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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2852 Ling Shu teased Ye Chen very aggressively

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Chapter 2852 Ling Shu teased Ye Chen very aggressively

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"Even though he has two women who have quite a lot of influence in the sect, why not just ask them" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu couldn't understand what Ye Chen was thinking, even though Ye Chen had beauties like Jia Li and Xuan Mei, why not just ask them for help, it would make it easier for Ye Chen to become a core disciple," said Ling Shu.

"We both don't know his way of thinking," said Feng Rue, they both didn't know Ye Chen's way of thinking, so they didn't know why Ye Chen didn't do that.

"You are absolutely right, we both don't know that person's thoughts." Feng Rue and Ling Shu really didn't know Ye Chen's thoughts.

"then I'll go in, you stay here and watch around" Ling Shu told Feng Rue to stay here and watch around.

she told Feng Rue to make sure no one would disturb her and Ye Chen.

"understood, I will do your bidding" Feng Rue will do the bidding from Ling Shu, from here on, this will be Ye Chen's stage.

Ling Shu went straight away, she knocked on Ye Chen's door.

"knock…" Ling Shu knocked lightly.

"Master, she has come" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told him that Ling Shu had come.

"this is the time" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, this is the time, he must not think Ling Shu is weak.

"who?" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu who was outside.

"a visitor who wants to meet you" Ling Shu answered Ye Chen.

"Wait a moment, I will open the door for you" with that Ye Chen opened the door for Ling Shu.

When Ye Chen opened the door for Ling Shu, he saw Ling Shu's figure in a sky blue dress that looked so elegant and enchanting.

"Why are you here ?" Ye Chen was surprised when he saw Ling Shu was here.

"fufufufufu" as expected by Ling Shu, she liked it when she saw Ye Chen's shocked expression.

"I came to visit you, you should be happy when a beautiful woman visits you" Ling Shu said.

"Of course, I'm very happy, but my place isn't that good," said Ye Chen.

"it's okay, I'm fine" Ling Shu said.

"But to allow a goddess to enter a place that is not worthy" said Ye Chen.

"I told you it's okay" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu didn't mind Ye Chen's place, she didn't care much about this.

Ling Shu said that she could accept Ye Chen's place, finally forcing her way inside.

When she entered, Ling Shu saw that this place was not bad.

"Not too bad" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu praised Ye Chen, this place wasn't too bad.

"Why did you come here, and you look different from usual" said Ye Chen.

"what's different" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen, she needed an answer from Ye Chen.

"Your appearance and also the way you walk, usually you will be lazy in bed, that's what I hear from people" said Ye Chen.

"I'm not that lazy" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that she wasn't that lazy.

"But I heard it from people" said Ye Chen.

"You have to believe in me" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to believe in herself.

"okay…" Ye Chen had no choice, he had to believe what Ling Shu said.

Otherwise, Ling Shu's mood would change very quickly.

"so why did you come" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu.

He wanted to know the reason Ling Shu came.

"What's wrong?, can't I come to this place?" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

"Of course you can, You are quite good, it's just that I don't know why you want to come to my place, someone with a high position like you," said Ye Chen.

"don't be humble like that, you are good enough, otherwise I would never come to your place" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to be humble.

Ling Shu knew that Ye Chen was so kind and forbade Ye Chen to be humble.

"I still haven't thanked you for the banquet you had at that time," said Ling Shu.

"oh that time, it was quite a long time ago" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen almost forgot when he first met Ling Shu, when he was at the beach.

"It's only been 2 years and you've forgotten me, it makes me sad," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu didn't expect that Ye Chen would forget, she wasn't even interested in that.

With Ling Shu's charm, she could leave an impression on everyone she met, most people who saw Ling Shu in person would not be able to forget Ling Shu.

But Ye Chen was different, he forgot Ling Shu quickly, it made Ling Shu want to get Ye Chen even more.

she had not met anyone like Ye Chen, no matter what, she had to get Ye Chen.

"So what do you want from me as a gift, I can give you everything" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, to be honest she could give everything Ye Chen wanted.

"Can you give me all the things I want" said Ye Chen.

"of course, even if it is a mature request" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu approached Ye Chen, she leaned her body towards Ye Chen.

She immediately seduced Ye Chen, she seduced Ye Chen with a body that was so beautiful and so sexy.

Ling Shu was the same as Feng Rue, she was equally bold in teasing Ye Chen.

They didn't hold back and immediately teased Ye Chen using such good skills.

The double peaks that Ling Shu had were so good, they were soft and when they touched Ye Chen they were so elastic.

"Wow, that's so great" Ye Chen saw that it was so great, this was very good, a very good feeling for Ye Chen.

"fufufufufufu" Ling Shu smiled, as expected by LingThat's it, Ye Chen is so easy to tease, with just a little teasing, Ye Chen is excited.

Feng Rue was absolutely right, Ye Chen was so easy to tease, he was so easy to tease Ling Shu, it seemed like Ye Chen was still a beginner, this was food for Ling Shu.

"Are you telling the truth" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu again.

Was Ling Shu serious, or did she just want to tease Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't know Ling Shu's train of thought, whether she was just teasing or serious.

"I'm serious about what I say if it's you, I don't mind" Ling Shu whispered in Ye Chen's ear.

Ling Shu blew into Ye Chen's ear, it was clear that she was teasing Ye Chen.

Ling Shu's skills were much better than most women, she immediately used the charm she had to seduce Ye Chen.

What Ling Shu had just done was quite tempting, it was like an aphrodisiac that allowed Ye Chen to be so excited.

Ye Chen's body was so hot, he became so hot, he was already quite excited.

"As expected from the list of women who hold the title of second goddess, she is so strong" Chu Yuechan said.

Chu Yuechan saw that Ling Shu was so great that her skills could probably be the same as Ye Chen.

"Yuechan, do you think she used art to tempt me" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"perhaps, it is quite strong" Chu Yuechan said.

Chu Yuechan saw that it was so powerful, an Art that allowed Ling Shu to tease Ye Chen easily.

"You can't be careless, just a little careless, it will be the end for you" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

she told Ye Chen not to be careless, if Ye Chen was even a little careless, then his life would be at stake.

"You…" Ye Chen didn't expect that Chu Yuechan would say that.

Ling Shu has the charm goddess of beauty Love Art, she uses it to attract every cultivator.

As long as she was determined, no one would be able to escape from Ling Shu.

Even if it was Ye Chen, he would not be able to escape from Ling Shu.

charm goddess of beauty Love Art is a high level art and only Ling Shu has reached the peak level of ability, this makes her invincible and can obtain all things without having to put in much effort.

As long as she wants, she can order everyone to do what she wants.

"so what is your decision" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

He wanted to know what decision Ye Chen wanted.

"It's up to you, I will accept the gift from you" Ye Chen handed this matter over to Ling Shu.

"Are you sure, I can give you something that will make you happy, you don't want to ask for that" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu increased the power of the charm goddess of beauty Love Art.

He got so close and tried to influence Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was in trouble right now, he wouldn't be able to escape the charm goddess of beauty Love Art.

Right now, Ye Chen chose to endure and wait for the right time.

"It looks like you are quite shy" Ling Shu saw Ye Chen who was shy, it was probably because Ye Chen faced Ling Shu's beautiful figure, it wasn't strange that he was shy.

Other people would definitely experience the same thing as Ye Chen felt, they would become quite shy when faced with a super beautiful woman like Ling Shu.

Seeing what was happening now, Ling Shu continued to take the initiative to tease and also provoke Ye Chen.

It seemed that Ling Shu really enjoyed teasing Ye Chen, she liked the feeling of teasing Ye Chen, this was really fun for Ling Shu.

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