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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2847 Feng Rue takes her own medicine

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Chapter 2847 Feng Rue takes her own medicine

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"Slurppp…" Ye Chen took a sip of the tea made by Feng Rue.

"Delicious…" Ye Chen admitted that the tea made by Feng Rue was so good, it looked so right and made Ye Chen feel calm.

Feng Rue watched Ye Chen, after making sure Ye Chen drank the tea, she also drank the tea that she made.

Everything was going well and Ye Chen was unconscious, now Feng Rue just needed to wait for the medicine to work.

"You are quite good at making this" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"That's because I practiced quite a lot, so that makes me able to make things like this" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen why she could make things like that easily.

"So you make it often, you enjoy this yourself every day, you are so lucky" Ye Chen said.

"It's not like that, if you want I can probably make it often for you" Feng Rue muttered.

"What did you just say?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

He wanted to know what Feng Rue had just said.

"No, I didn't say anything" Feng Rue told Ye Chen, she didn't say anything to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue waited for the effect to work, it should be that the effect of the medicine would work quickly and Ye Chen would start to feel excited.

After Feng Rue waited for a while, there was no sign of change, Ye Chen was still drinking leisurely.

"It's not working, is the medicine I gave you not strong enough" Feng Rue was surprised when she saw Ye Chen who was still able to hold on, honestly it was quite surprising to see Ye Chen still able to hold on after drinking the aphrodisiac and finishing it all.

"What's wrong, why do you keep looking at me?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Nothing" Feng Rue was embarrassed, she became even hotter when she thought of Ye Chen.

For some reason her body became hotter and hotter and she became more and more unable to stand Ye Chen.

"What's wrong, what's wrong with my body" Feng Rue finally realized that something was happening to her.

She finally realized that her body seemed to have been exposed to an aphrodisiac.

"No way, did I give you the wrong teacup?" Feng Rue finally realized that she was the one who got the tea containing the aphrodisiac.

It was not strange that Feng Rue felt so excited right now, it turned out that this was the reason that made Feng Rue become so excited.

"This is terrible, I'm really too stupid, how could I make a mistake like this" Feng Rue blamed herself, she was too stupid to make such a fatal mistake.

Ye Chen laughed in his heart, honestly the person who swapped the teacups was Ye Chen.

With Ye Chen's ability to move objects, he could swap teacups so easily.

So it was not strange that Feng Rue did not realize this and thought that this was her own fault.

"It's perfect, she didn't notice" Ye Chen was so happy that Feng Rue didn't notice.

That made Ye Chen victorious in this battle.

Feng Rue's body was heating up even more, she was trying to take the antidote.

Feng Rue tried to retrieve it, but she did not find the antidote.

"So bad, did I leave it, so careless" Feng Rue felt that she was so careless, why today she was so careless and made several mistakes.

"There is no way, I have to do it the normal way" Feng Rue has no way, she has to do it the normal way, otherwise this will make her body injured.

"Emmm…" Feng Rue started to moan, the slightest movement made her excited.

Ye Chen almost spit out the tea he was drinking, the woman beside him made a voice that was so seductive and could easily arouse Ye Chen's passion.

"This woman, she is so good" Ye Chen had to admit that Feng Rue was so good, she was able to make Ye Chen feel excited with just a voice.

"What's wrong with you?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"I feel uncomfortable, please help me" Feng Rue asked Ye Chen in a soft voice, she was asking for help from Ye Chen to solve the problem that she had.

"Where is the uncomfortable part?" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"Here" Feng Rue reached out towards Ye Chen's hand, she guided Ye Chen.

Feng Rue had just guided Ye Chen's hand to touch a soft and super large object.

Of course what Ye Chen was touching was the double peak possessed by Feng Rue.

Feng Rue's double peak was so good and so perfect.

Feng Rue guided Ye Chen, if she didn't do that, it was possible that Ye Chen didn't know.

Feng Rue felt that Ye Chen was still a beginner, so it was better for Feng Rue to guide Feng Rue.

"emmmm…" Feng Rue moaned when Ye Chen touched her, it was such a comfortable feeling when Ye Chen touched her.

"This is so comfortable" Feng Rue felt that this was so comfortable, being touched by Ye Chen felt so good.

Feng Rue was so brave, she was so bold and told Ye Chen to touch her.

Seeing how brave Feng Rue was, Ye Chen naturally had to be braver, he was a man, if Feng Rue was brave, then Ye Chen had to be brave too.

Ye Chen touched more vigorously, he made Feng Rue feel his skills.

"Emmm, ahhh…, very good" Feng Rue felt that Ye Chen was so good, how could Ye Chen do this so well.

"so comfortable, this feeling, what kind of feeling is this" Feng Rue had never felt a feeling like this, a feeling so good and so comfortable that Feng Rue had never felt.

"This is too comfortable, if it continues like this, I will reach the limit" Feng Rue felt that this was so comfortable, if it continued like this, soon she would reach the limit.

Ye Chen showed such good skills, he made Feng Rue so comfortable.

"Wait, this is bad why is he so good, if it's like this" Feng Rue felt that Ye Chen was so good, if it was like this, there was no way Feng Rue could stand it.

"Emmm…" Feng Rue finally reached the limit.

"How marvelous" Feng Rue felt satisfied, just Ye Chen's touch had made her become like this.

"You seem to enjoy it so much" Ye Chen said to Feng Rue.

"um, this is great, I'm still uncomfortable, please do more with me" Feng Rue undressed, she continued to tease Ye Chen by using such gentle beauty and charm.

There was a beauty in front of his eyes, of course Ye Chen would not hold back, he would immediately show his abilities.

Ye Chen immediately pounced on Feng Rue, he was so excited to pounce on Feng Rue.

"Ahhh, you're too excited" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

Who told you to tease me, I am a young man" Ye Chen said.

"That's right, you are still a young man" Feng Rue realized that Ye Chen was still young, that's why she would be easily seduced.

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