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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1653 Slap In The Face

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Chapter 1653 Slap In The Face

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The crowd was still crowded in front of the Drunken Flower Pavilion, and no one had entered yet.

A few minutes later, a burst of cheers came from the crowd in front of them. Then, they saw a stream of people crowding into the hall.

Xiang Nan felt a bleak imposing aura coming. That imposing aura was incomparably cold and exceptionally powerful. This imposing aura caused people to start to breathe a little hurriedly.

Someone in front shouted, "Master Six has arrived. Come in!"

The moment he finished speaking, the crowd held the gifts and followed him.

That's really impressive.

Some people directly carried a large bag of Holy Spirit Stones, while others held priceless treasures.

Hou Hua had been running the Great Fire Guild all these years. Although she hadn't earned as much as she looked on the surface, she still had some stock. She held three brocade boxes, all of which contained a million-year-old seventh-grade spirit ginseng.

There were many types of Grade Seven Spirit Grass, but there were very few Grade Seven Spirit Ginseng. This was because ginseng was almost impossible to survive for as long as a million years.

The Grade Eight Spirit Grass that Xiang Nan had obtained in the Little Secret Realm earlier was not a real ginseng. Instead, it was something similar to a ginseng. Furthermore, it had already become a spirit, possessing vitality and intelligence.

The three million-year-old spirit ginseng in Dou Hua's hand was exceptionally rare.

This thing was a treasure that nourished the body and was easily obtained.

However, in the hands of the other Guild Leaders, in front of that brilliant gift, the spirit ginseng of the pomegranate flower was still too worthless.

Hou Hua pointed at the president who was carrying the large bag and said, "See, that bag is full of Intermediate Grade Holy Spirit Stones. It's worth at least two to three thousand Inferior Grade Holy Spirit Stones."

Canyang and the others grinned when they heard this.

Four to five hundred Inferior Grade Sacred Spirit Stones could make one Martial Saint. Two to three thousand, wouldn't it be five to six Martial Saints?

That fellow didn't give Master Six Holy Spirit Stones. He simply cupped his hands and sent out five or six Martial Saints!

Compared to this, the three ginseng stalks in Dou Hua's hand were indeed not worth mentioning.

"What a huge sum of money. I've invested a lot of money." Can Yang was speechless, "Damn, with so many Sacred Spirit Stones, I'm afraid only a guild leader of ten thousand people can take them out."

Xiang Nan had already understood that the Little Guild did not earn as much as he had imagined. Many of the businesses of the Little Guild were handed over to the Four Emperors Guild to undertake, for example, the Spirit Stone Exchange business.

In other words, the Little Guild looked quite glorious, but what they really earned was only a thin layer, and even more oil and water flowed to the Four Emperors Guild.

Finally, he entered the Drunken Flower Pavilion, which was also golden and brilliant.

Every pillar was made of pure gold. Gold was no longer attractive to martial artists. This kind of decoration was purely based on the innate love of gold and the noble meaning represented by gold.

No matter how high a martial artist's cultivation realm was, they couldn't forget this feeling. It was a subconscious that had been formed since childhood.

At the entrance of the Drunken Flower Pavilion was Master Six's name list.

When they registered with the Fire Guild, there was a small episode.

Dou Hua, Xiang Nan, and the others had naturally registered their names. Even Li Da and Little Bug were also registered under pseudonyms.

However, Black Sickle did not.

Black Sickle directly walked in. The person on the registration list didn't even look at Black Sickle.

"What happened?" Can Yang curiously turned around to look at the door, then looked at the black sickle, and said, "Why don't you register?"

"Even if he knew your true identity, he wouldn't have such high privileges."

The word "black sickle" still had a tremendous influence in the Saint realm. His perfect, 100% mission completion rate was the legend of the entire Saint realm to this day.

Xiang Nan smiled and said, "That person didn't notice the existence of the black sickle at all."

"Oh" Can Yang and the others nodded their heads and came to a sudden realization.

Black Sickle is an "invisible person". He is not invisible, but he is standing in front of you. You never knew he existed.

This kind of method made Canyang Lantian and the others go crazy with envy.

It was precisely because Black Sickle rejected this world that he comprehended such a ghostly ability.

Even Xiang Nan did not possess this ability.

Sixth floor.

The hall was very large, and it was very easy to accommodate 100,000 people at the same time. This place was like a small colosseum, normally closed.

On the sixth floor, Xiang Nan saw all sorts of people, usually presidents and their capable subordinates.

And here, Xiang Nan finally saw the legendary Sixth Master.

It was a red-bearded old man, bald, red-bearded, fat.

A person had a body as wide as a dozen or so people, and his height was astonishing. He was more than six meters tall. The most frightening thing was that he was not a Giant yet. He was an ordinary human, taller than Yuan Meng Canyang.

This super fatty sat in a custom-made super imperial chair, his small eyes sweeping around with dignity.

Guilds walked up with gifts and flattering gifts.

The sixth master didn't even look at the gifts. He just casually waved his hand and a servant took it.

Xiang Nan and the others came with a mission this time.

The pomegranate brought Xiang Nan and his group to Master Six and presented them with gifts. He whispered, "Master Six is well."

The sixth master nodded, "Little Flower, this year, your livelihood has been quite good."

Dou Hua was extremely respectful. She didn't dare to directly look into Master Liu's eyes. She bowed and said, "Thanks to Master Liu's blessing, it's not bad."

Sixth Master waved his hand, "Alright, let's go down."

Dou Hua hurriedly said, "Sixth Master, I'm here to set up a new guild. Please show mercy and nod your head."

Standing beside Master Six was a tall and handsome man. The man whispered, "Great Grandpa, it's time for the banquet."

The sixth master said, "Open."

"Sixth Master, this …" Dou Hua said.

Sixth Master waved his hand and said, "We'll talk about the new guild later."

"But" Dou Hua still wanted to speak.

Immediately, two servants stepped forward. One of them slapped the pomegranate on the face and shouted, "I don't know the rules! Get down!"

Xiang Nan narrowed his eyes and saw this scene.

The pomegranate bowed respectfully and said, "Sixth Master, please leave."

A fiery red palm imprint could not fall on Dou Hua's face, and it was exceptionally eye-catching.

How powerful was Sixth Master?

When someone like Dou Hua was "rewarded" with a slap, not only did she not dare to circulate her Astral Qi to protect her body, she even took the initiative to weaken her body's strength, allowing a servant at the Divine Martial Stage to leave a palm print on a Heaven Ranked Third Stage martial artist like her.

This slap was a lesson. Before leaving the Drunken Flower Pavilion, she had to bear the pomegranate blossom. Once she dared to remove the slap on her face, it would basically be considered disrespectful to Master Six. The consequences would be very serious.

Xiang Nan and the others took their seats.

Xiang Nan had been looking at the palm print on Dou Hua's face.

The pomegranate blushed for a moment and said, "It's very normal. They all came here this way."

"Don't feel like you're at a disadvantage. All the guilds here, even those who have tens of thousands of subordinates, have never been slapped before."

"If someone has been slapped by Master Six personally, they will have to show off for several months."

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