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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1937 The Party is Over ⑥

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Chapter 1937 The Party is Over ⑥

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Thanks to everyone who finished their assigned cleanup joining in to help, preparations for the party wrapped up quickly. And so, the staff party began…… a party filled with maids.

Well, the maids hired to serve were the most numerous, and with Eta, Theta, and even Illness-san wearing maid uniforms, everyone except Anima, Caraway, and me was in maid uniform.

It might be a dream come true for maid enthusiasts, but in this world, maids are more considered as formidable beings than people overflowing with moe, and they’re, in fact, strong people.

[……But looking at it this way, Eta and Theta look quite good in maid uniforms.]

[Is that so? Hearing Master say that makes me happy.]

[The Maid World…… is deep. There are many powerful individuals here…… that we didn’t know about.]

When they first arrived at the mansion, they were making slime-like tea and rock-hard cookies, but now they’ve become quite skilled as maids.

The lively Eta is good at cleaning and laundry, often seen doing those tasks, while the dexterous Theta excels at cooking and frequently helps in the kitchen. I mean, we often eat together at night at Lilia-san’s mansion, but breakfast is often made by Theta and eaten in my room or in the dining room, so she’s quite good at it.

[I guess the Maid World really is that special?]

[Maids possess considerable combat skills, but unlike knights or adventurers, they don’t often fight on the front lines, so even though they’re strong, they’re not widely known.]

[As expected…… those known as the Super Maids are famous for their strength. However, even those who aren’t well-known…… can have combat skills on par with Peerage Holders. Even I was surprised…… when I learned about Illness-sama’s strength.]

Now that you mention it, I’ve heard that maids are stronger than average knights, but I rarely hear about maids taking on monsters instead of knight orders. They cooperate in missions, but it’s usually when the knights request support.

Combat skills are a necessary part of being a maid, but they don’t flaunt or use them recklessly.

[As for Illness-san, from what I heard from Frea-san and other people, she’s apparently quite famous in the old Demon Realm.]

[I see, it would certainly not be surprising for someone as strong as Illness-sama to be well-known. Theta and I are still quite young as Demons though, so we didn’t really know much about the old Demon Realm.]

[We’re just…… 763.]

[That’s still quite older than me though…… but well, I guess that’s young for a Demon?]

[As long as you remember your exact age…… you’re still considered young. Many of the older Demons only roughly remember their age…… remembering it as around how many thousands of years old they are or something like that.]

Now that they mentioned it, there certainly are few Demons who mentioned their exact age. Come to think of it, Neun-san also mentioned how she kept track for a few hundred years, but she eventually got rougher with her tracking.

[Ah, Master, your glass is almost empty. Let me prepare another……]

[Here…… you go.]

[Ahhh, thank you, Theta.]

[……Oi, Theta. I was just about to do that, you know?]

[It’s your fault for being slow. If you have time to chatter, you should instead be moving.]

[Now, now, no fighting. I’ll ask Eta to help next time.]

Eta and Theta are twins and usually get along well, but they often quarrel over trivial matters. Their arguments never get too serious, and they quickly make up…… but well, it’s that case of being close enough to fight often.

However, it’s a bit troublesome if they start fighting here, so I decided to lightly mediate and calm them down.

[Ah, Master! Let me get some food for you!]

[……If Eta gets to decide that, it’ll be too much, so you better consider how much Master eats.]

……When I was first told they’d be serving as maids, I was honestly a bit troubled, but now they’ve become like family. Watching them chat and laugh together is heartwarming…… and most of all, being together with them is fun.


Serious-senpai: [Eta and Theta have unique personalities, but they don’t make many appearances…… Guess they have something in common with the kouhais huh……]

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