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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1650 I'll Give You Light

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Chapter 1650 I'll Give You Light

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Killing your family brings hatred, but being hurt by your beloved father and beloved woman brings not hatred and anger, but total disappointment.

Most importantly, Black Sickle's inner structure of this world had been destroyed by the two of them.

Just like one of your favorite foods from childhood to adulthood, someone suddenly told you the truth one day that it was made of sh*t.

Just like your loved ones, one day you overheard them whispering that they would cook you up and eat you when you were an adult.

Just like your favorite fairy tale, the prince and the princess live happily together, but at the end of the sentence, that's not all. The whole situation is that when the handsome prince and the beautiful princess come together, they will turn the clouds upside down.

What they needed to do next was to forcefully attack the dirtiest parts of their bodies together.

The black sickle was like a fairy tale in his hands, but the scene depicted the prince and the princess living together. He was like a child holding a fairy tale, sitting there crying while covering his face.

He went to beg his parents to tell him that it was not true, but his parents were also entangled naked.

The world of the black sickle was like a mirror, shattering the ground with a bang, unable to end.

The reason why he acted more extreme and hysterical than the others when facing these things was precisely because he had once been more innocent and yearned for beauty than the others.

The black sickle drank a bowl of wine and said, "This is my story. It's very simple, and it's nothing special."

"In front of you people who are used to seeing life and death leave, my story is not worth mentioning, so I have never told anyone. It's not because I want to hide it, but because the story itself is nothing."

Xiang Nan nodded. He let out a long breath and stood up. He smiled and said, "Children, it's time to go home. Bring back these delicious food for your other siblings to try."

"I'll come here often in the future. I'll bring you a lot of delicious food every time, okay?"

As the children laughed happily, Xiang Nan sent them away one by one.

After returning, Xiang Nan pulled open his clothes, revealing his neck. He said to Black Sickle, "Your story, in exchange for my life, now my life is yours, you can take it away."

"F*ck! Such a joke?" Canyang rushed forward to protect Xiang Nan, but was stopped by Blue Sky.

"Why are you pulling me?" "Let go! You want to see Xiang Nan die with your own eyes?" Canyang said angrily.

Bluesky said expressionlessly, "This is Xiang Nan's own choice. No matter how painful the man's promise is, he must grind his teeth and complete it."

"We can pursue the life we want, but at the very least, we can't get it by humiliating ourselves."

"If you save Xiang Nan now, not only will you insult Xiang Nan, you will also insult yourself."

Can Yang was stunned. He had never encountered such a situation before. From childhood until now, he had encountered bastards and butchers.

As for Lan Tian's words and Xiang Nan's actions, Canyang suddenly felt that there was something growing in his body, and a type of blood was burning.

Can Yang shook his head and retreated.

Black Sickle walked over to Xiang Nan with the dagger in his hand and placed it on his neck. "Do you think I'll suddenly show mercy?" He said.

Xiang Nan looked at Black Sickle's eyes seriously and said, "Look at my eyes."

Black Sickle looked at Xiang Nan. He didn't see any luck in Xiang Nan's eyes. He only saw calmness and calmness.

He had seen many pairs of eyes, but he could be sure that Xiang Nan did not use a trap of bitterness. Xiang Nan was determined to die.

Black Sickle frowned and said, "Why? You can exchange a story for your life? Are you joking or have you long lost hope in life?"

Xiang Nan looked at Black Sickle seriously and said, "I believe that people like you can be saved. Not everyone can be saved by force."

"That's all I can do for you. If I can't save you, then the confidence I've built in this world will also collapse."

"Black Sickle, I am your redemption, and you are also my redemption."

"I'm not trading a story for a life, but a life to believe in the person I firmly believe in. I'm not mistaken about him."

"Is it worth it? Black Sickle, why don't you tell me?"

The black sickle clenched the dagger tightly, causing its joints to turn white and its hands to tremble.

The black sickle said, "Before I die, I have a question for you."

Xiang Nan said, "I'll try my best to answer truthfully."

Black Sickle said, "If I hadn't cared about the lives of those children, what would you have done if I had really attacked?"

"Whether you are indifferent or resist, those children will die. Is this what you want? Use the lives of some children to test me as a person?"

Xiang Nan smiled and said, "Let me tell you the truth, I can pause the time for five seconds. Even if you die and I die, I won't let those children die."

"The looks in those children's eyes are the bottom line that I will stick to."

Black Sickle said, "I don't believe it. Show me."

Xiang Nan took two steps back and suddenly reached the speed of super light, smashing into space.

Everything stopped.

Five seconds later, everything returned to normal.

The black sickle nodded, "This letter."

"The last two questions, what exactly are you looking for me for?"

"I want you," Xiang Nan said. "I want you to follow me."

Black Sickle said, "What can you give me?"

Xiang Nan waved his hand and a ray of sunlight shone down from the sky. Xiang Nan smiled and said, "Look, I can give you sunlight."

The black sickle smiled back and forth.

On the contrary, Xiang Nan was very serious and said, "Sunshine, I can fight for it myself, I can get it myself."

"As you said, the heavens are dead."

"Then, follow me and replace the Dog's Day Heavens. If it doesn't dare to do it, I'll do it. If it doesn't want to do it, I'll do it."

The black sickle put away the dagger and said, "No one else can give it to you. It's interesting for you to fight for it yourself."

"The world is dirty," Xiang Nan nodded. "I won't be alone like you."

"The world can't give it to me. I'll take it myself. If the world can't give me the cleanliness I want, I'll wash it clean."

Xiang Nan put his face close to Black Sickle's eyes and said, "Look at my face. I am Heaven."

The black sickle nodded and said, "My name is Xiaohui. From now on, my life is yours."

Xiang Nan patted Black Sickle on the shoulder and said, "Let's go back to Moon City."

Along the way, Canyang asked Black Sickle, "What realm are you at?"

Black Sickle said, "Martial Sage Level 1."

"Damn it, I thought you were at least a Martial Saint fourth or fifth layer expert," Canyang said in surprise.

"Then do you think you can defeat Xiang Nan?"

Black Sickle said, "Let's see what to say. If I just fight him, I don't have a ten percent chance of winning. I'm afraid I'll lose, and I'll lose miserably."

"Could there be another situation?" Can Yang asked curiously.

Black Sickle said, "I can't beat him, but I can kill him. If I want to kill him, I have about a thirty percent chance."

"Is this different?" Can Yang couldn't figure it out anymore and said, "Doesn't it take a while to fight and kill? Anyway, it's going to be a battle."

Black Sickle smiled and said, "It's different, it's very different."

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