him back then?

“My Lord, the Great Lord asks for you.”

Just as Su Buwang was contemplating, the image shifted again and reentered the purple-black hall—Shengtian Palace.

“Ling Li, do you know that you are wrong?”

“Great Lord, what are you talking about? What is wrong with me?”

“I haven’t gotten even with you for defiling the bloodline of Ling Family, but you are still protecting that little bastard!”

As Su Buwang saw Ling Li vomiting blood when he was knocked out, Su Buwang felt that his heart seemed to be smashed away, causing severe pain.

“I accidentally lost the Yang jade-bone mask. It’s my fault. Great Lord, please punish me.”

“Bastard! Do you think that I can’t find that illegitimate child? How can I have such a stupid offspring like you!”

“How dare you disobey my orders regardless of the future of Shengtian Shrine just for a bastard brought back from outside?”

“Get out of here!”

Su Buwang’s eyes glazed over, and he was silent for a while. Then he re-focused on watching the memory images.

Then, he saw a lot.

It turned out that Ling Li had to be controlled by Shengtian Shrine because of the Lihen Tablet. Using Lihen Sword was actually consuming his life. So, he was young but silver-haired.

Because of his reputation, he had to keep at a distance with Su Buwang in order to protect Su Buwang. Otherwise, if he showed a little affection, the enemies in Shengtian Shrine would kill Su Buwang ten thousand times, let alone the enemies in the outside world!

Even the fact that Su Buwang had been able to survive outside was the result of Ling Li’s confrontation with the Great Lord of Shengtian Palace!

It was ridiculous that Su Buwang always thought that he was lucky to have met Uncle Fang…


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