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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1098 Massive Mobilization

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Chapter 1098 Massive Mobilization

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"What is the plan?" asked Ao Shen.

"The enemy is coming at us with full force," said Yu Yan. "So, we must restart the War Council, summon all the professions, and everyone must be deployed - except for Li Jun and Yan Liling."

"I understand why the guardian would remain to protect the world, but why does the Crimson Slaughter Emperor not participate? We could use his strength in this kind of situation."

"The Samsara Cout has just been established, and he cannot leave for a while," explained Yu Yan casually. Some people eyed her, while others accepted this explanation.

"According to my son's arrangements, in time of emergency, Xu Shi will become the Regents until his return."

Everyone was surprised by this news, not only because a regent was appointed but also because it was the Void Time Empress. It would make sense for someone closely related to the Heavenly Emperor to be chosen, let alone someone who originated from a faction that once was the Dao Opening Sect's greatest opponent.

"Wouldn't it be more acceptable for you to take the position? After all, you're his mother," suggested someone.

"Since my son chose her, he must have a reason," explained Yu Yan. "Now, she will take over the meeting."

Despite being elected leader and standing at the front of the throne room, Xu Shi did not sit on the throne. She faced everyone standing up.

"This is a dire situation, meaning we cannot hold back. Some of you have secretly cultivated Eternal Insurgents, and they must show up for this battle," declared Xu Shi.

Everyone frowned. They knew this was an open secret everyone agreed to keep quiet about, but now, it would be brought to the surface.

"Does that include the Dao Opening Sect as well?"

"Yes," nodded Xu Shi. "Our objective is to hold on as long as possible, so we need all the manpower we can get."

"Then, why isn't the Buddha Zen Emperor here?"

"He's in another world and will also be summoned for this battle."

Everyone nodded, as only this way would things be fair. Xu Shi turned to Ao Shen and said, "Tell the Innate Demon Gods they must participate in this war, and it's non-negotiable."

Ao Shen frowned. "Is this wise? We've kept them isolated for so long, and the first time we released them, they must fight for us."

"They're fighting for themselves," Xu Shi rebutted. "Tell them this is the perfect opportunity to show the world they belong here. After this war, we will have no issue with trusting them."

Their leaders had reached 5-Star Primarchs, so the Myriad Emperor World could not pass on such an Eternal Class powerhouse, knowing the full force of the Commerce Hub was heading to them.

"Very well," nodded the black dragon.

"Although this battle is to protect our interests and allies, there will still be benefits. The Military List System will be activated, and you can gain merit for your contributions. Even the resources used in the war will also be repaid once we are victorious."

Xu Shi finally saw some vigor and motivation from these people, and she finally understood why Wang Wei would show disdain sometimes when talking to them. From this point of view, their greed is truly easy to be noticed.

"Any question?"

"Can we know a rough timeline for when the Heavenly Emperor will return?" These people were not stupid, so they knew they could not bully the other worlds in the Endless Void without such a big boss to back them. And without his presence, they do not feel reassured.

Xu Shi did not answer but looked at Yu Yan:

"We only need to resist the initial attack, and he will return."

Those words were both relieving and worrying. Some people wanted to believe them, while others feared that the suddenness of everything indicated that something had happened to the emperor.

"Anything else?"

"Who is the Commander of this expedition?"

"Tie Gang did an excellent job, so he will be reused again. Unless you have a better option?"

"No, he was brilliant in the former war."

"I have a follow-up: Should we tell our troops that the Emperor was missing? One reason we won the previous battle was the high morale."

"That's indeed something worth pondering," uttered Xu Shi. She did not immediately decide but instead looked at Tie Gang. "What do you think?"

"We have two options: lie and fake the presence of his majesty. However, if he does not show up soon, the lie will crumble, dealing a devastating blow to our troops' morale," Tie Gang said. "As for the second option," he looked at Yu Yan hesitantly.

"Don't worry; you can say what's on your mind," she reassured.

"We can use the Queen Mother's name," said Tie Gang calmly. "Tell the troops the enemy kidnapped her to force his majesty to sign a non-intervention contract. Then, we can use the banner of avenging the emperor's grievance and saving the queen to boost morale and motivate them."

Yu Yan grunted silently. She knew the Queen Mother's identity and pondered the consequences of using her name in vain.

"Do it," she said decisively after a few seconds.

"Now that everything has been settled, let's begin mobilization," declared Xu Shi.

Outside the court:

"What do you think?" asked Huo Fenghuang through divine sense.

"Either something truly happened, or he's scheming something from the shadows," replied Ao Shen.

"What will you do if it's the former?"

"Ascension," he said directly. Without the Heavenly Emperor present, the Myriad Emperor World's glorious destiny of spreading throughout the lower dimension will come to an end. He and every top powerhouse knew this.

"I'll probably do the same."

"Really? Given how ambitious you are, I thought you would stay for more power and benefit," sneered Ao Shen.

"I could say the same to you," replied Huo Fenghuang before looking in the distance. "We've built something beautiful despite our short time. And I know it would be only a matter of time before it's destroyed due to infighting. So, if he's not here to suppress everything, I would rather leave than watch everything crumble apart."

"Fair." Ao Shen teleported away to his duty while Huo Fenghuang returned to the Ancient Clan.

What happened in the court spread like wildfire through the Dream World. In less than 30 minutes, all citizens of the Myriad Emperor World knew about it. Then, the news spread to the servers connected to other world communities.

Then, everyone began rallying under one banner and ideal: save the Queen Mother and avenge the Emperor. Although people only knew in passing that the Heavenly Emperor had a Dao Companion and never saw her, this did not change their support for their wise and benevolent ruler.

Heavenly Court:

Xu Shi stood before a formation with a projection of Feng Heng before him.

"How are things going on your side?"

"Amitabha. This poor monk feels aggrieved."


"The Vajrayana Buddha Emperor has postponed our Dao debate for thousands of years, giving me all kinds of ridiculous excuses."

"It's understandable. His branch has just been established and is only a small budding tree. Debating on the Dharma with you would be suicide, especially if it's in public before his followers."

Feng Heng sighed deeply, "Why did you summon this poor monk? Did something happen?"

Xu Shi filled him in on the situation. "If I remember correctly, the Ancient Spirit World is part of the Commerce Hub, so they should have received the mobilization notice."

"Now that you mention it, this poor monk did notice their behaviors were more abnormal than usual."

"If they follow the order, you will face two Eternals. Do you need backup?" asked Xu Shi.

"No, this might be the opportunity this poor monk has sought."

"Are you sure?"

Feng Heng nodded firmly.

"If you say so," Xu Shi will no longer insist. As a powerhouse, he should know his limits and accurately measure his abilities. After ending the conversation, she contacted her allies. Everyone accepted the summon, and the only trouble was Wrath openly admitting that her legions would not be composed of her Neo-Devils but of the original habitants of the Chaos Bell World. Xu Shi understood her need to prevent her people, who already have a declining population, from participating in such a large-scale and brutal war. She was more than satisfied with Wrath, an eternal powerhouse, for showing up.

Xu Shi's next step was to contact the Turtle King in the Martial Hegemony World, but she received an emergency communication from the Star Beast World.

"Tell me you're coming?" said Tong Ruobing. "You're coming, right?"

"What happened?"

"I haven't heard from your mouth that you're coming."

"We are," said Xu Shi calmly. "So, calm down."

"We are surrounded, and there are simply too many of them," sighed Tong Ruobing. "I knew the Commerce Hub was a colossal giant, but I did not expect to be this level." She gritted her teeth. "What is that bastard Wang Wei playing at? I know there is no way something would happen to him."

"Watch your words," warned Xu Shi with a furrowed brow.

"Whatever," replied Tong Ruobing. "I will send you an image of how many troops they have, and you tell me if my anger is unjustified." She already knew she was a pawn in this entire situation and had technically volunteered for the role, but she did not expect things to be so severe.

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