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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1097 Too Smooth

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Chapter 1097 Too Smooth

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Primordial Chaos, Red Mist Forbidden Land:

Heavenly Book opened his eyes to look in the distance. 'The plan failed?' However, such news was not unexpected. He would be disappointed if someone who had reached the level of competing with Grand Dao had fallen for such a ruse.

He checked his book, and as expected, there were more words. His main objective was to affect the River of Time and increase the book's content, which he succeeded.

'He already deduced it was me? Interesting; he may be a bigger threat than I anticipated,' thought Heavenly Book. 'Does he have a connection with the Prehistoric World? Things are getting complicated.' He closed the book before entering a state of meditation. He had found clues about the origin of Buddhism, so it wouldn't be long before he could exchange with Madman Chu.

Eternal Ascension World, Battle Spirit World:

He Shiyi returned to his sect in terrible shape. He reassured his people that he was fine and needed to rest. Less than ten minutes after his return, the Commerce Hub president contacted him.

'So, they do have people everywhere,' thought He Shiyi, who answered the call. The array activated, showing a projection of a scholarly man with glasses: President Tian Wenyan.

"Is it done?" asked the president, scrutinizing He Shiyi's terrible state.

"Obviously," replied He Shiyi.

"Did you kill him?"

"Do you think that's possible? According to the plan, I exiled him to the upper dimension."

"So, he was this fierce?" muttered the president. "Although it would be ideal to kill him, that's good enough for now." In the lower dimension, they have no one to rely on and must live in fear of this man every single day. However, in the upper dimension, they can rely on their ancestors.

"We will send you something to heal. Consider it a gratitude," said the president.

"No problem," replied He Shiyi. A few minutes later, he sensed someone outside the Battle Spirit World. 'I thought they would use my weakness to attack me.' He received the reward: a small pool of Dao Holy Water.

'These guys are really rich,' thought He Shiyi. Dao Holy Water is a rare healing resource that helps Emperors deal with Dao Will, Will Manifestation, and True Will injuries. He sent it to Wang Wei without hesitation. Then, he activated the sect's formation, entering a state of isolation.

Meanwhile, President Tian Wenyan called a meeting of the highest order for all the Commerce Hub's core members ??? the true rulers. Normally, the core members are composed of ten thousand individuals, each representing top Emperor Lineages across multiple world communities. However, in this meeting, only 200 or so people showed up.

His projection appeared before a crowd of people sitting cross-legged on a mat while floating in the air.

"What happened?" asked a delegate.

"The plan succeeded," replied Tian Wenyan.

"He's dead? Is that why there was such a vibration across the Endless Void?"

"He's not dead but exiled to the upper dimension."

"That's a shame," commented a female representative.

"Given the strength we deduce he had, it's understandable."

"Focus," said the president. "Now that he's gone, it's our time to act."

"So, what's the plan? Do we attack the Dao Opening Sect?"

"No, let's not rush."

"Why? That monster is not here anymore, and I've had enough of those arrogant bastards."

"They still have more than nine Eternal Emperors, and you want to attack them while they have the home advantage? Don't let your emotions turn you stupid."

"You're right."

"Our plan is to divide their numbers," said Tian Wenyan. "We will attack the Martial Hegemony World and the Star Beast World, forcing them to stretch their forces."

"If someone is willing to help us pay the price to break our agreement, the Celestial Harmony World is more than happy to be a vanguard to the Martial Hegemony World," said a Taoist priest dressed in blue. However, his words silenced the room.

"I'm afraid the process is really not worth it," said President Tian Wenyan after a few seconds of awkward silence.

"I…understand," sighed the Taoist.

"How do we hide our deployment from the Dao Opening Sect and the Myriad Emperor World? Their information gathering is top tier."

"We don't need to hide it, do we?" replied Tian Wenyan.

"That's right. He's not here, so we can kill his people without any trouble. Let's immediately get rid of their manpower at the headquarters."

"If we act swiftly enough, we can plunder their shops and take their people to turn into our own. The Fate Shadow Guards are truly talented, and killing all of them would be a waste."

"I second that."

"I'm afraid it's too late." Everyone looked at the person who spoke: a middle-aged man with blue hair holding a communication talisman.

"I just received news that they have evacuated: all their shops and people disappeared out of nowhere."

"That was fast." Soon, everyone started receiving information about the disappearances of the Dao Opening Sects and the other Myriad Emperor World factions. They could only sigh; these people moved too fast.

"The good news is these people's actions further prove that something did happen to him, and He Shiyi did not lie," reassured Tian Wenyan.

"Does this change anything?"

"Yes, we must act swiftly if we want to prevent them from being too prepared for our attack," replied President Tian Wenyan.

"How about we use Tactic Destroyer; it's the fastest way to deal with everything."

"Absolutely not. We can only use such a method in a desperate situation."

The Commerce Hub Headquarters was a colossal floating continent in the void. However, few people know the entire continent is the body of a rare creature: the heir of a Tier 10 Void Creature and a 6-Star Primordial God Primarch.

On top of using such a creature to form a continent/base, they also turn its body into a powerful weapon full of ten thousand Emperor Formations, billions of Dao Arrays, and incalculable Immortal Arrays. Once they activate it, they won't be afraid of the Spirit Genesis Sect's broken Empyrean Artifact.

"I agree," said President Tian Wenyan. "We are not protected, like the Spirit Genesis Sect, and the appearance of the Destroyer will cause irreparable problems."

"So, what's the plan?"

"I suggest Tactic Mountain. We send as many legions and top powerhouses as possible to crush our enemies as swiftly as possible; the last thing we want is for another variable, so this is the best plan."

"I agree with this plan."

"I second it."


"Since everyone agrees, let's execute the plan," declared President Tian Wenyan before ending the meeting.

Hub Headquarters, President Chamber:

Tian Wenyan had a deep, pondering look on his face. The meeting proceeded flawlessly, and after being indignant for so long, they were finally about to retaliate. But after calming down, he had a feeling something was wrong.

"What is the problem?" he muttered. His brow furrowed for a few minutes, so he sipped tea to refresh his mind. He had been reelected in this position three times despite only being a Dao Ancestor because of his calmness and ability to analyze his decisions to the point of obsession until he was sure there were no issues.

'Everything is going too smoothly.' Although it appeared this was not the case due to how swiftly the Dao Opening Sect exited the stage, now that he thought about it, everything felt too calculated.

'Am I being too paranoid?' he thought before shaking his head. 'Even if I am, it's better to be safe than sorry.' Tian Wuyan did not hesitate to make a bold decision: leave the headquarters and return to his home world - the Beautiful Gold World. Tian Wuyan knew he could return if something were wrong, so he left without hesitation.

Myriad Emperor World, Heavenly Court:

"Why did you two order this meeting and not his majesty?"

"Why did our people evacuate the Commerce Hub?"

"Everyone needs to calm down," said Yu Yan, and after seeing who she was, they decided to give her face, considering who her son was. Yu Yan knew this and did not mind since she had very little reputation in this generation.

"There's been a small issue with my son."

"What happened to his majesty?"

"Is he injured again?"

"Please, let us see him now."

"Will you let me finish?" She released her aura, and these people were reminded she was an Eternal Emperor and one of the best.

"There's been an accident, and he's now occupied, unable to show up," she explained slowly. "The Commerce Hub thinks he's gone and decided to bear their fangs. They should be attacking our world or our allies. We need to prepare to defend our benefit."

The room became silent as these people began to rapidly communicate through divine sense between themselves and the upper echelons of their factions.

"Can you guarantee his majesty is fine?"

"You know his strength, so what can happen to him?" replied Yu Yan calmly.

"Those words are not as reassuring as you think. With his strength, there should be no accident or small issue."

"There are no absolutes in this world, so no matter how low the probability, things happen."

The room quieted down again as these people discussed a second time between themselves.

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