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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2778 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! III

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Chapter 2778 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! III

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The Minor Haven was filled with starry crimson gold mountains.

Its skies were a hazy Aurora of gold and red authority of Helios as at this moment, it splintered into nothingness as if it were mere glass.

Noah's words had brought this forth as he stupendously took Ayame to achieve Extremity, and then a moment later…he sat on his illusory throne while voicing out a provocative comment!

And those watching could not just still after it.

Those watching were doing so with great purpose as after seeing his actions, what they wanted to do- what they had to do was further reinforced as they made their move!

Now…what gave Noah the confidence to do what he was currently doing?

What gave him the confidence to provoke the very Entities at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity who sought to eradicate him?!

The answer actually lay in something Noah had attained when his boundaries reached the level of Quintessential Zenith.

Quintessence was elevated as it produced the Sporos of Extremity and the Ash Tree of Gradation, yes.

But there was also Infinity.

Another Boundary of immense quality and standing that already had a terrifying 17th Boundary Layer!

And it was elevated even further.

This…was one of Noah's reliance.

[The Seventeenth Boundary Layer of Infinity]:: The concept of Infinity is a terrifying one to ever bring to Extremity as very few existences can withstand its meaning… Infinity leaves a path open that may just aid you in attaining Extremity- depending on how it is utilized, and it can only be utilized once in your lifetime. For a second, you can make any Resource, Authority, or Record within your Aspects of Existence infinite…

A few simple changes had appeared on this boundary.

Before, it used to be an instant.

He could activate this shocking capability for an instant as after this Boundary became Quintessential Zenith, this instant was stretched to a second!

And in addition to this capability being applied to Resources and Authorities, one more thing was added.

This…was one of the bases of his confidence.

This was why he remained seated on his throne as up above, the fractured space revealed the dawning and descent of three obscene auras of authority that caused reality to tremble!


A low symphony began to resound.

Time slowed and congealed.

For a moment, it seemingly halted and came to a stop entirely as extremely potent and dense Vacuous Hyperversal Authority flooded down.

And from above, a shocking scene unfolded as Noah stared at it head on!

Three Entities were at the forefront.

They were ones Noah had seen a glimpse of before through the Protagonist!

[The Primogenitor of the Yog-Nyarvax Infernal Extremity Lineage]

[The Annals Inquisitor]

[The Primogenitor of Talismans]

Two were here for a singular purpose- the complete and utter eradication of his records.

The other…was the hidden identity of an Entity known as the Cimmerian Architect who seemed to be here out of sheer curiosity!

The Primogenitor of the Yog-Nyarvax Infernal Extremity Lineage- the Prime Devour…he was a burly figure surrounded by billowing obsidian smoke as he looked like a burning obsidian sun.

To his left, the Annals Inquisitor was a robed woman veiled by waves of Crimson Hyperversal Infernal Extremity Rune Scriptures of VACUOUS!

To his right, the Primogenitor of Talismans was also covered by a similar obsidian glow as her whole figure was a hazy configuration of light, but her hands were the first to move as trillions of square paper talismans had already erupted and were covering everything in the surroundings as if the veil of the night was coming down.

Even before an instant passed, a semicircle was already formed as talismans pulsing with Crimson Hyperversal Infernal Extremity Rune Scriptures had nearly covered everything!

The first order of business that was seeking to be completed as soon as they appeared- the complete isolation of this current space as it would disappear from the very spacetime continuum itself.

It wouldn't even be within the Nether Haven of Helios anymore.

This was the first action done.

The other…was the only Entity here with his main body.

The Prime Devourer.

His figure had already moved akin to a billowing black sun as before an instant even passed, his grand visage had already crossed half the distance and seemed to be a breath away from Noah's throne!

His mere presence emanated death and destruction as the surrounding reality was being absorbed by him and disappearing into nothingness.

In this moment of stopped time.


Three consecutive explosions bloomed as a valiant voice cut into existence, with spacetime warping as the destination of incoming figures was forcefully changed due to the dense talismans that nearly covered half the space already.


The voice boomed out from below as space cracked to reveal three dazzling crimson gold figures.

Crimson Hyperversal Havenly Extremity Rune Scriptures of HELIOS burned all around them as the very forefront, a woman ladened with golden skin and dazzling pairs of wings on her back and forehead cut forth at the very center!

Near her, a golden Willow Tree flung open space and hundreds of thousands of branches shot out like innumerable rivers of reality.

A distance away, an astonishing visage of a Three-Headed Emperor Lion could be seen as his mane and fur pulsed with golden grander, his eyes shooting out molten flames of authority as each of the three newly appeared beings…emanated grand auras at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity!

And they…were of the source of the Existential Authority of Vitalis.

Opposite them, there were also three Entities at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity as their Source was the Existential Authority of Vacuous!

The figure of the Entity from the Havenly Celestia Extremity Lineage was bellowing out valiantly with anger at this moment as she realized…Noah had given her the time and place, but he had given her a time that was a millisecond less.

A mere millisecond.

But this mere millisecond was costly as it guaranteed their enemies who had made a move first would reach him first!

And the moment they reached him, it was over.

So why?

Why would he give the wrong time and guarantee a terrifying Entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity would reach him?!

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