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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1918 Men's Friendship

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Chapter 1918 Men's Friendship

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A fierce explosion came from Xiao Zilong's saber. The entire saber was shattered into pieces!

Xiang Nan dodged and grabbed the heavy sword with his left hand. His right hand flicked against the edge of the sword.

The heavy sword was blown apart on the spot and split into seven sharp swords. Xiang Nan put his arms together and took them all away.

Xiao Zilong raised his right hand, "Heavenly Dipper Imperial Sword Technique, Heavenly Sword!"

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

All the weapons in the hands of the Spirit Vulture Sect disciples flew into the sky and merged into a heaven-piercing steel sword!

"The Sea of Bitterness is boundless. Soldiers, Dragon Subduing Slash!"

A Sky Bearing Saber light shot into the sky. Sanskrit surged on the saber light, and two Qi Dragons whistled around the blade.

One saber and one sword collided in the air!

The swords collided with each other, and the saber light contained the principle of dissolving weapons. The giant sword buzzed and trembled, and the small swords were constantly shattered into pieces, flying wildly.

The giant sword also crushed the Dragon Subduing Slash and scattered the lightning energy.

Xiang Nan hugged his right hand and shouted, "Rotating Light Finger!"

Xiao Zilong clapped his hands together and shouted, "Heavenly Dipper Imperial Swordsmanship, Allstars!"

All the armor, wings, and seven sharp swords on Xiao Zilong's body turned into a group of shards of light and shot towards Xiang Nan.

The Rotating Light Finger instantly shot into the rain of light fragments. Its finger power was crazily destroying, stirring up a large number of fragments, shattering them and penetrating them!

With a pu sound, the Revolving Light Finger passed through all the fragments and instantly pierced through Xiao Zilong's chest!

As the rain of fragments flew over, it swallowed Xiang Nan up with a swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh.

Xiang Nan was cut to pieces. His terrifying defense, which was slightly stronger than that of the dragons, was no longer able to withstand being cut by the fragments of weapons that had been used by the Heavenly Dipper Imperial Sword Technique. Blood instantly burst out!

Everyone, including the dragons, stopped. Everyone looked at the terrifying battlefield in shock.

Watching as Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong clashed violently!

"Senior Brother!" The Spirit Vulture Sect disciples hurriedly flew over and caught Xiao Zilong.

Xiao Zilong was already as angry as a gossamer, his face was pale, but he still smiled frankly and said, "Good, so satisfying …"

"Big Zhuang!" Xing Hao also grabbed Xiang Nan and said, "No problem, right?"

Xiang Nan's flesh and blood had been cut to pieces, and his bones had been broken by more than a dozen. At this moment, his Dao Luck power had finally disappeared, ushering in the weakening of the Laws.

Xiang Nan gave a thumbs up and said, "Hold on … cough, hold on!"

"Damn it." Xing Hao punched Xiang Nan on the shoulder and said, "You brat."

Apart from the voices of these people, there was complete silence on the scene.

That Xiao Zilong was an absolutely ruthless person who could easily crush the dragon race even if he was able to single-handedly fight against the dragon race!

Who would have thought that a black horse king that was killed halfway out would actually be defeated and injured by Xiao Zilong!

"How … how did you do it …" Fake Xiang Nan's eyes were wide open and his mouth was wide open.

Xiao Zilong shouted, "Brother Dazhuang, you can't move!"

Xiang Nan smiled heartily and said, "Senior Brother Zilong, you are not much better than me!"

The two looked at each other and laughed heroically.

The two of them were hot-blooded men with strong bones. They were so-called heroes who cherished each other. Although their positions were different, they valued each other very much.

The Dragon Combat Master Xing Hao was also infected. He nodded and said, "What the hell is this? This is the battle a man should have!"

When the fake Xiang Nan saw that Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong were still chatting and laughing, he was envious and angry. He shouted, "You're fucking performing with me here!"

"Xiao Zilong! You definitely didn't do your best! You deliberately let Wang Dazhuang off! Wait for me, I'll go to the Spirit Vulture Sect to sue you!"

Xiao Zilong laughed contemptuously, "Pfft! What bullsh*t Xiang Nan, he has a name!"

"I don't care how famous Xiang Nan is in the future, but I, Xiao Zilong, only recognize Wang Dazhuang! In my eyes, you, Xiang Nan, are not even comparable to a single hair of your brother Dazhuang."

The fake Xiang Nan was so angry that he roared, "Fuck all of you! Snatch the Colorful Bird over at all costs!"

Xing Hao shouted, "Protect the Colorful Bird!"

The Dragon Race had once again started a fierce battle with many believers!

Xiao Zilong looked at Xiang Nan from afar and said, "Brother Da Zhuang, what a pity you are. If you possess a cultivation like mine, I'm afraid I won't even be able to withstand three of your moves."

Xiang Nan replied casually, "It's a pity that Senior Brother Zilong has such a talent. If you possessed a divine talent, I'm afraid I would have been beaten down by you long ago."

The two madmen exchanged glances and both laughed loudly.

But at this moment, Xiao Zilong's eyes suddenly turned cold and he said, "Big Zhuang!"

Before Xiang Nan could react, a shadow suddenly flashed at the speed of sub-light!

Xiang Nan was in the weakened state of the Laws and his stamina was weak, and his injuries had not recovered at all. This time, he was completely unprepared.

However, a cold light flashed and Xiang Nan's throat was suddenly cut open!


A blood arrow shot out from Xiang Nan's throat.

The fake Xiang Nan transformed into a ray of light and launched a sneak attack from Xiang Nan's side. At this moment, he stopped and held a cold dagger in his hand.

Xiang Nan covered his neck weakly. He was in the weakened state of the Laws and was unable to use the Laws of Flames to burn himself and achieve the goal of being reborn by bathing in flames.

"I told you, you'll regret it." The fake Xiang Nan turned his head slightly and looked at Xiang Nan coldly.

Xiang Nan covered his neck, his face as white as paper, but he didn't say anything, only his eyes were extremely cold.

Xing Hao was in the midst of a fierce battle, and there was a strange sound behind his back. He suddenly turned around and saw the scene where Xiang Nan's throat had been sliced open.

Xing Hao's entire body suddenly became incomparably cold. He gritted his teeth and said, "Da Zhuang is my savior. You actually dare to sneak attack him!"

"Bastard, I'll kill you!"

Xiang Nan was ambushed, and Xing Hao suddenly fell into a state of rage. A heaven-shaking dragon roar came from his mouth, and his entire body turned into a ball of fire as he charged towards the fake Xiang Nan.

"All of the dragons, stop! Everyone, aim to kill Xiang Nan!"

Xing Hao was really angry! He didn't even care about the gorgeous bird anymore.

When the dragons heard this, they immediately abandoned their battle with the believers and rushed towards the fake Xiang Nan.

That fake Xiang Nan was so frightened that his soul flew into the sky. He hadn't expected that his sneak attack would cause the wrath of the dragons.

He let out a strange cry and immediately turned into a bolt of lightning, leaving all the believers behind and fleeing for their lives alone.

"Chase! Chase!" Xing Hao roared as the dragons chased after him like a meteor shower.

When many believers saw this, they were rendered speechless. Even Xiang Nan had run away. Who would still command them?

"Damn it, protect Xiang Nan! If Xiang Nan dies, we will all be punished by the gods! Hurry!"

All of a sudden, the believers also chased after him.

The disciples of the Spirit Vulture Sect were absolutely not willing to help a lowly person like "Xiang Nan", but the sect's orders were limited, so it was impossible not to protect him.

They all looked at Xiao Zilong. Xiao Zilong sighed and waved his hand.

All the disciples nodded and flew into the sky, heading in the direction where Xiang Nan had escaped.

The scene instantly quieted down, and everyone walked clean.

At the scene, there were only two people who were severely injured and unable to heal, and they didn't have the slightest ability to make a move.

Xiang Nan and Xiao Zilong exchanged glances and laughed loudly again.

However, Xiang Nan's throat had already snapped, but he could not laugh out loud.

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