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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2849 Makes Feng Rue very obedient (2)

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Chapter 2849 Makes Feng Rue very obedient (2)

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"slurp…" Feng Rue started to eat Ye Chen's, it was a little big and made Feng Rue have some trouble.

Even so a tough enough person like Feng Rue would not easily give up, she was able to easily overcome the problem at hand and made Ye Chen so comfortable.

Feng Rue immediately ate everything, she showed the ability that only experienced women could do.

"It's tight and so big, but I can't stand it" This might be a little difficult for Feng Rue, even so, she was not willing to give up and continued to serve Ye Chen.

"jubo, Jobo" the voice released by Feng Rue was so seductive, it made her become excited and wanted to see Ye Chen's ability.

Ye Chen was defending quite well, he could still survive Feng Rue's skillful attacks, if it wasn't Ye Chen, it would have been dried up by Feng Rue.

"Why is he so strong, I can't believe that he is so strong and I can't beat him" Feng Rue couldn't believe that Ye Chen was so strong, she couldn't beat Ye Chen because Ye Chen was so strong.

Feng Rue had been helping Ye Chen for about 30 minutes, she showed everything she had, but she was still unable to make Ye Chen submit.

"So strong" Feng Rue was about to give up, Ye Chen was such a formidable enemy, able to endure for such a long time and show such admirable strength.

This was the most formidable opponent Feng Rue had ever faced.

"You did so well" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"You are so strong in defense" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

She had to admit the ability Ye Chen had, Ye Chen defended so well and he had such an extraordinary thing.

"I am strong enough, you have to do better" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

He told Feng Rue to do even better.

"Of course, I can't stand it anymore, neither can you?" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue could not stand it anymore, she wanted to do it with Ye Chen.

"You are becoming more lewd" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"Do you not like women like me?" Feng Rue looked sad when she heard this.

"No, I like you" Ye Chen told Feng Rue.

Ye Chen liked the ability Feng Rue showed, he liked what Feng Rue did.

"Let's start" Ye Chen carried Feng Rue, this was the time to make Feng Rue obedient.

"Wait a minute" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

"What's wrong, are you scared ?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue, there was no way Feng Rue would be scared.

"I'm a little scared to be honest" Feng Rue told Ye Chen that she was a little scared.

Ye Chen had a large weapon, it would definitely be difficult for Feng Rue.

"Then I will do it slowly" Ye Chen told her that he would do it slowly.

"I believe you" Feng Rue believed what Ye Chen said, she believed that Ye Chen would do it slowly.

They went to the bed, a bed that was so good.

Because Ye Chen often made out with his woman here while working, he made such a good mattress to use when night falls.

Feng Rue was so shy, she was like a little girl about to have her first night.

"Ready" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"It's ready" Feng Rue told Ye Chen.

She told him that she was ready and Ye Chen could start.

Ye Chen did not wait long and went straight in, he used his troops to go inside.

"kyah…" Feng Rue shouted, it was really too big.

"It's really too strong" Feng Rue said.

"It's okay, you'll definitely like it" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

Ye Chen moved right away, he gave Feng Rue such a comfortable feeling.

Feng Rue had a honey cave that gripped Ye Chen so firmly, Ye Chen liked this.

Plus it was able to synchronize with Ye Chen's movements, it was expected that Feng Rue was so skillful.

"Then I can't embarrass myself, I'll do it stronger" Ye Chen became faster, it made Feng Rue unable to stand it.

"You are too fast" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

"This is too good, I can't help myself" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

Feng Rue was completely rendered helpless, she could not do anything, she felt such wonderful feelings from Ye Chen, this really made her lose her mind.

"My body won't listen to orders, so bad, am I going to fall for this guy" Feng Rue couldn't hold on anymore, it seemed like she was going to fall.

Feng Rue was usually quite domineering, but this time she was dominated by Ye Chen.

If Ling Shu saw this, he would definitely be shocked and speechless seeing one of the best subordinates become Ye Chen's plaything.

In terms of ability it could be said that Feng Rue was below Ling Shu, she was number two and had good abilities, but it seemed that those abilities were useless when fighting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was clearly stronger than Feng Rue, he was dominating and leading this match.

While enjoying performing with Feng Rue, he touched Feng Rue's double peaks, Feng Rue really could no longer speak, only pleasure could be felt right now.

Every time Ye Chen reached the tip, he would feel comfortable, without realizing he had already reached the peak several times, he was really enjoying this.

Several hours passed and the two of them were still at it and Feng Rue still seemed capable of doing it with Ye Chen.

Feng Rue's stamina was so good, that was why she was able to last quite a long time when facing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that Feng Rue had started to obey, she listened to what Ye Chen had to say.

Feng Rue liked what Ye Chen gave her, she wouldn't be able to leave Ye Chen.

When Feng Rue was in a good mood, Ye Chen suddenly stopped.

"uh, why did you stop ?" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen.

"You want more" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Sure, I want more" Feng Rue said, Feng Rue told her that she wanted more.

"Then you have to answer what I said" Ye Chen asked Ye Chen.

"what is it, please tell me quickly" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know what Ye Chen wanted to ask.

"who sent you" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Miss Ling Shu" Feng Rue told who sent her, she did not hide this.

"Why did she send you" Ye Chen asked again.

"she wants me to investigate you, is this a trap or not" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue replied, she did not lie to Ye Chen.

"So it's like that, I understand" Ye Chen started to understand, he started to understand what happened.

"Who do you belong to now ?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Of course I belong to you, I will be yours" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue already fully liked Ye Chen, she would do all for Ye Chen.

"That's great, you passed" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

With that Ye Chen continued again, he gave Feng Rue more comfort.

"ahhh, this is it, I like this" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen, she liked what Ye Chen was doing.

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