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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2848 Makes Feng Rue very obedient (1)

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Chapter 2848 Makes Feng Rue very obedient (1)

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Ye Chen removed every inch of clothing from Feng Rue, it was like he was unboxing such a good item.

Every inch of Feng Rue's body was so fine, she showed such a fine and mature body.

This was a gentle mature woman, and Ye Chen had to treat Feng Rue tenderly as well.

Ye Chen kept touching Feng Rue's double peaks, he really enjoyed touching this thing.

"You really like touching that thing" Feng Rue said.

"Of course, it's big and soft, comfortable to touch" Ye Chen said.

"Wait a minute, that's too strong" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that it was too strong.

"Don't you like it, you seem excited" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"It's too strong, I won't be able to stand it" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen, she told him that she wouldn't be able to stand it.

Honestly it was too comfortable, this probably wouldn't be able to be endured easily by Feng Rue.

Ye Chen didn't care, he showed his skills again and again, he rubbed and squeezed vigorously, it made Feng Rue unable to bear it anymore.

"Why are you too good" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen, why is Ye Chen so good, he was so good and made Feng Rue feel such a comfortable feeling.

This made Feng Rue unable to bear it and became even more wild and crazy.

Feng Rue tried to defend, she used all the skills she had to defend against Ye Chen's attacks.

Despite using all her skills, she was unable to defend, she was completely dominated by Ye Chen.

Feng Rue made a satisfied face, she seemed to be enjoying what Ye Chen was doing.

It was obvious that Feng Rue would enjoy it, it was because Ye Chen made her feel so comfortable, there was no way Feng Rue would be able to look away when she saw Ye Chen who could make her so happy.

Feng Rue again reached the limit, this was too much fun and she could not survive this pleasure.

After some time later, Feng Rue finally gave up, she was no longer able to endure and get pleasure from Ye Chen.

"This is too good, I can't stand you" Feng Rue found something so good, she liked Ye Chen.

"Are you satisfied ?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Very satisfied, you are so good" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue told that Ye Chen was so good, she would naturally be satisfied after getting treatment from Ye Chen.

"But I won't stand still, it's my turn" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue pushed Ye Chen, she used all her strength to push Ye Chen.

Feng Rue was still weak after what happened, right now she could only do this to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue's position was currently on top of Ye Chen, so she took the position to give Ye Chen satisfaction.

The first thing Feng Rue did was kiss Ye Chen, she couldn't help but want to kiss Ye Chen.

"Chuuuuuuu… " Feng Rue kissed Ye Chen, she gave Ye Chen a kiss filled with passion.

Ye Chen received a kiss from Feng Rue, honestly he was so happy with this kiss.

Feng Rue kissed so well, her tongue was so good at teasing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not want to be outdone and started to show his skills, they finally got entangled and kissed passionately for a while.

They kissed for about 15 minutes, Feng Rue almost did not want to let go of Ye Chen and wanted to continue kissing Ye Chen.

"Ahhh, this is so good, I like this feeling so much" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue was satisfied, Ye Chen kissed her very well, and she was so happy with what Ye Chen did.

"Your skills are not bad either" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

Feng Rue's ability was so good, she made Ye Chen comfortable with the kiss just now.

"I should say that, to be honest, your skills are so good, I was surprised" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue was surprised by the ability shown by Ye Chen, she would naturally be surprised by the ability possessed by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was a person who could make Feng Rue satisfied easily, that was why Feng Rue liked Ye Chen.

"Do you want a special service from me?" Feng Rue said.

"What are you going to do?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Do you want to or not?" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen.

"Of course I want to" Ye Chen told her that of course he wanted to, there was no way Ye Chen would refuse the offer given by Feng Rue.

It seemed that Feng Rue was confident in her abilities, it meant that Feng Rue's abilities could not be underestimated and Ye Chen should give it a try.

Feng Rue smiled tenderly at Ye Chen, she would make sure that Ye Chen was comfortable.

Ye Chen had made Feng Rue so comfortable, this was the time to repay Ye Chen.

"fufufufu" Feng Rue undressed Ye Chen, she could not wait to see Ye Chen.

Feng Rue saw that Ye Chen was already quite excited, so she should be able to do it with Ye Chen.

Feng Rue wanted to see what Ye Chen's weapon looked like, Feng Rue didn't expect too much, that was because Ye Chen was still young, it would grow with time.

When she opened Ye Chen's little brother part, a big and long thing jumped out and made Feng Rue surprised.

"No way, this ?" Feng Rue was surprised when she saw Ye Chen's capital.

It was so greath.

Feng Rue would certainly be shocked to see this, she had never seen anything like this.

"Seriously, he has something like this?" Feng Rue was speechless when she saw this, it was honestly quite extraordinary.

"You hid such a good thing here, I can't wait" Feng Rue licked her lips, she couldn't wait to try it.

"Want to try it ?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

It seemed that Feng Rue was so interested in this.

"I will make you comfortable, you should prepare yourself" Feng Rue told Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that she would make Ye Chen feel comfortable.

Ye Chen couldn't wait to see the ability that Feng Rue had, he couldn't wait to see what kind of ability Feng Rue had.

Feng Rue stuck out her tongue, she started with something light first.

Feng Rue used her quite well, she started to show her skills.

Ye Chen felt quite comfortable, Feng Rue knew very well how to treat Ye Chen so well.

Feng Rue looked at Ye Chen, she knew that Ye Chen would not be able to stand her.

"fufufufu, I will eat you" Feng Rue said in her heart, she couldn't wait to eat Ye Chen.

Feng Rue had already forgotten the goal she had, right now she was only thinking about getting Ye Chen.

She wanted to make Ye Chen happy by using everything she had.

Feng Rue had never treated a man like this, right now she treated Ye Chen like a little lover and was so in love with Ye Chen.

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