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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2850 The next plan is to get Ling Shu

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Chapter 2850 The next plan is to get Ling Shu

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"Since you are good enough, I will give you a reward" Since Feng Rue did so well, Ye Chen gave Feng Rue a good reward as well.

Ye Chen accelerated his movements, he used his to make Feng Rue happy.

Feng Rue was so happy with what Ye Chen was doing, it was honestly so comfortable and made Feng Rue so happy.

Ye Chen seemed to have reached his limit, it was time for him to give a good gift to Feng Rue.

"You're ready ?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Of course, give it to me" Feng Rue told him that she wanted Ye Chen.

Seeing this, Ye Chen gave pure Yang Qi essence to Feng Rue.

"Amazing, so pure and warm" Feng Rue was surprised, this amount was so incredible, this would probably be very beneficial for Feng Rue.

Feng Rue felt full, Ye Chen filled her up and she was so comfortable.

"Again…, you can still continue with me right ?" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen, she was still not satisfied, and wanted more.

It seemed that Feng Rue was still not satisfied and wanted more, a woman like Feng Rue did need it because the influence of the drug was still there.

She needed more than Ye Chen, that way she could get rid of the drug influence quickly.

"Don't complain if you pass out" Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen continued on and on, he continued on and on and started doing it for 2 days and 1 night.



After a very long battle against Ye Chen, Feng Rue finally felt so satisfied, she was really satisfied with Ye Chen, this was really worthy of being Ye Chen's servant.

Ye Chen slept on the lap of Feng Rue, what a coincidence that Feng Rue gave confession to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen naturally enjoyed it, he enjoyed the lap given by Feng Rue.

"Master, you are so strong" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

She admitted Ye Chen was so strong and she was not Ye Chen's opponent.

"You are also equally good" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

Feng Rue was also equally good, the ability possessed by Feng Rue was so good.

"It's not like that" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue felt embarrassed to receive praise from Ye Chen, she felt embarrassed to be praised by Ye Chen.

"Now explain the situation to me" Ye Chen told Feng Rue to explain the situation to him.

He wanted to know what happened, so he told Feng Rue to tell him what happened.

Feng Rue told Ye Chen about what happened, she became so obedient and really listened to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue told her that Ling Shu wanted her to bring Ye Chen, it seemed like Ye Chen had caught Ling Shu's interest.

"Did she send you to catch me ?" Ye Chen said.

"It was originally so, who would have thought that I would be the one to be arrested, now I can't leave you, please take care of me" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue hugged Ye Chen, she was so considerate and pampered Ye Chen.

"Fine" Ye Chen was happy to see Feng Rue being like this.

"Alright, you now have to help me" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

He told Feng Rue to do him a favor.

"What do you want me to do for you?" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen.

"I will tell you this honestly" Ye Chen told Feng Rue.

Ye Chen told her about his plan, he wanted to get Ling Shu.

"Master, to be honest Miss Ling Shu is such a strong woman, I'm not sure you'll be able to deal with her easily" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue was quite close to Ling Shu, so she knew the strength of Feng Rue, if Ye Chen wanted to get Ling Shu, he needed more than strength.

"Of course, I will be honest with you, there is no one who can satisfy her yet, you know what I mean right, she regards others as goods, I am afraid that you will not survive" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue was telling the truth, she would treat people like goods, when she liked it she would chase, and when it was broken it was thrown away.

Even Feng Rue did not understand the taste of Ling Shu, that was why she gave Ye Chen a warning, she did not want Ye Chen to find trouble with Ling Shu.

Even Feng Rue intended to help Ye Chen and give a false report about Ye Che, it was for Ye Chen's benefit.

"How interesting…" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"Master, did you listen to what I said" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen.

"Of course, I listened to it clearly, it makes me even more interested" Ye Chen said.

"You didn't seem to listen to what I said, if you had listened to what I said, you would have avoided it" Feng Rue said.

"It's okay, you don't have to worry, I haven't shown all the power I have" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"ehhhh? ? ?" Feng Rue was surprised when she saw that Ye Chen hadn't shown any of his powers yet, honestly it made Feng Rue even more scared when facing Ye Chen.

"Let's start the plan properly" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"What plan do you want?" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen.

"You said you could take me along with you" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Of course, I can do just that, it was my duty from the beginning" Feng Rue said.

This was the task of Feng Rue, the task of Feng Rue was to bring Ye Chen.

"Just like this, you tell him how capable I am" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"It's a little humbling to make him believe that I'm not very good" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"Um, I see" Feng Rue began to understand, she would tell Ling Shu about Ye Chen's skills and abilities.

As long as Feng Rue told her that Ye Chen was normal and a beginner, then Ling Shu would not realize and would consider Ye Chen not a threat.

Ye Chen's methods were quite clever, with that they should be able to easily trap Ling Shu.

"but first we restore the strength you have" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue first wanted Ye Chen to recover the strength he had first, that way Ye Chen would be able to win over Ling Shu.

"Don't worry, I am in very good condition" Ye Chen told Feng Rue.

Ye Chen was in such good shape, fighting Feng Rue was not a big problem for Ye Chen's stamina.

Feng Rue was even more surprised when she heard this, she did not expect that Ye Chen would be that strong, it was quite a shock for Feng Rue.

Even though Feng Rue attacked Ye Chen's Yang Qi quite a lot, it was surprising to see that Ye Chen could still be energetic.

"This is really great, meeting a great man like this" Feng Rue said in her heart.

Feng Rue was so happy, she met such a great and mighty man, it seemed like this was fate.

"Then I will prepare everything for you" Feng Rue will prepare everything for Ye Chen.

She already had preparations for that.

With Feng Rue being so loyal and obedient, Ye Chen should be able to move easily.

"As long as you succeed" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, Ye Chen just got a gentle and obedient woman like Feng Rue.

"everything is by plan right?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

Everything is according to plan, now start the next plan, don't lose" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"I understand, there is no way I will lose" Ye Chen would not be able to lose against Ling Shu.

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