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«Immortal and Martial Supreme Master (Web Novel) - Volume 1 Chapter 1654 Terrifying Demon Spirit

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Volume 1 Chapter 1654 Terrifying Demon Spirit

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Time passed in a flash for three days, and Qin Yun did not look for Yuan Shishi during this period of time.

He felt that now was not the time for the two of them to meet. Moreover, there were quite a few people around Yuan Shishi, especially Liu Changsheng, who had been following closely with the intention of trying to please Yuan Shishi.

Yuan Shishi had always maintained a certain distance from him, not giving this fellow the slightest chance to take advantage of it.

However, Liu Changsheng still did not give up and persisted in pestering Yuan Shishi.

The sky was filled with stars, and a gigantic profound moon hung high in the night sky, illuminating the entire mountain range like day.

"The profound moon is like a battle, and the moonlight is like blood. This is an ominous omen!" Xue Kui stood on a cliff and sighed as he looked at the enormous silver full moon.

"There is indeed something bad about to happen. I also feel a little uneasy." Qin Yun stood beside Xue Kui, frowning as he looked at the huge Xuan Yue. He felt slightly uneasy in his heart.

He always felt that something bad was about to happen, but the Heavenly Devil Fruit was not ripe yet, and the surrounding experts were hiding in the dark. What kind of bad thing happened?

"Ah …"

At this moment, a miserable cry came from the depths of the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range.

Qin Yun and Xue Kui raised their heads and looked into the distance at the same time, their faces revealing astonishment. Not only them, but also the people around them were attracted by this miserable scream, all of them revealing astonishment.


Just as everyone was wondering what had happened in the depths of the mountain range, a rumbling sound suddenly came from afar.

"This voice is …"

Qin Yun and Xue Kui exchanged glances. Both of them saw each other's pupils shrink abruptly.

"Not good. Someone triggered the Forbidden Divine Array in the depths of the mountain range. Someone is rushing towards us."

Sure enough, just as Qin Yun and Xue Kui were sighing in their hearts, a shout came from not far away.

"Ah …"

Following that, a series of miserable cries rang out from afar. It was as if something was rushing over from afar. It emitted a terrifying aura in the dark night. It stretched out its terrifying claws and tore apart the divine beings.

Moreover, this terrifying aura seemed to be surging over from their side, seemingly wanting to sweep through the entire Heavenly Wind Mountain Range and maintain the peace of the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range.

"Not good, Young Master. Let's go. This is the Dark Demon Spirit army of the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range. Once they get involved, even peak Empyrean Gods will not be able to escape death." When Xue Kui sensed this aura, he immediately reacted and hurriedly pulled Qin Yun towards the back.

"Dark Demon Spirit Army?" Qin Yun was shocked.

No wonder he felt that this rumbling sound was a bit strange. It turned out that this terrifying sound was the roars of the demon spirit army.

The creatures that had died in this mountain range, be they strong or weak, were all trapped by the army that remained in this mountain range. They became the demon spirits in this mountain range, guarding the peaceful spirits of this mountain range.

"Run! This is the Demon Spirit Army! If you don't run, you'll die … Ah!"

A series of miserable cries came from the mountain range ahead. Those who could clearly see the true appearance of the Dark Demon Spirit Army were also devoured by this terrifying Dark Army.

"Let's go!"

Qin Yun did not hesitate and directly led Xue Kui towards the periphery of the mountain range.

According to Xue Kui, the Dark Demon Spirit Army would not leave this mountain range. As long as they retreated to the outermost region, nothing would happen.

Of course, Qin Yun did not forget to look at Yuan Shishi when he escaped. When he saw that Yuan Shishi was also retreating in another direction, he was slightly relieved.

They were still a distance away from the depths of the mountain range. As long as they retreated now, there wouldn't be any major problems. However, those who went deep into the mountain range were truly miserable.

Qin Yun and Xue Kui flew at top speed, and screams came from behind them one after another.

These people were too deep. By the time they discovered that the Demon Spirit Army was too late, only a very small number of people with powerful cultivations had managed to escape with extraordinary speed. Most of them had died under the Demon Spirit's claws.

Some of the people who wanted to fly were directly pulled back by the terrifying Dark Demon Spirit's claws, their bodies drowned in the darkness.

Others saw that they could not escape and seemed to resist. The sword light hacked out, but was directly devoured by the darkness. There was no reaction for half a day. Then, he and his sword were corroded by the darkness, leaving behind an incomparably bloody smell.

At this moment, a burst of blood red appeared in the silver moonlight. Most of the moonlight had already been covered by darkness, and the remaining trace of light was as red as blood.

This night was destined to be bloody and restless. More than half of the Tian Feng Mountain Range, which had already gathered tens of thousands of people, died on this night.

Those who had managed to escape the calamity and retreat to the outermost region of the mountain range felt their hearts pounding as they looked at the enormous mountain range covered in darkness, the screams coming from their ears, and the smell of blood pervading the air.

This Dark Demon Spirit was too terrifying to resist.

Qin Yun and Xue Kui also retreated to the outskirts of the mountain range. The terrifying dark demon spirits did not continue to chase after them after they reached the outskirts, but they did not retreat either. They only lingered in the mountain range, continuously letting out terrifying roars.

This terrifying roar caused everyone's hearts to tremble.

Qin Yun looked at the bloody mountain range and was shocked.

In just a few minutes, tens of thousands of lives had already been devoured, and there were quite a few Empyrean God level experts among these people.

"What a terrifying Dark Demon Spirit. I said before that the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range has a terrifying divine array left over from ancient times. I didn't believe it at first, but now I believe it." Qin Yun couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the dark demon spirits surging in the darkness.

"This Dark Demon Spirit is only one of the most terrifying parts of the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range. There are even more terrifying taboo divine formations hidden in the depths of this mountain range. Once these divine formations are triggered, there will really be no escape." Xue Kui couldn't help but say.

Tens of thousands of divine beings had died that night, and even his heart was shaken.

"What kind of place is this Heavenly Wind Mountain Range? Why is there such a terrifying divine formation?" Qin Yun asked in surprise.

At first, he only thought that these divine formations existed to protect the Heavenly Devil Tree, but now, it seemed that they were not as simple as he thought. The Heavenly Wind Mountain Range seemed to contain even greater secrets.

These terrifying taboo divine formations existed to protect these hidden secrets.

When Xue Kui heard Qin Yun's question, he revealed a thoughtful expression and a serious expression. After a long time, he said, "I have only heard some legends about the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range. I don't know if they are true or not, but if they are true, then the Heavenly Wind Mountain Range is truly too terrifying."

"What legend?" Qin Yun was shocked.

He had never seen Xue Kui's serious expression before.

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