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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2851 Ling Shu finally came to Ye Chen's place

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Chapter 2851 Ling Shu finally came to Ye Chen's place

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"This place is so big, just looking for one person makes it difficult for me like this" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"It can't be helped, this place has developed rapidly, the area is really something, there's no way you can watch every place with just your two eyes" said Chu Yuechan.

"If only I had eyes that could see everywhere, this wouldn't be so troublesome," said Ye Chen.

"That's impossible to do," said Chu Yuechan.

"I know too, don't confirmed it" Ye Chen also knew that problem.

"master, you have to be more serious, your opponent may be just personal, but he should be strong enough."

It is possible that you can get resources from it," Chu Yuechan said.

"I just hope" Ye Chen also hopes the same thing.

she hopes the same thing as Ye Chen hopes.

Feng Rue prepared everything for Ye Chen, she prepared everything for Ye Chen.

se returned and told Ling Shu.

"You're back, it's been quite a while" Ling Shu greeted Feng Rue.

"I've gone back and confirmed it." Feng Rue said that she had confirmed this.

"How about it, could there be a trap?" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"So far there is nothing suspicious," said Feng Rue.

"what about him" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"Very good, I think Miss will be satisfied" said Feng Rue.

"You must have tried it, right?" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue apologized, she couldn't hide this matter from Ling Shu.

"You didn't break it, right?" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"I only tasted him a little, and he was pretty good, although still quite amateurish" said Feng Rue.

"So it's still an amateur, then that's quite interesting too," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu was quite interested when she listened to the report given by Feng Rue.

He was so intrigued by the report that Feng Rue gave.

"what do you find attractive about him" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"That…" Feng Rue approached, she whispered something to.

"Miss that person has such a good weapon, you will definitely like it" said Feng Rue.

"seriously?" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"I'm serious, there's no way I would lie to you," said Feng Rue.

Feng Rue told the truth, she said that Ye Chen was very good.

Ling Shu became so excited when she heard this, she couldn't wait to try it.

"This makes me excited, I might go" Ling Shu said.

"Miss, you don't want me to bring it to your place" Feng Rue said.

"No need, I will meet him directly," said Ling Shu.

"I think he will be surprised when he sees me coming to his place," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu wanted to see Ye Chen's reaction when a beautiful woman like her came, it would definitely surprise him.

"what about the two women beside him" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"I didn't see them, when I watched him, he was alone" said Feng Rue.

"So you didn't meet them, it's really a pity," said Ling Shu.

"Are they beautiful women?" Feng Rue had not heard this from Ye Chen, nor had she seen the existence of other women around Ye Chen.

"They are Jia Li and Xuan Mei, I heard they are the faction leaders, if he is able to make the faction leader fall, it seems he is not bad" said Ling Shu.

"So that's how it is, sorry that I didn't investigate the matter" Feng Rue apologized that she didn't get to that point.

"You don't need to apologize like that, it's not your fault," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu did not tell Feng Rue all the information.

He kept that to himself, he didn't tell anyone about it.

"I will go and meet him directly" Ling Shu will go and meet Ye Chen, she will come to Ye Chen.

"You will come with me, at least I need a strong enough guard beside me" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu asked Feng Rue to be a guardian.

"I understand" Feng Rue understands, she will be a guard for Ling Shu.

"I'll take a shower first and dress up pretty well, there's no way I'll come like this," said Ling Shu.

"Miss is a beautiful woman, even if she goes like that, no man will dare to insult her" said Feng Rue.

"Thank you for the compliment, I will go" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu entered the bath, there were already several women serving her and cleaning her.

"This is not going according to master's plan, I will tell him first" Feng Rue took advantage of this to send a message to Ye Chen.

Let Ye Chen know what happened in this place right now.

Ye Chen got a message from Feng Rue, he got a message that Ling Shu would come alone.

"So she chose to come alone, quite brave" Ye Chen saw that Ling Shu would come alone, he was brave enough to come alone to this place.

"she was quite brave to come here, even though she could have been waiting for you," said Chu Yuechan.

"If it was in her territory then the level of difficulty would be difficult, but she chose to come out of her territory to meet me, I think she was too confident".

"Isn't that good, take advantage of the opportunity to catch her" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to make good use of this opportunity.

"of course, just wait for her to come" Ye Chen only needs to wait for Ling Shu to come, everything will be resolved Ye Chen.

Ling Shu had just finished bathing, now she just had to wear a dress that looked beautiful and charming.

"What kind of clothes should I wear?" Ling Shu asked for opinions from people around her, she wanted to know what she should wear now.

"Miss, why don't you wear clothes that show your elegance, I think young men like women like that," they started to give advice to Ling Shu.

"I think it's okay to try, I might wear something elegant, then bring me a dress that looks elegant" Ling Shu chose the best, she didn't want to look bad in front of Ye Chen.

With that the servant took several sets of clothes, let Ling Shu choose the best among the best.

After looking for some time, Ling Shu decided to pick a navy blue dress that was so beautiful and would look elegant on her.

There are black and gold, it will make Ling Shu look glamorous and sexy.

"what do you guys think ?" Ling Shu asked.

"very good, most beautiful lady" they said to the most beautiful Ling Shu.

"Thank you, then I will leave this place, when I leave, please look after this place" Ling Shu will leave together with Feng Rue.

As Ling Shu left, she asked them to guard this place so well and make sure no one would sneak into this place.

"We understand" they all understand, they will take good care of this place.

"Let's go" Ling Shu called Feng Rue, she invited Feng Rue to immediately go to the immortal valley sect.

The two of them flew, their goal was to go to Ye Chen's place, Ling Shu and Feng Rue only needed a little time to arrive at this place.

1 hour later, they finally arrived, she showed that it was this place.

"smaller than I thought" Ling Shu said.

"miss he is just an outer court disciple" Feng Rue said.

"Seriously, I didn't expect that he was just an outer court disciple" Ling Shu said.

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