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«Immortal and Martial Supreme Master (Web Novel) - Volume 1 Chapter 1656 Yan Mo

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Volume 1 Chapter 1656 Yan Mo

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The Skyshine Stone was the most precious treasure in the eyes of spatial controllers. As long as it was spatial controllers, no one didn't want to obtain this place.

There were many spatial masters in the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range, and Qin Yun's divine sense alone could sense no fewer than eight of them. There were even Heavenly God level experts among them.

"Xue Kui, if a fight breaks out later, whoever dares to stop me will be killed by me." Qin Yun suddenly turned to Xue Kui and said.

"Don't worry, Young Master. These little shrimps can't stop me. You can do whatever you want." Xue Kui immediately understood Qin Yun's intentions and said with a smile.

"There's no hurry. Just wait and see. We'll make our final move." Qin Yun laughed.

He wasn't stupid. Since there were so many eyes staring at this thing, there would always be people who couldn't help but attack first, and the people who attacked first would definitely be targeted by everyone. Rather than doing this, it was better to have a yellow bird behind them.


Right at this moment, the peak Earthly God expert slashed the Earthly God who was holding the Skylight Stone in his hand in half and snatched the Skylight Stone over.

"Haha, this Skylight Stone is mine!" The Earth God laughed heartily, blood still hanging on his face.

However, right at this moment, a crack appeared in the space. A figure flashed out from the crack, and the sword light in his hand instantly slashed down, killing the peak Earth God once again.

"Hmph, an Earth God wants to possess the Skylight Stone. He is simply courting death." The person holding the divine sword sneered.

He was a mid-Heavenly God Realm expert and also a space controller. Under the condition of using the power of space, even a late-Heavenly God Realm expert had no way to deal with him.

As soon as this person attacked, many spatial controllers who weren't as powerful as him began to suppress their desires and give up the fight.

Seeing this, Qin Yun's lips curled into a smile. Although this person's strength was not weak, he was still far inferior to many experts in the dark.

He believed that there must be even more powerful spatial controllers hiding in the shadows, not attacking, and these were the true enemies he was fighting for.


Sure enough, at this moment, a terrifying spatial blade flew over from afar and directly slashed towards the middle Heavenly God Stage.

The Mid Heavenly God Realm expert tried his best to dodge, but he discovered that a force had bound him, preventing him from moving at all. Then, his entire body was split into two by this spatial blade.

"This is the true meaning of spatial restraint. Could it be him!"

"He actually came as well. Looks like he's going to snatch this Skylight Stone away."

"That's right. Although he isn't on the Heavenly God Rankings, his strength is extremely terrifying. Moreover, he has always been ruthless in his attacks. Whoever tries to snatch treasures from him is simply courting death."

A series of discussions rang out in the surroundings, and the gods who were secretly watching all of this let out exclamations of astonishment.

The Skylight Stone floated in the air, but none of them dared to fight for it.

"Xue Kui, who is he among these people?" Qin Yun couldn't help but ask.

He was very curious about who he was. A single person who hadn't appeared had already frightened these people to the point that they didn't dare to go forward to snatch the Skylight Stone. This person must be extremely extraordinary.

"Young Master, I know who he is. His name is Yan Mo. He appeared in the Giant God Devil Prison only three years ago. In just three years, he has a great reputation in the Giant God Devil Prison. Apart from his strength, he also killed people without blinking an eye. Every time he attacked, he was extremely ruthless and decisive. Anyone who opposed him would die." Xue Kui said.

"Yan Mo?" Qin Yun searched his mind and found that he did not know this person and had never heard of him.

However, this person was able to comprehend the true meaning of spatial restraint, so it could be seen that his strength was extraordinary.

"Young Master, if this person appears, it will be difficult for you to compete for this Skylight Stone again. With my strength, I can only draw with him at most, but his spatial essence leaves me helpless." Xue Kui said.

"It's fine. I don't need you to make a move this time. I'll do it myself." Qin Yun suddenly smiled and said.

After saying that, he stepped into the void and walked towards the Skylight Stone.

Xue Kui was slightly stunned. He had seen Qin Yun's true strength before. At most, he was only at the late Heavenly God Stage. He could not possibly be Yan Mo's opponent. Wasn't he courting death by going out now?

But when he thought of Qin Yun's confident smile, he obediently shut his mouth again.

Through these few days of interactions, he was certain that Qin Yun was not a reckless person. Since he had done so, he definitely had his confidence.

"Is this kid courting death? He actually dares to come out."

"That's right. Since Yan Mo has already made his move, that means he has taken a fancy to this Skylight Stone. This brat actually dares to come out. Isn't this clearly provoking Yan Mo? Yan Mo's methods are extremely ruthless. This brat is likely to die a miserable death."

"Hmph, it's just an ignorant and greedy brat. I don't know how much he weighs, but he dares to go out and snatch the Skylight Stone. I really don't know how to write the word'death '."

"That's right. I just realized that this kid is actually at the peak of the Earth God Realm. This kid is really crazy."

Qin Yun's actions naturally attracted the attention of many people. All of them thought that Qin Yun was courting death.

Qin Yun continued to walk towards the Skylight Stone as if he hadn't heard anything.

On a mountain peak in this valley, an extremely beautiful and moving figure also stared at Qin Yun who was stepping out step by step, his eyes filled with incomparable horror.

"He … why is he here?" Yuan Shishi covered her mouth and muttered to herself in disbelief. Her calm eyes finally revealed a trace of emotion.

"Holy Maiden, do you know him?" Liu Changsheng, who had been following him the entire time, asked in surprise.

However, his words were not answered, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed through Liu Changsheng's eyes.

However, this trace of ruthlessness was quickly concealed by him. He continued to look at Qin Yun in the distance with a disdainful smile and said, "This brat doesn't know whether to die or not. He dares to steal the things that Yan Mo identified. He really doesn't know whether to die or not."

"Scram, it's not your turn to talk about him." Yuan Shishi immediately shouted coldly.

Liu Changsheng's expression darkened as he looked at Yuan Shishi with anger.

One had to know that he was the young sect master of the Heavenly Devil Sect, and this Yuan Shishi in front of him actually wanted him to scram for an Earth God.

"Good, you slut. I originally intended to be polite to you, but I didn't expect you to have a sweetheart. Don't blame me for being tough with you. But before that, I want you to watch your sweetheart die in front of you." Liu Changsheng said maliciously in his heart, and his gaze towards Qin Yun became unfriendly.

Yuan Shishi ignored Liu Changsheng's thoughts and looked at Qin Yun's figure in the distance.

At this moment, Qin Yun had already walked in front of the Sky Shining Stone and reached out to grab it.

"Hmph, you're courting death!"

Sure enough, just as Qin Yun's hand was about to grab the Skylight Stone, a tyrannical cold snort sounded in the sky.

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