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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2853 Ye Chen & Ling Shu (1)

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Chapter 2853 Ye Chen & Ling Shu (1)

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Ling Shu's guard was so bad, if Ye Chen wanted, he could now make an attack on Ling Shu.

It's a pity that Ye Chen didn't do that, he didn't want to do that and chose to hold on any longer.

Let Ling Shu be completely lost in the pleasure, when the time is right, Ye Chen will do it.

"Very funny, I want to play with you a little longer" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that she wanted to play with Ye Chen a little longer.

"Please don't tease me" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, he asked Ling Shu to stop teasing him.

"No, I will continue to tease you, prepare yourself to continue being teased by me" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu would enjoy this, she would enjoy teasing Ye Chen.

Ling Shu stretched her fingers towards Ye Chen's body, she started stroking Ye Chen's chest.

Ling Shu's fingers circled Ye Chen's chest, she wanted to show Ye Chen her abilities.

"how is it, does this feel comfortable for you" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

she wanted to know Ye Chen's opinion about this.

"Very good" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, Ye Chen's whole body felt so comfortable by Ling Shu's touch.

"fufufufu, you are so honest" Ling Shu said.

"I did speak the truth" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

"fufufufu,I like this" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told him that she liked Ye Chen who was so honest.

It was rare to see people so honest like Ye Chen, most of them would act cool in front of Ling Shu.

It's not strange if that happens, men really like to act cool in front of beautiful women.

They wanted to get the best impression from a beautiful woman, and that was what all men who wanted to approach Ling Shu often did.

Ling Shu's hands continued to fall downwards, at this time Ling Shu was so domineering and no one could fight Ling Shu's dominance.

Ling Shu believed in her abilities, no one could oppose her and she would dominate everything.

Some time later Ling Shu's finger touched an object that was so hard and so strong.

"This?" Ling Shu saw what Ye Chen had, as explained by FengStreet, Ye Chen has such a good thing.

"he is really something, apart from being handsome and having strong endurance, he also has such good capital" for Ling Shu this was the complete package.

Ling Shu looked at Ye Chen, she saw Ye Chen was still able to defend quite well, he could defend quite well even after being provoked by her.

If this wasn't Ye Chen, they would have fallen long enough and would have just become Ling Shu's obedient slaves.

This could easily show that Ye Chen had a very good ability, so Ye Chen's resistance to charm was really strong.

This is what made Ling Shu interested in Ye Chen, when she discovered Ye Chen had such good endurance, she was surprised.

Even her charm was unable to reach Ye Chen, and now it was still the same as before.

It could be said that this was the first time that the goddess of beauty Love Art's charm skill could be resisted by someone so weak as Ye Chen.

If it was a person with a cultivation above that of Ling Shu, then it might be possible, but for someone like Ye Chen, it would obviously not be possible, even in the wildest imagination, it would not be possible.

That's why Ling Shu was curious about Ye Chen's secret.

she wanted to find out what secrets Ye Chen had

which was hidden by Ye Chen.

Ling Shu would soon find the answer.

"it seems that the one below is very excited" said Ling Shu.

"you provoke it, of course it will react" said Ye Chen.

"So this is my fault, then I will take responsibility" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu told Ye Chen that she would be responsible for what happened.

With that Ling Shu started to take responsibility, she knelt down and started to open Ye Chen's trousers.

Ling Shu was too fast, this development was so fast and quickly reached this point.

Well Ye Chen himself was still quite restrained right now, he was still quite restrained and didn't make any actions that were too prominent.

After Ling Shu released it, Ye Chen's current weapon was in front of Ling Shu.

"This?" Ling Shu's eyes lit up when she saw what was in front of her eyes, she saw something so great, something so strong and long.

"what is this?, does he have a legendary artifact, this size is so extraordinary, so strong and so great" Ling Shu said.

This is still not the highest, Ye Chen is still holding back so that Ling Shu doesn't retreat.

If Ye Chen directly showed his own, then maybe Ling Shu would retreat, so it was better to restrain himself first.

Ling Shu touched it, she immediately gave Ye Chen a little hand touch.

Ling Shu's abilities were so good, this obviously felt very comfortable for Ye Chen.

"You must feel comfortable, right?, This will be even more comfortable than before," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu said that this would be even more comfortable, she used all her skills to make Ye Chen feel comfortable.

Even though she only used her hands, Ye Chen felt really comfortable.

This skill was so good and quickly made Ye Chen cornered.

Ye Chen had to restrain himself a little, it seemed Ling Shu was much stronger than initially estimated.

When Feng Rue said that Ling Shu was strong, Ye Chen thought that Ling Shu's abilities were only slightly above Feng Rue, who would have thought that she was stronger than that.

It could be said that Ling Shu was probably the strongest among all Ye Chen had ever met, even much stronger than Chu Yuechan and the others.

"I heard that, she seems so good" Chu Yuechan said.

Chu Yuechan was unhappy when she saw Ye Chen comparing herself to Ling Shu.

Obviously Chu Yuechan wouldn't be that good, she was still quite an amateur, just knowledge alone was so strong and she lost to Ye Chen.

"If she is that good, then your chance of winning will be very small" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

This is the problem, Ling Shu better the abilities, So it became increasingly difficult for Ye Chen to win, that was something Ye Chen had to be careful of.

Ling Shu was having difficulty, one hand was still difficult to hold Ye Chen's, she needed two hands to do this.

"unexpectedly it would turn out like this" Ling Shu said in her heart, who would have thought she would encounter something so good.

she became enthusiastic and quite passionate.

Ling Shu became wet, it seemed like this made her so excited, I don't know why she became like this, this was a little strange for Ling Shu.

Teasing a young man at home, perhaps this was the first time Ling Shu had done such a thing.

But Ling Shu was so excited about this, she was so happy to do this with Ye Chen.

The spirit inside her body was stirring and she wanted to do it with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had already done with Feng Rue, so Ling Shu had to do even better.

With that, Ye Chen would completely belong to her.

"I will give you the most beautiful dream" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she started to kiss Ye Chen.

Ling Shu put her tongue in, she entangled Ye Chen and didn't want to let go of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen accepted what Ling Shu was doing, he started to cooperate with Ling Shu.

The two of them became more and more active, even Ling Shu also became more active in helping Ye Chen.

The hand below did not stop to continue provoking Ye Chen.

"His endurance is so good" Ling Shu was testing Ye Chen's endurance, she could see that Ye Chen had very good endurance.

This might be very exciting, Ling Shu wanted to see how resilient Ye Chen was.

Does he have such good endurance or not?

Ye Chen defended quite well, he was able to survive for approximately 10 minutes, that result was clearly quite good considering Ye Chen's opponent was Ling Shu.

"You are holding up quite well" Ling Shu said.

"Is that so, I don't know, this is so comfortable" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, he told Ling Shu that this felt so comfortable.

"Of course, I already said that I will provide comfort for you, I will not lie about that matter," said Ling Shu.

"Yeah, it's so comfortable, you didn't lie to me" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

"fufufufu" Ling Shu was so happy with Ye Chen, she really enjoyed teasing Ye Chen. It was too comfortable to tease Ye Chen.

After some time, Ling Shu saw that Ye Chen was still defending quite well, she felt that her self-esteem would be destroyed if she couldn't beat Ye Chen.

"I won't let you" Ling Shu wouldn't let Ye Chen, she couldn't let her pride be destroyed because she couldn't afford to make Ye Chen lose.

With that Ling Shu started to go down, she started to go down and immediately opened her little mouth.

she just ate Ye Chen's things quite happily.

"slurp…" Ling Shu's movements and manner were so skilled, she made Ye Chen feel so comfortable.

"it's bad he's so good" Ye Chen was having problems, he couldn't hold on long enough, Ling Shu was so good and the way she treated Ye Chen was so comfortable.

"Ummm…" Ling Shu saw Ye Chen, she was waiting for Ye Chen to let everything out.

Ling Shu made a very sexy face, Ye Chen's enthusiasm was ignited by Ling Shu's beautiful face.

"forget it, let's enjoy this well" Ye Chen decided to enjoy this well, he decided to enjoy time with Ling Shu.

About 7 minutes later, Ye Chen had reached his limit, this was much faster than usual.

"gahhhh… " Ye Chen gave everything to Ling Shu.

Pure and large amounts of Yang Qi were given to Ling Shu.

"glup…" Ling Shu took it all in, there was nothing left and she got it all.

"Slurp…" she just kept sucking Ye Chen dry, it seemed Ling Shu couldn't hold back and wanted all the Yang Qi.

"it won't stop" Ye Chen's Yang Qi continued towards Ling Shu, it wouldn't stop and was forcefully sucked in.

"puah…" after some time later, Ling Shu finally felt satisfied.

"Amazing, so pure and tastes so good, it's really amazing, I'm addicted to it" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu felt that she was addicted, Ye Chen's Yang Qi was like a drug that made Ling Shu addicted.

"Sigh…" Ye Chen lay down, he seemed helpless facing Ling Shu.

"oh, looks like I went too far" Ling Shu realized that she was going too far, she sucked in too much of Ye Chen's Yang Qi, it would be a problem.

Normal people would have dried up immediately, but Ye Chen was holding on quite well and was just tired, it made Ling Shu even more interested.

Ling Shu again provoked Ye Chen, she touched Ye Chen's and it became excited again.

"It's vibrant again, it's amazing," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu didn't expect that Ye Chen would recover so quickly.

"You can still continue right, you are still quite young" Ling Shu said.

Ye Chen was still young, his stamina was so good, so it didn't matter if they continued.

"That was too good" said Ye Chen.

"it's nothing, this time it will be much better than before" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu couldn't wait anymore, she wanted to do it with Ye Chen immediately.

After what happened, how could Ling Shu hold back any longer, she would not hold back and would go straight for it.

Ling Shu moved Ye Chen, she pushed Ye Chen towards the closest sofa.

There was no time to do it in the room, so she moved Ye Chen to the sofa.

Luckily Ye Chen used the best quality sofa, so it was not inferior to a bed, in fact it was much better than a bed.

"very soft too, what is this item ?" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

It was the first time she saw something like this, it was much softer than her chair, maybe even better than her bed that she always took out.

Even though the bed was an artifact that allowed Ling Shu to sleep comfortably, the sofa was much better than hers.

"Just an ordinary chair, no need to think too much about it" said Ye Chen.

"if you say it like that, I won't think too much about it" Ling Shu didn't think too much, now was the time to get Ye Chen.

Ling Shu was wearing a dress, so she didn't need to take it off.

"I'll start straight away, prepare yourself" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, Ling Shu held Ye Chen's.

she directs it to the right target.

With that Ling Shu came down and Ye Chen's object immediately entered Ling Shu's territory.

"kyah…" Ling Shu groaned, this was much bigger than she imagined.

"Not bad," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu encountered a problem, it was expected that the size was too excessive.

Luckily Ling Shu could easily adjust, so she could adjust.

"she has such a good item" said Ye Chen.

Ling Shu had such a good artifact, it was truly like thousands of flower petals that gripped Ye Chen tightly.

No need to ask again, this is so comfortable and will not let go of Ye Chen easily.

"Not bad," said Ling Shu, she saw that Ye Chen could survive, Ye Chen was quite great because he could survive Ling Shu's special artifact.

"Then let's start" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she started to move.

Ling Shu was no beginner, she moved faster and didn't hold back.

Why was she holding back, just enjoy it, she didn't care about Ye Chen and only cared about her own satisfaction.

Ling Shu hoped that this could make she was satisfied, she wanted to feel the comfortable feeling from Ye Chen.

"This woman, she immediately played rough" Ye Chen of course had to adapt because Ling Shu immediately played fast, she didn't even give Ye Chen time to rest.

"so comfortable, I like this" Ling Shu said if she likes it, she becomes more aggressive than before.

Ye Chen had never met a woman like this, it was troublesome.

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