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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1919 Benefit from a Blessing in Disguise

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Chapter 1919 Benefit from a Blessing in Disguise

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Mm … Two, actually three.

Apart from Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong, there was also the gorgeous bird that was beaten to death.

Fortunately, the gorgeous bird was lying there, so the creatures of the Laws didn't dare to approach.

Xiao Zilong struggled to get up and took out a jar of liquor from his storage ring. "Brother Dazhuang, how about we drink a cup together?" He said.

"After we recover, we'll have a life-and-death battle!"

Xiang Nan smiled and nodded heavily.

Xiao Zilong crawled over and sat down side by side with Xiang Nan. He placed two wine bowls and poured some fine wine.

The two ruthless characters trembled as they picked up the wine bowl and tried their best to deliver it to their mouths.

Xiang Nan spilled a lot of wine from the wine bowl, and after drinking it, some wine mixed with fresh blood fell out of his throat.

Xiao Zilong gently hooked his pinky and a weapon fragment flew over. The fragment bent and perfectly fitted the wound on Xiang Nan's throat.

At this moment, a big head approached and a pair of sparkling eyes looked at the wine bowl.

Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong exchanged glances and laughed.

Xiao Zilong said to the gorgeous bird, "You want to drink too? Good, everyone has a part to play! Come!"

Xiao Zilong took out a new big wine jar and poured half a jar into the bird's mouth.

"Move over there. Lean against it. Its body is warm." Xiao Zilong squeezed Xiang Nan.

The two of them moved their bodies and leaned against the feathers of the gorgeous bird, laughing and drinking.

At this moment, the ground in front of them suddenly darkened.

A black circle appeared on the ground, and there was a strange ripple on the surface.

When Xiao Zilong saw such a circle, he sighed and said, "It's really bad luck. Even she is alive."

Before Xiang Nan could understand what Xiao Zilong meant, a ball of hair slowly rose from the black fountain.

The hair was initially scattered on the ground, but as it rose above his head, the long hair slowly gathered together.

Half of his head appeared in the black circle. His pair of incomparably charming eyes looked around and discovered that there was no one else. Finally, he let out a wicked laugh.

Gradually, a woman crawled out of the circle.

This woman's hair was as black as the night sky, but her skin was not as white as it looked.

In his life, Xiang Nan had never seen a woman with such white skin. The color of her skin seemed to have redefined the word "white". Or perhaps, the purest white was her color.

Her long black hair and flawless white skin made this woman look evil and charming.

Her facial features could be considered exquisite, but they weren't that outstanding. However, the so-called "one white conceals three ugly faces," she had a soul-stirring and beautiful temperament.

The snow-white and snow-white skin seemed to be able to get out of the water with a light pinch.

At this moment, the woman looked at Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong, covering her mouth and chuckling.

The laughter was like an oriole singing.

Xiao Zilong smiled bitterly and shook his head, "Withered Crow, you are still alive."

The woman giggled non-stop and said, "Zilong, your realm has retreated too much. Aren't you at the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation? Why are you reduced to a piece of trash at the seventh level of the Heavenly Tribulation?"

"Looks like I'm not the only one who has fallen into a deep slumber."

"This has allowed me to pick up an enormous benefit."

As she spoke, the woman walked towards Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong.

Xiang Nan was deeply impressed by this woman's unique scent when she walked over.

How can I describe it? It's not the smell of powder on most women's bodies, but perhaps it's a bit abrupt, but it's just right. It's just like the smell a woman sends out after bathing.

It was not so refreshing, but a peculiar smell that made one's heart palpitate.

Xiang Nan could tell from Xiao Zilong's reaction that this woman was not a good person.

The people of the Spirit Vulture Sect were able to sleep for so many years and revive. Clearly, there were not only righteous sects like the Spirit Vulture Sect on this planet. At the same time, there were no fewer evil sects. This woman was probably one of them.

Seeing the woman squatting down, she looked at Xiang Nan and the other two with a faint smile and took out two pink jars from her storage ring.

She slapped the jar open and a stench came from it. The stench almost made Xiang Nan vomit on the spot.

He had never smelled such a stinky thing before. How could he describe it? There was simply nothing that could be compared to it.

What made Xiang Nan even more disgusting was that the woman actually poured two jars of pink liquid down Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong's heads.

Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong finally couldn't stand the smell and both lay on the ground and vomited.

The woman seemed to be very afraid of this smell. She hurriedly pinched her nose and took a few steps back. Her complexion also turned green and red, and she had the urge to vomit at any time.

She endured for a long time before she said reluctantly, "Don't worry, this medicinal liquid is good for your injuries. It can keep you injured all the time and your injuries won't heal."

"Ouch … I really can't stand the smell anymore."

After saying that, she also lay on the side and started to retch.

The gorgeous bird was lying on the ground, its mouth continuously spitting out white foam, and even it was stinky to spit out.

In Xiang Nan's heart, this was not an absurd and funny scene. The incomparably ugly smell meant that he was in big trouble.

The pink stench liquid stopped Xiang Nan's wound from bleeding and healed.

However, this kind of recovery was completely different from normal healing!

Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong's wounds were still turning outwards, but their flesh and blood were no longer trying to stick together.

It was as if someone was born with an injury. Their bodies no longer judged that their current state was one of injury, so they would not repair themselves.

This was the most troublesome part!

There wasn't any kind of healing medicine in the world that could make all ten fingers of a human form a single piece. Because the ten fingers were separated, it wasn't an injury. The fingers were originally in this state.

Therefore, the current situation of Xiang Nan and the others was the same.

The woman sliced her finger again, and the water elements in the air condensed into a waterfall in the air, ruthlessly washing away the stench on Xiang Nan and the others.

In the end, the woman sniffed at the two of them and found that there was no longer any stench. Only then did she nod in satisfaction.

She held her chin and laughed foolishly. She looked at Xiang Nan and the other two and said, "I've been watching for a long time. You two are really amazing."

"Xiao Zilong, back then, you chased me for thirteen years, but you chased me so bitterly."

"Now that you and I have descended to the seventh level of the Heavenly Tribulation, I will definitely return to the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation one step earlier than you!"

"I've coveted your Spirit Vulture Sect's Heavenly Dipper Imperial Armament for a long time. Today, I've finally found an opportunity to learn it."

"And you." The woman named Withered Crow looked at Xiang Nan and said, "Your method of disintegrating weapons is truly formidable. This little girl has never heard of it before. When she saw it today, her horizons finally widened."

"Don't worry, I won't kill you two immediately. All you need to do is impart your profound martial skills to me. I will give you a good time."

"Finally, it's this gorgeous bird." The withered crow looked at the gorgeous bird, its eyes shining brightly, "I finally found it …"

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