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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2777 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! II

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Chapter 2777 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! II

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As she stared at Noah's unbreakable confidence, Extremity Solarium continued to gaze at him calmly and silently for a full 10 seconds before she nodded.

[Very well. Let the hunt begin!]

Her pairs of wings flapped.

A terrifying radiance unfurled as they beckoned the events about to unfold!

Far away from the Supernal Haven of Helios where Noah's Reified Wealdian Source of Indefatigable was standing next to Extremity Solarium.

Within the Nether Haven of Helios outside of the Extremity Vein of the Seven Havens.

In the domains of the Inheritance of Infinite Extremity.

The surrounding reality held floating mountains that seemed like stellar bodies of suns stationed in space, their numbers reaching a few hundred as atop each golden mountain…Aeonic Treasures of Extremity were forming.

The golden mountains were akin to starry floating islands that dripped with waves of Helios onto an endless sea of Helios before.

Near one particular mountain, the figure of Ayame and her Grandfather could be seen inspecting the Enneagonal Existential Jewels that had risen from their foreheads- Vitalis Hyperversal Authority swirling around them!

[I shall send all of this information to the Curagulus…it seems we need to obtain these Blood Sources for every single member of the Curagulus of Extremity.]

As he spoke, the Extremity of Flames turned towards Noah to see a similar jewel rising up on his forehead as at this moment, his gaze was a pondering one.

[Noah Osmont…it's been established that you share an intricate connection with the Infernal Havenly Commerce, I wonder if…]

His words drifted off as he felt the air around the entity before him change.

He seemed to have arrived at a conclusion or made up his mind as his gaze turned towards them, his eyes revealing an interminable light of mystery as his gaze locked onto Ayame.

Ayame whose genius had already dipped itself onto the Aeonic Annals of Extremity as at this moment, her soul felt a sense of unprecedented shock as her gorgeous face rose to the entity in front of him- Records telling her he was about to do something unbelievable!

But at this moment…it was no longer like before.

This time, when she raised her eyes to try and meet his, she felt a shocking sense of majesty and pressure as her line of sight could only stop at his mouth.

Like a veil was lifted as his true majesty unveiled itself!

And with a voice that seemed to resonate with the very Aeonic Annals of Extremity, his voice echoed out.

[Those who have helped me on my path, whether on a small scale or large scale, will always have this favor of karma repaid. For you…I shall give you a glimpse of Infinity.]



His words were utterly shocking ones to hear as his figure moved, his hand suddenly appearing on her head as Ayame's visage became stiff when she felt her Oni Horn on her forehead become covered by his magisterial hand.

It felt like the weight of a Haven had landed on her as to her right, her Grandfather stared incredulously as his words continued!

[You have expanded the concepts of Heat and Flames as you seek the Aspect of Infinity from them. While this is a viable path to glimpse and get closer towards infinity, it is not the right one. Nonetheless, a glimpse can still be obtained. What is the Extremity of Heat? It is the calefaction and incandescence of anything one touches. If you seek to arrive at an Aspect of Infinity with Heat, you will need to be capable of emitting enough heat to power a Major Haven for millions of years. Your current Lineage paves the way for this as Heat…can be taken to Extremity.]


Ayame's soul buzzed as she trembled in shock.

She could feel the Golden Consummate Boundary of Heat that she had taken to the 17th Layer actually break apart its shackles and take a step forward- a step she didn't even think of taking this early!

His words felt like commandments as the moment he spoke, this concept with her reacted as from his hand…he felt an endless blue light flow into her existence.

"This light is…"

Her sweet voice was hoarse as she couldn't finish her words.

The light emanating from him…didn't hold a trace of Infinity.

It was genuinely the light of the concept of Infinity!

He…was truly taking on this path that none of them could embark on towards Extremity!


Around Ayame's figure, crimson gold searing light of heat erupted as her golden horn shone with a crimson radiance, the surrounding reality melting from the heat as from her- the Pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Heat began to rise.


This wasn't a Planar or Innate Concept.

This was a Consummate Concept, that even if it was the lowest tier within this ranking…it was still Consummate!

And yet at this moment, Noah took such a concept within the body of Ayame and forced it to take a step towards Extremity.

[The further you walk across the Gradations of Extremity and focus on the Aspect of Infinity of Heat, you may eventually be able to grasp Extremity itself. But this will be long and arduous as in the near future, just simply change your path to Infinity itself…and not an Aspect of it.]


His words shook her to the very core as she could feel her Aspects of Existence begin to change.

Her eyes were dazed as she tried to turn her head up to look into the eyes of this being she thought she understood, but she couldn't!

Beside her, her Grandfather question the unfolding reality as before they could even express any response, Noah's right hand moved from Ayame and folded into a fist as the Enneagonal Existential Jewels on their foreheads shone with a brilliant light, their figures beginning to forcefully disappear from this space.

[Practice well, and I will show you a glimpse of the true Extremity of Infinity soon enough.]



With a glimmer of golden radiance, their figures disappeared.

Now, it was just Noah's figure in this whole Domain, surrounded by stellar floating mountains glowing with a light of treasures at their very peak.

Within this Minor Haven, Noah floated serenely as a moment after, an illusory True Throne of Quintessence formed behind him as he sat down on it with majesty!

He chose the place.

He chose the time.

With shocking brilliance dripping from every part of him, his voice rang out calmly.

[If you do not try it now, there will be no other chance.]


His words were seemingly to nobody, but Noah knew he had an audience.

And this audience…would have no choice but to show themselves and do what they came here to do as just now- they watched him expand a concept of Extremity not even for himself, but for another being entirely!


There was a moment of silence.

And then…the top of the Minor Haven fractured into absolute nothingness!

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