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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1648 The Heavens Are Dead

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Chapter 1648 The Heavens Are Dead

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A child turned his head and looked at the black sickle with his big bright eyes. He also extended his right hand towards the black sickle.

They did not dare to ask for candy from the ferocious and cruel Canyang, nor did they dare to ask for candy from the dark-skinned and frightening-looking Blue Sky.

However, it seemed that Black Sickle, a gentle and handsome person, was even more harmless.

Black Sickle looked at the child who asked for candy and smiled sinisterly, "Little brat, it was this brat who pulled you over. If you die, blame him."

With that, the black sickle flipped his hands, both of them holding two black daggers. Then, he turned into a shadow and shot towards Xiang Nan.

Canyang's eyes turned cold. He was almost unable to control himself, wanting to attack Black Sickle at any time.

To Can Yang, killing children was a crime that would be punished with five thunder strikes.

Bluesky's expression also changed drastically, his hands condensing the Dipper Qi.

However, neither of them dared to act rashly. Just as Xiang Nan said, as long as one person attacked, and as long as one person resisted, the collision between the two sides would be completely impossible for these children to resist.

But even so, even Xiang Nan himself did not resist, even if the black sickle's dagger accurately cut Xiang Nan's neck.

However, Xiang Nan's physical body was also very strong. After his neck was sliced by the dagger, there would definitely be an air wave. This fragile air wave could still crush these children into powder.

Xiang Nan remained motionless, still smiling as he handed out sweets to the children.

At this moment, the black dagger had arrived, but in the end, the blade hung half an inch in front of Xiang Nan's throat.

The black sickle stopped moving and stared fixedly at Xiang Nan's face. He gritted his teeth and his hands that were holding the dagger turned pale with strength.

"Shameless." Black Sickle gritted his teeth.

Xiang Nan still lowered his head and smiled as he helped the children with their dishes. He didn't even raise his head and said, "Why, can't I do it? You're a killer."

"Killers should kill people without blinking an eye. In your eyes, human lives should not be considered as life at all. Human lives are just goods."

The black sickle said nothing.

Xiang Nan picked up a peanut and threw it into his mouth. "I know you can't do it, so why don't I help you?" He said.

As he spoke, Xiang Nan smiled faintly. His right hand condensed Astral Qi and slapped down on a child's head.

The black sickle's eyes moved, and his right hand quickly grabbed onto Xiang Nan's wrist!

Xiang Nan raised his head to look at Black Sickle and said, "What, if I don't let you do it yourself, you won't even have the heart to help you deal with them?"

The black sickle stared into Xiang Nan's eyes, and his eyes were about to spit out flames. He said in a deep voice, "You're provoking my bottom line."

Xiang Nan laughed and said, "Killers usually kill for two purposes. One is for money, and the other is for fame."

"I don't think you're the first. You're not here for money. I told Golden Phoenix Flower that if someone comes to ask her about the 500 low-grade Saint Spirit Stones, she must immediately reject them."

"But you still came to kill me. That means you didn't ask Golden Phoenix Flower at all, but I'm your employer. If you kill me, you won't get a commission."

Black Sickle remained silent.

Xiang Nan said, "But I don't think you're the second type. You're not a name."

'"Some killers clearly know that they may not be able to complete the mission, but he still tries his best to complete the mission. Perhaps after completing the mission, he will die. Even if he dies, he will not receive a commission. However, he will still do so."

"Because they want to be famous, they can't allow their reputation to be blackened. They want their names to be respected as supreme beings by all killers."

"But in your eyes, I didn't see this kind of persistence, so you didn't do it for fame."

The black sickle remained silent.

Xiang Nan nodded and muttered, "Then I'm curious. If you don't want fame and gain, then why did you become an assassin?"

"You know, I noticed a detail. When you were in the clock tower, there was a scene that caught my attention during the assassination of those killers I hired."

"Raise your head and face the sun. Greedily take a few breaths."

"Perhaps this scene isn't unusual in the eyes of others, but I've seen a lot of people. I know that a normal killer wouldn't do such a thing."

Xiang Nan stared into Black Sickle's eyes and said seriously, "You long for sunshine. Or rather, you like the warmth hidden beneath the smell of slaughter and blood."

"I also noticed."

Xiang Nan looked at Black Sickle's sleeves and said, "You look after yourself very decently and neatly. At first, I thought that it was just because you were obsessed with cleanliness and loved cleanliness."

'"But then I realized that you weren't. You weren't a cleanliness freak. You hated everything except you. You didn't want to have any contact with these things, including things, including the people from the Gale Fortress, including me."

"You live among them, but you don't want to join them."

Xiang Nan said thoughtfully, "What kind of person is a person who likes sunshine but at the same time loathes all mundane things?"

"When I think about it, I can only think of one result. To put it in a very vulgar way, it's called breaking a can and abandoning oneself."

Xiang Nan looked at Black Sickle's eyes seriously and said seriously, "You hate this world."

Black Sickle loosened his grip.

Xiang Nan said, "I really want to know why. If you are willing to answer my question, I can take the initiative to hand over my life to you. Let's leave this place and leave these children. If we want to kill or cut them, I will definitely not resist."

From the beginning to the end, the black sickle did not interrupt Xiang Nan's analysis. He just looked at Xiang Nan quietly, as if he was examining this young man.

At this moment, Black Sickle finally sat down and said, "Give me a jar of wine."

Xiang Nan carried the wine jar and handed it over to the black sickle.

Black Sickle took two big sips and wiped his mouth.

Blue Sky and Canyang were shocked to discover that this time, Black Sickle did not wipe the wine jar in advance and drank it directly.

Black Sickle thought for a moment and said, "To be honest, I don't have the confidence to kill you. If I ignore the realm, you may be the strongest martial artist I've ever seen. There isn't a single one."

"Although you rarely make a move, I believe in your keen sense of smell. I can discover that you are a very dangerous person."

"When I stood in front of you, it was as if all my actions and plans were clearly seen by you. I was unable to escape your gaze."

Xiang Nan smiled, "Thank you for the compliment."

Black Sickle drank another two mouthfuls of wine. He looked at the hurricane around him and suddenly laughed.

He said, "Look, this damned world is so cruel."

He pointed to the sky and said, "Look, this damned heavens is so cold and heartless."

"Everyone says that the heavens have eyes, but in my opinion, the heavens are blind."

"Right under its nose, there are so many cruel killings happening all the time."

"What did you say? Who did the heavens spare?"

"But in my opinion, it should be called who the heavens have cared about."

"The heavens are dead. Human lives are like grass."

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