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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1099 More Troops

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Chapter 1099 More Troops

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Xu Shi frowned as she saw the entire void covered by people; the situation was worse than expected.

"Do you see this?" continued Tong Ruobing. "According to my calculations, if I take into account all our troops, including the one from our allies, they will outnumber us by one to a billion."

In other words, for every soldier in the Myriad Emperor World and their allies, the Commerce Hub will have a billion.

"The top powerhouse will have a ratio of 1:20, and even Eternal Class powerhouses will be 1:5. Do you understand my anger now?"

Xu Shi grunted softly, "There is no point in being angry now; you know what you signed up for."

"But I don't think anyone ever expected this level of retaliation, including him."

"That's hard to say. Anyway, we need a plan to deal with the situation."

Tong Ruobing rolled her eyes, "I'm all ears."

"We can use the same tactics as the Martial Hegemony World."

"You mean resing the dead?"


"Hmm, that might work. Although the people won't be happy using their ancestors as cannon fodder, we can't care about them for now," commented Tong Ruobing. "Any other suggestions?"

"Do you think we should use the same Four Layers Tactic from the previous war?"

"I'm not sure. The greatest achievement of that tactic was Li Jun's slaughter, but we don't have anyone like that anymore." Li Jun slaughtered so many soldiers and mortal cultivators, which drastically reduced the battle process of the Martial Hegemony World.

"We do," said Xu Shi. "You forgot Wang Tian."

"Oh, right, he did slip my mind," said Tong Ruobing with shining eyes. However, they soon dimmed. "The Commerce Hub is not the Martial Hegemony World; they have plenty of expert Array Masters to destroy our array."

"We could use a chaotic battle to our advantage," suggested Xu Shi.


"If the top powerhouses do not control their strength, the shockwaves should kill many soldiers."

"But we'll also lose a lot of men."

"It's war, so being a little ruthless is okay," replied Xu Shi calmly. "At worse, we will calculate how many people we can revive after the war without offending Samsara and bring them back to life."

Tong Ruobing chuckled playfully. "Who would have thought the famous Xu Shi, known for her beauty, elegance, and docile nature, would one day become so ruthless? Time is really the greatest catalyst for change."

Xu Shi ignored her teasing, "Why haven't they started attacking yet?"

"With Mu Lei's help, I've condensed a potent talisman that is protecting our entire world community. It's buying us time, but it won't last long."

"Why not condense its power to only protect the Star Beast World?"

"What if these people destroy all the worlds in the Lower Realm? They are a main source of troops, so I can't abandon them."

Xu Shi nodded and continued discussing how to proceed with this upcoming war. After the conversation, she communicated with the Turtle King and realized how severe the situation truly was. The Martial Hegemony World was also surrounded, and the number was astronomical. She finally understood the scale and power of the Commerce Hub.

The Martial Hegemony World used the Heavenly Court Array, a powerful defensive array linking the main court with all the heavenly courts in the Lower Realm. However, their formation was not as good as Tong Ruobing's talisman, so they won't last long.

After the debriefing, Xu Shi immediately called a meeting with the War Room and Tie Gang to discuss the new discovery.

"If we need more soldiers, we can send 95% of our troops, leaving only 5% to defend ourselves," someone suggested.

"Wouldn't that mean the defense home would be left wide open?"

"Not necessarily. The Mortal Crafts Scholars cannot partake in aggressive expeditions, but their powers can be used to defend their homes from aggression. So, they are a military force of their own in this war."


"Not just them, but the mortal civilizations as well," added another advisor."

"But wouldn't their limit of Tier 4 strength eliminate them from this war?"

"Not if we isolate a part of the world where the rules have been changed so no one can exert power greater than Tier 4."

"That's a good idea."

The meeting was swift, and everyone was in a hurry. Xu Shi was decisive, making the best decision quickly. She then headed to see Old Man Tianji, tasking Heavenly Dao with creating a Battle Zone for the Mortal Civilization using Order-Disorder Dao.

Meanwhile, news spread about an upcoming change to the world and the fact that mortals might have to participate in this fight. The response to this news was not worry or fear but celebration. The Mortal Civilizations have always wanted to flex their military might, and an opportunity was presented.

It was the same for the Mortal Dao clans. The world had been too peaceful under the Heavenly Emperor's reign, so they had little to no chance of showing their strength and putting these cultivators into their place.

Xu Shi's work had just begun, so she sprang to action. After solving the issue with Old Man Tinaji, her voice echoed throughout the entire world community: "From across space and time, from the ancient to the modern day, I command the bodies of all the dead to rise and face this eminent catastrophe."

The world trembled slightly, followed by countless dead creatures crawling from the grave. Some were perfectly intact, others had failing body parts or were simply bones. In worlds across the entire dimension, the dead rose up for this battle. But this was not the end.

The River of Time manifested above the Heavens, and dead soldiers suddenly rushed in trove, covering the sky black. Dead bodies from different periods or eras rushed into the present: there were humans, demons, Sea Races, devils, Buddhist monks, and Innate Demon Gods.

Xu Shi looked at the result and nodded in satisfaction. Although most of these soldiers were mortal cannon fodder, there were enough to make a difference.

'No reaction from Samsara, so it means I did the right thing not involve these people's souls and only use their bodies,' she thought before teleporting to the other allied worlds to do the same. These Emperors might be powerful, but they did control Time or Samsara Law, so it would be best if she were the one who did it.

Yu Clan:

Yu Yan watched everything happening and muttered, "Do we need more soldiers? I can help." She transmitted her voice to the world community as well: "The darkness in the human heart is vile, disgusting, and disturbing, making it a formidable force. I command them to become soldiers and serve me."

As her voice echoed throughout millions of worlds, people found that a black orb was forced out of their bodies. The orb-a physical manifestation of the darkness in their hearts-morphed into black and hideous soldiers prepared for battle.

Yu Yan watched everything with a smile before commanding these Darkness Soldiers to head to different battle stations for this war.

Dream World:

"I guess I can do something," muttered Dong Lifen. "Nightmare Soldiers-condense." The entire Dream World trembled before countless soldiers dressed in black gold and a dreamy atmosphere condensed from the nightmare of all sentient beings. They rushed to different posts for this upcoming war.

Ancient Clan:

Huo Fenghuang watched the changes in the world and uttered a single word: "War."

The war character manifested above the sky in the Myriad Emperor World before releasing countless soldiers clad in blood-red armor. During the Heaven Will Battle, she exchanged experiences with Li Jun and learned about the war aspect of her Slaughter Dao, which she was now using for this upcoming battle.

Guardian World:

"I should be able to help my world in this time of need, shouldn't it?" she muttered with a smile. She raised her palm to condense a pill: [Soldier Pill]. As the pill flew to the sky, it created soldiers dressed in glorious green. By now, the sky and the earth were covered in soldiers.

The War Room cheered in excitement after seeing so many new troops. They also had access to the puppet legions, which had recuperated and improved after the last war. The Dao Opening Sect even offered its latest puppet models, modeled after the Terracotta Warriors from the Great Qin Dynasty.

They now had more hope of holding on until his majesty showed up and ended this charade, so they immediately began dispatching troops to different battlefields.

Samsara Cout:

Li Jun calmly sat on a black throne, thumping his fingers on the armrest. He was not in a good mood despite his calm exterior. This kind of war was the kind of thing he would love to partake in and enjoy, but he could only watch. For a moment, he truly regretted taking on this position.

Li Jun could only sigh and close his eyes. His mood would further be ruined if he continued watching.

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