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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1649 It's All Dogs

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Chapter 1649 It's All Dogs

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Xiang Nan took out a bowl of wine, poured a bowl for Black Sickle, and also poured a bowl for himself.

Xiang Nan drank the strong liquor in his bowl and said, "I don't know if the Heavens are dead or not, but I know one thing very well. The Heavens can't care about it, I care about it."

"I will save those who are not saved by the heavens. I will kill those who are not killed by the heavens."

The black sickle looked at Xiang Nan in surprise, and then fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he said, "I was born in a wealthy family. My family doesn't dare to say that they are the rulers and hegemons of our plane, but they are at least some of the best."

"As for me, I am the direct descendant of the Clan Chief. Furthermore, I am the one with the strongest talent and the best potential. It can be said that I want wind and rain."

Xiang Nan nodded and said, "I can roughly tell from the way you dress and behave."

Black Sickle said, "I thought that my status and reputation should be the ultimate dream that everyone in the world is chasing. For me, life is too beautiful, everything is too cute."

"Until one day, I happened to meet a girl from a poor family. I fell in love with her, and she fell in love with me."

"But guess what, what's the result?"

Xiang Nan said, "Your clansmen killed her?"

Black Sickle shook his head with a smile and said, "No, my father married her."

Xiang Nan fell silent.

The black sickle smiled and said, "I went to find my father. He patted me on the shoulder and said, 'I gave you everything. What is a woman? Without this woman, I will give you a hundred more beautiful women."

At this point, Black Sickle's smile had already turned somewhat bleak.

He said, "I went to look for that girl again. I asked her, isn't the person you love the most me? You are the purest and most beautiful girl in my heart. You should not eat the fireworks in the world. You should be willing to do anything for love."

"If you want, I can give up all of my glory and wealth. I'll take you far away."

"Do you know how she answered me?" Black Sickle laughed self-deprecatingly.

Xiang Nan shook his head.

Black Sickle said, "I'm afraid she can't go back. People in Jianghu are like fish in the water. So what if Jianghu is like that water? If the water is dirty, the fish will be clean and will still be dirty."

"She can't come with me. She can't help it anymore."

Xiang Nan nodded.

Black Sickle took out a small porcelain bottle and said, "This is a kind of pill that allows people to tell the truth. Of course, it is not very effective against people with firm willpower. I know that she is only using a set of seemingly gorgeous words to justify herself."

"I want to see her sincerity beneath that pure exterior."

"You secretly gave it to her." Xiang Nan said.

Black Sickle nodded and said, "After taking the pill, she spat out the truth. She said that she has fallen in love with this kind of wealth and honor, and she can't go back to those poor lives."

"It's that simple."

Xiang Nan suddenly came to a realization and said, "So it's like this. Your heart is already dead."

Xiang Nan understood this feeling very well. To a certain extent, Black Sickle's encounter was similar to Xiang Nan's.

Both of them used to stand at the top of the world, in the most shining position. Everyone they saw was smiling and bowed. Their lives were perfect and enviable.

But just at this moment, Black Sickle encountered a turning point in his life. He was "taught" by that innocent and beautiful girl.

It was like a child who had lived in an ivory tower from childhood to adulthood, living the best life in the world and dreaming of the beautiful love in fairy tales.

But suddenly, one day, someone cruelly took away the fairy tale in his hand and put the most filthy erotic book in front of him.

This kind of impact was a direct blow to the soul, destroying all one's fantasies and dreams of beauty.

This kind of thing was even more desperate than seeing a cruel world and a cruel slaughter.

The result of that was not that he began to fear this world, but that he began to hate this world and was filled with despair towards humanity.

Black Sickle looked at Xiang Nan and said earnestly, "You know, people are dogs."

"No matter how benevolent and grand he looks, no matter how pure and inviolable he looks, this is just a hypocrisy he uses to disguise himself."

"People are dogs, lowly bastards, lowly dogs!"

"Whoever gives it benefits, it will wave its tail at him."

Xiang Nan was silent as he thought to himself, If Black Sickle had only met an ordinary woman, perhaps it might not have resulted in such a result in the end.

But what he encountered was the purest, purest, and kindest beautiful girl he thought he was, and it was the sudden "betrayal" of such a girl that could cause the most serious harm to a man.

Xiang Nan and Black Sickle touched the bowl and drank together.

Black Sickle smiled mockingly and said, "I can clearly see that human nature is such a thing. Human beings are just such a thing."

"Morality and love are all lies they made up. Humans are nothing more than that."

"Everyone is like this. Everyone is wearing a mask. Take off the mask on his face. What you see is greed, dirt, lust, and beastliness."

"So you only believe in yourself," Xiang Nan said.

Precursors and consequences had created this black sickle. He hated this world, but he believed that his own feelings were real. He was the cleanest person.

So he did everything meticulously. He took care of himself neatly and respectfully, but at the same time, he did not want to choose to be corrupt. He did not want to become like those dirty people. He lived like a lotus blooming on the bank of a silt river.

However, in his eyes, the rest of them were not humans. They were all dogs and bastards.

That was why he killed those people. It was those people who caused his inner world to collapse. He hated human nature, but there were still traces of fantasy left in his heart.

Therefore, he killed people, painfully killing people, using this kind of method that was close to self-mutilation to vent the resentment in his heart.

Xiang Nan knew that there were two kinds of troublesome people in this world.

One is a bloodthirsty person. They are really accustomed to slaughter and enjoy it. It's hard for you to convince them to change their ways, but at least, there is still a small chance for them to do so.

There is another kind of person, they may not have the cruel environment that the former kind of person passed through, they may have experienced, in your opinion, a trivial matter.

However, this kind of person had lost hope for the whole world and for everyone. This kind of person was the hardest to pull over.

You can't make him change his ways, because he's not heartless, he's desperate for humanity itself.

In the eyes of Canyang and Lan Tian, what Black Sickle had experienced was nothing. They thought that this Black Sickle had gone through some kind of bitter enmity before it became like this.

In the end, wasn't he just dumped by a woman?

However, Xiang Nan was well aware of Black Sickle's psychological fluctuations. He knew that for a person like Black Sickle, you had killed his entire family in front of him.

How about his father patted his shoulder and said, "Woman, I want this, and I'll give you another hundred. This kind of injury is even greater."

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