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«Immortal and Martial Supreme Master (Web Novel) - Volume 1 Chapter 1655 Skylight Stone

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Volume 1 Chapter 1655 Skylight Stone

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With such a terrifying array protecting the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range, there must be a huge secret hidden here.

Qin Yun really wanted to know what kind of legend could make Xue Kui so solemn.

"I wonder if Young Master has heard of the Giant God Tyrant Demon?" Xue Kui hesitated for a moment before raising his head to ask.

"You mean Pangu Gigantic God's sworn enemy, the Tyrant Demon?" Qin Yun asked in surprise.

He had been in the God Realm for a long time, and he had heard of some legendary figures in the history of the God Realm.

He had often heard stories about the Pangu Gigantic God and the Tyrant Gigantic God.

Both of them were legendary Giant Gods in the history of the God Realm. Both of them came from the Fiendgod Bloodline. Both of their strengths were unfathomable. After they became Ancestral Gods, there was a great battle.

In the end, Pangu won the battle that shook the universe with a single move. After that, the Tyrant Demon disappeared and never appeared again. Gradually, the name disappeared from one's memories.

It was unknown how many hundreds of millions of years had passed since that battle, but the powerful strength of the two Giant Gods had left too deep an impact on future generations.

Regardless of whether it was the Ancestor Gods or the Giant Gods created by the Fiendgod Body Refinement, their strengths were no longer comparable to those of Pangu and Tyrant Fiendgods.

Hence, when Qin Yun heard Xue Kui mention Tyrant Demon, he was also surprised and sighed with emotion.

"Could this Heavenly Wind Mountain Range be related to the Giant God Tyrant Demon?" Qin Yun seemed to have faintly guessed something and asked in surprise.

"That's right, after the defeat of the Giant God Tyrant Demon, He shattered his Demon God Core and sealed his entire life's power in a treasure. This treasure was obtained by the Pangu Giant God. It was said that the Pangu Giant God threw the treasure somewhere in the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range and laid down a terrifying array. If future generations were to find out about it, they would obtain the Giant God Tyrant Demon's inheritance, "Xue Kui said.

"Tyrant Demon's inheritance?" Qin Yun was extremely shocked. Regardless of whether it was the Giant God Pangu or the Giant God Tyrant Demon, the two of them were standing at the top of the Demon God Body Refinement. Whether it was one of their inheritances, they would be able to obtain endless power.

"Then if I obtain the inheritance of Tyrant Demon, wouldn't my Demon God's Core be able to condense again?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up.

Originally, he thought that his Demon God Core would only be restored after obtaining the inheritance of the Pangu Giant God. Now, it didn't seem that it would be too late. The power of this Giant God Overlord Demon could also help him repair the Demon God Core.

Xue Kui seemed to have seen through Qin Yun's thoughts and could not help but remind him, "Young Master, are you trying to steal the inheritance power of this Tyrant Demon?"

"Is there anything you can't do?" Qin Yun asked.

"No, is incredibly difficult, First of all, it was unknown whether the treasure left behind by Tyrant Demon was really in the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range. "Even if they are, hundreds of millions of years have passed without anyone noticing them. That must be extremely hidden. Moreover, the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range is filled with incomparably terrifying taboo divine formations. These divine formations were left behind by the Pangu Gigantic God back then. It can be said that they could die in this terrifying divine formation in no small amount of time." Xue Kui sighed with emotion.

Qin Yun smiled and nodded, "I know, I just want to try my luck. It's good that I can get it, but I can't, and I don't force it."

When Xue Kui heard this, he felt relieved.

He was truly afraid that Qin Yun would accidentally fall into a terrifying formation in order to search for the so-called Tyrant Demon's inheritance and be killed by the formation.

Qin Yun did not say anything else, but he had already made up his mind to look for the Tyrant Demon's inheritance.

Only by condensing the Demon God's Core would he be able to obtain more power to fight for the Heavenly Demon Fruit.

However, Xue Kui was right. This Heavenly Wind Mountain Range was indeed dangerous and ruthless.

"When will these dark demon spirits retreat?" Qin Yun looked at the roaring dark demon spirits and asked again.

"They will retreat at dawn. These dark demon spirits will only appear at night." Xue Kui replied.

Qin Yun nodded, "Since that's the case, let's wait until dawn."

Xue Kui nodded and the two sat down cross-legged.

However, before their butts could warm up, another rumbling sound came from afar.


With a loud explosion, the entire earth trembled violently, and a fissure extended towards them from afar.

"This is … someone fighting. Looking at the momentum, it should only be a battle at the Earth God level." Xue Kui looked in the direction of the voice and said indifferently.

"Let's go over and take a look. Perhaps something good will happen." Qin Yun said with a smile.

Right now, the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range was already a troublesome place. Everyone was extremely cautious. They would definitely not make a move unless they had no other choice.

Now that there was a fight in the distance, something must have happened.

"Let's go!"

After Qin Yun finished speaking, he rushed towards the direction where the voice came from. Naturally, Xue Kui followed closely behind.

While Qin Yun and the others were rushing towards the direction of the voice, there were also others rushing towards the direction of the voice.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The sound of breaking through the air rang out. Qin Yun and the others' voices appeared at the place where the sound came from. It was a flat ground, but after the battle, it had been carved into a valley.

Two of them were fighting. Both of them were mid Earth God Realm cultivators.

If that was the case, many people would choose to turn around and leave. However, the item in the hands of one of the Earth Gods had indeed attracted everyone's attention.

This was a translucent stone that emitted an incomparably dense aura of space. The resplendent light became incomparably brilliant in the middle of the night.

"Could this be the Sky Flash Stone? I didn't expect that there would be another Sky Flash Stone here." A cry of alarm came from not far away.

Qin Yun also looked at the sparkling stone in the hands of the Earth God Realm expert, his face revealing an incomparably astonished expression.

Skylight Stone was something that all spatial controllers dreamed of. This type of crystal stone contained incomparably powerful spatial power. Once refined by spatial controllers, it would not only strengthen spatial controllers' control over spatial power, but also allow spatial controllers to gain an additional ability.

Space froze!

Space Consolidation was a very powerful divine ability within the Laws of Space. It was extremely difficult to comprehend this kind of true intent, but its power was incomparably formidable.

Once the space solidified, the things in this space would be unable to move and would be slaughtered by others.

With this Skylight Stone, he would be able to cast an incomparably powerful divine ability like spatial solidification without having to comprehend the divine ability of spatial solidification.

Although it would be much less powerful than a real spatial solidification, it could still play a key role in battles.

"Interesting. Looks like tonight is destined to be unpeaceful." The corner of Qin Yun's mouth revealed a cold smile, because he noticed that many people around him were already beginning to stir.

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