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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2776 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! I

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Chapter 2776 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! I

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His Aspects of Existence all emanated Hyperversal Extremity Authority as Noah could choose to take the Concepts of the Body, Origin, and Soul to Extremity!

But these weren't the options Noah wanted to define himself with as for the most profound glory, it truly had to be Quintessence.

So he denied once more taking a step naturally to achieve Extremity.

And his Origin buzzed as it drank the Existential Authority stemming from the Extremity Rune Scriptures of VITALIS and VACUOUS that were spinning like grand engines up above for the third time.

Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Authority was filling Noah's Origin as all of his Aletheian Havens pulsed and became even more glorious- with the forging of the Ninth Aletheian Haven even being continued as the incoming Existential Authority was used as a fuel!

As all of this occurred, Noah retained his state of Quintessential Unity of Existence as he observed the profundities occurring within and around him.

He came to focus on his Origin that had taken a step forward as he asked himself.

How could he complete his Origin in a truly Quintessential manner?

How could he equalize the Havenly Authorities within and even add more?

The answer to this dazzling question…led Noah to look at the new construct whose backbone was forming in the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.

The answer he currently has in his mind for the equilibrium of his Origin…

was the concept of an Extremity Vein.



Something that could bring harmony to the authorities within him as well as provide a path forward after all 9 Aletheian Havens were built!

His will gazed at the current state of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.

The backbone of the emerging Extremity Vein in the shape of an Infinity symbol as fully entrenched itself within and around Noah's home, with the upper layer of the backbone of the Extremity Vein being far above Noah, and the lower bound being below the Dream Aletheian Haven!

The center point of the symbol of Infinity showed a melding of many different authorities crossing and interacting with each other as they included Decreta, Natural Laws, and Havenly Authorities.

This…was what Noah was thinking of enacting for himself.

This whole time, the Infinite Hyperversal Haven was waiting for Noah to complete his Origin, attain Extremity in the many Natural Laws, Decreta, and Havenly Authorities as after that…the transformation that the Infinite Hyperversal Haven would undergo would be a Quintessential one!

Its Extremity Vein would be distinguished and be fully forged then.

So Noah didn't see why he couldn't enact his own Extremity Vein to circulate and equilibrate all of the Authorities within his Haven.

With such a thought in mind…he guided the ongoing change as the transformation of his Origin now followed his Will- the incoming waves of Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Authority beginning to act as building blocks for a backbone of an illusory Extremity Vein!

And what would fill this not even formed Extremity Vein…would be an overabundance of Quintessence.

[The Quintessential Zenith Boundary of Ascendancy has been triggered.]


His body turned into an abyssal void that devoured all incoming authority as at the same time, Ascendancy was activated!

[Your own will is guiding the attainment of the Unrecorded Quintessential Existential Hyperversal Extremity Superius Origin!]


Not just Havenly.

Not just Infernal.

It was Existential!

It contained both Vacuous and Vitalis as his Origin wasn't isolated to a moniker of Infernal or Havenly!

With such a grand distinction, it began to advance and transform as Noah's stupendous work and plans neared their Culmination.

At the same point in time.

Within the Supernal Haven of Helios.

The eyes of Noah's clone had only become more unfathomable as from the throne borne of Helios below him, his figure rose while staring at the Aurora of crimson gold light all around.

[The time nears.]


His words were simple ones, and yet the expression of Extremity Solarium was filled with a blinding light of authority as the wings on her forehead flapped with glory.

Her figure at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity also rose as behind her, a dazzling Golden pair of wings erupted from her back- their color being many times denser than her skin as they seemed to expand over the horizon!

Her red lips moved with calm as she seemed to sense some fluctuations around Noah's existence that she either could not believe or simply chose not to show anything about it.

[I've looped in the relevant parties- with as little information as possible of course. All they know is to be at a certain location when I give them a signal. They've already come to their own conclusions and are prepared to act at a moment's notice as with this…the risk of the Vacuous Malignancies at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity being alerted is very, very low.]


When some beings were sufficiently powerful enough, even uttering their names or discussing their history may turn their gaze towards you as any malicious intent could very quickly be locked onto!

Extremity Solarium knew a lot more information than others as even with all of this, she still held a slight worry for the Entity in front of her.

For everything she had seen from him, his life must be preserved for the eons to come!

[Are you sure that you will still be there when this goes down? You may be underestimating the power that an entity in the Fifth Gradation of Extremity holds. Even if an existence teleports from a location and seconds pass, Entities such as I can easily trace and follow your moving Records across Havens. And we wouldn't even need a millisecond to entirely erase all the Records of even an Entity at the Third Gradation of Extremity. If the enemy gets his hands on you…]


The warning of the Esteemed Havenly Empress in front of Noah was a grave one as she sought to instill caution within him.

And yet at her words, Noah only shook his head with a smile as he thought about what he had planned.

[Even against an Emperor at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity, I can handle myself.]


Words of tremendous confidence.

Words that made it clear that Noah was absolutely ready for the shocking play about to unfold!

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