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«Immortal and Martial Supreme Master (Web Novel) - Volume 1 Chapter 1653 Yuan Shishi 's Thoughts

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Volume 1 Chapter 1653 Yuan Shishi 's Thoughts

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Liu Changsheng said, "Holy Maiden, if you want to cooperate with our Heavenly Devil Sect and snatch this Heavenly Devil Fruit, you must show some sincerity, right? Although your Holy Maiden Sect's status is not low, its true strength is not strong enough. Why do you think our Heavenly Devil Sect will cooperate with you?"

When Liu Changsheng said those words, there was an evil sneer on the corner of his mouth. The Holy Daughter of the Goddess Sect wanted to cooperate with him to snatch the Heavenly Devil Fruit, but he was not an idiot. In the real snatch, the Goddess Sect was not able to display much energy.

Of course, if the Holy Maiden in front of him was willing to nod and become his woman, he wouldn't mind pulling the Goddess Sect along.

"Oh, what sincerity does the Heavenly Devil Sect need from us? I've already said it before. Our Holy Maiden Sect will definitely play a key role this time. Our Sect Master will definitely not disappoint the Heavenly Devil Sect. May I know what sincerity young Sect Master Liu needs from us?" Yuan Shishi sneered.

How could Yuan Shishi not know what Liu Changsheng was thinking?

As long as it was a man, he could tell what the other party was thinking with a single glance. In this world, there was only one man that she could not see through.

"Don't you know what I want? As far as I know, your Holy Maiden Sect's Sect Leader is only at the peak of the Heavenly God Realm. He isn't even on the Heavenly God Rankings. He doesn't seem to be able to play much of a role in the competition, right?" Liu Changsheng sneered.

"Since the Heavenly Devil Sect doesn't have sincerity, then I think it's better to forget it. Our Goddess Sect can still cooperate with the Giant Divine Palace. However, I must remind the young sect master that our sect master obtained a True Meaning Pill from Senior Yan Chengfeng. There's no need for me to say that the young sect master should have heard of the God Extermination Pill, right?" Yuan Shishi sneered.

"True Meaning Pill?" Liu Changsheng's expression changed as he asked in surprise.

How could he not have heard of this True Meaning Pill? This was the legendary top grade divine pill. It was refined by a powerful Ancestral God Realm expert who fused his True Meaning into the divine pill.

As for those who consumed this pill, they did not need to comprehend its true essence. They only needed to refine it bit by bit. Then, the true essence contained in the divine pill would gradually become the true essence of those who consumed it, until they absorbed all the true essence contained in the true essence pill.

This was different from the True Meaning Inheritance. In a sense, this True Meaning Pill was more like a True Meaning Inheritance.

Of course, this True Meaning Pill also had a drawback, and that was, once a person consumed a substandard pill, other than the True Meaning Pill, she would no longer be able to comprehend the other True Meanings in her life.

Therefore, the True Meaning Pill had both advantages and disadvantages. However, there were still many people who were willing to consume the True Meaning Pill. This was because many Heavenly God Realm experts would never be able to step into the threshold of True Meaning. Moreover, in the Giant God Demon Prison, where they were unable to comprehend the True Meaning, the True Meaning Pill had become incomparably precious.

Liu Changsheng did not expect that the Holy Maiden Sect's Sect Master would actually obtain the True Meaning Pill. Then wouldn't the strength of the Holy Maiden Sect's Sect Master greatly increase?

Qin Yun, who was standing in the distance eavesdropping, was also stunned for a moment. He did not expect that the Holy Maiden Sect's Sect Master actually had a True Meaning Pill.

However, True Meaning Pills could be divided into good and bad. If a powerful Ancestor God refined a True Meaning Pill, the more powerful the True Meaning within it would be.

If it was only the true meaning comprehended by the Little Luo Heavenly Ancestor God, then even if he refined all of it, he would at most be able to reach the Little Luo Heavenly Ancestor God Realm.

Of course, the more powerful a True Meaning Pill was, the more difficult it would be to refine it. The more likely it would be to fail. Moreover, refining it would be extremely difficult, and some would even take tens of millions of years.

"May I know how many percent the Holy Maiden Sect's Sect Master has refined the True Meaning Pill?" Liu Changsheng asked.

"Thirty percent. Our Sect Master has already refined three levels of True Meaning. His comprehension of True Meaning has already reached the Intermediate level." Yuan Shishi said with a smile.

"30%?" Liu Changsheng's heart skipped a beat.

If it was really 30%, then the strength of the Holy Maiden Sect's Sect Master couldn't be underestimated. Even if she wasn't ranked on the Heavenly God Rankings, it wouldn't be far off.

"Alright, my Heavenly Devil Sect is willing to cooperate with the Holy Maiden Sect, but I still have one more question to ask." The expression on Liu Changsheng's face became serious.

He was not some so-called playboy. Although he was born in this Giant God Demon Prison and was unable to comprehend the true meaning, he had always had this powerful wish in his heart, that was to become strong. That was why he was participating in the competition for the Heavenly Demon Fruit this time.

Although he coveted Yuan Shishi's beauty, it was nothing compared to his ambition.

"Young Sect Master, just ask." Yuan Shishi smiled.

She believed that Liu Changsheng would not dare to do anything to him after knowing the strength of her Sect Master.

Although the current Sect Leader might not be able to defeat the Heavenly Devil Sect, once their Holy Maiden Sect Leader refined all of the True Meaning Pills, it was very likely that he would become the number one expert in this world. At that time, the Heavenly Devil Sect would have to submit obediently.

The biggest characteristic of the Holy Maiden Sect was that it protected its weaknesses. It was extremely protective of every Holy Maiden Sect disciple, let alone the Holy Maiden of the Holy Maiden Sect.

'"A single Heavenly Devil Tree will only bear two Heavenly Devil fruits. If our Heavenly Devil Sect is fortunate enough to obtain one, we are willing to share it with the Goddess Sect. But I really want to know what the Goddess Sect needs the Heavenly Devil fruits for." Liu Changsheng asked.

He needed the Heavenly Demon Fruit to conquer his own domination, allowing his father to defeat the Master of the Giant Divine Hall through the Heavenly Demon Fruit, thus making the Heavenly Demon Sect the number one power in the Giant Divine Demon Prison.

The Goddess Sect had always been extraordinary, and with Yan Chengfeng and many other experts protecting them, they did not need the Heavenly Devil Fruit at all. Furthermore, they had never participated in the competition for the Heavenly Devil Fruit before. There must be some other reason for them to fight for the Heavenly Devil Fruit this time.

"Young Sect Master is indeed smart. That's right, our Goddess Sect did not come to compete for this Heavenly Devil Fruit because of Sect Master's intentions, but because of mine. I need this Heavenly Devil Fruit, so Sect Master only took action to help me." Yuan Shishi said with a smile.

"The Holy Daughter needs it. What does the Holy Daughter need this Heavenly Demon Fruit for? Liu Changsheng revealed a surprised expression.

"Young Sect Master, there is no need to ask any further. This Holy Maiden will naturally have her own uses with the Heavenly Devil Fruit. Furthermore, the Heavenly Devil Sect does not need to worry. Even if this little girl consumes the Heavenly Devil Fruit, she may not be able to pose a threat to the Heavenly Devil Sect." Yuan Shishi said coldly.

Liu Changsheng nodded. If this Heavenly Devil Fruit was really obtained by Yuan Shishi, it would not pose any threat to their Heavenly Devil Sect. After all, with his father's strength, even if Yuan Shishi consumed this Heavenly Devil Fruit, it would not pose any threat at all.

However, he was very curious, what did Yuan Shishi want this Heavenly Devil Fruit for? Also, if they were able to capture Yuan Shishi, wouldn't their Heavenly Devil Sect's status in the Giant God Devil Prison be even higher in the future?

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