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«Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1499: Was about you..

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Chapter 1499: Was about you…

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“You’re pregnant and cold. Go home and wait for news.”


“Be good and listen to me.”

After saying that, Shi Yuting pulled Zuo Weiyi and turned around to look for Shi Lian.

Although Shi Lian was only four years old, Shi Yuting knew that she was smart enough not to be abducted.

“Excuse me, have you seen a little girl? She’s wearing a white earmuffs and is very beautiful…”

Zuo Weiyi had been asking about someone from a distance along the way.

However, every time she answered, she would either shake her head or not.

“What should I do… What should I do…”

After half an hour of searching, Zuo Weiyi had completely collapsed. She could not hold on any longer and squatted on the street, crying out in pain…

Looking at her crying on the ground, Shi Yuting’s heart was broken.

“She’ll be fine. Lian Lian is very smart.”

But no matter what he said, to Zuo Weiyi, it was just comforting words. It was useless.

“Excuse me, have you seen a little girl? She has long hair and wears white ear-warmers. She’s very beautiful!”

Zhong Shenghao was also asking on the street.

“Is she wearing a pink cotton-padded jacket?”A restaurant employee answered him.

Zhong Shenghao paused for a moment and instantly saw a glimmer of hope.

But a pink cotton-padded jacket?

He didn’t see Lian Lian today, so he naturally didn’t know what color she was wearing.


He hurriedly said to the employee, then turned his head and shouted at shi yuting, “Ting, Lian Lian is wearing a pink cotton-padded jacket? !”

Hearing Zhong Shenghao’s voice not far away, the husband and wife immediately turned their heads, hoping to be ignited in an instant.

Zuo Weiyi stood up and ran over at the first possible moment!

“Yes, she’s wearing a pink cotton-padded jacket!”

“I saw her and a woman walking towards the square.”

Hearing this, the three of them couldn’t help but be startled.

With a woman?

Zuo Weiyi’s first impression was naturally that she was a human trafficker!

She turned around and rushed to the square!

“Lian-lian! Lian-lian! ?”

The square was very big. Perhaps it was snowing, but there were many people gathered there at the moment, looking at the falling snow.

There were too many people, so Zuo Weiyi couldn’t see lian-lian’s figure at all.

“Over there!”

Zhong Shenghao saw a figure and was sure that it was lian-lian! He couldn’t help but rush over immediately.

Shi Yuting and Zuo Weiyi also couldn’t help but look over when they heard the voice. Sure enough, they saw Shi Lian sitting by a feng shui pool.

“Lian Lian!”

The two of them rushed over hurriedly.

Zhong Shenghao was about to rush in front of Shi Lian when he suddenly stopped. The expression on his face even froze on the spot.

He saw a figure walking towards Shi Lian. In the next moment, he handed a cup of milk tea to Shi Lian.

“Drink it, it’s hot.”

Shi Lian looked up at the woman in front of her and thanked her before reaching out to take the milk tea!


The moment she reached out, milk tea was suddenly slapped onto the ground!

“Lian Lian!”

Zuo Weiyi hugged her daughter and stared at the woman who had just given milk tea to her. “What do you want to do to my child! ?”

She turned around and before she could finish her sentence, her expression froze when she saw the woman standing there.

Shi Yuting walked over. When he saw the woman’s face clearly, his deep eyes instantly turned cold!

“It’s you…”

Zuo Weiyi could not believe it. It had been so many years, and she still wanted to harm her child?

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