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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1936 The Party is Over ⑤

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Chapter 1936 The Party is Over ⑤

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Hearing Jane’s really casual tone, like it was just a continuation of small talk, about raising the growth limit and growth speed left Laguna dumbfounded, a spear suddenly appeared in front of her.

It was a translucent blue spear, and when Laguna glanced at Jane, Jane gave her a slight nod. Confirming this, Laguna grasped the spear.

(It’s light, and it fits in my hand incredibly well…… It’s also so easy to infuse it with magic that I can tell just by looking. This truly is a spear made by a God…… Something that could never be forged by ordinary means……)

The extraordinary spear aside, Laguna could instinctively understand that Jane had solved her worries. The growth limit she had always felt was no longer perceptible.

Realizing this, Laguna gripped the spear tighter.

[Well, with that, my business here is done. I apologize for calling you out so suddenly.]

[N- No, rather, I don’t know how to thank you……]

[Hahaha, I’m the one who should be thanking you. We might have another chance to meet in the future, and when that time comes…… I’d appreciate it if you could just have a nice conversation with me. Tahaa~~ I’m sorry for being so haphazard!]

Jane, still as expressionless as before, announced that the matter was settled and started to dissolve the space, but before she could, Laguna hurriedly spoke up.

[P- Please wait!]

[Yes? What is it?]

[This may be a very rude request but…… When you first introduced yourself, you said “with your name here”, so if possible, I’d like to know your real name. Of course, I swear never to tell anyone.]

[Ahh, it’s alright. I just introduced myself that because that’s how I introduced myself to Kaito-sama…… It’s not like I’m particularly hiding my name. Well then, let me reintroduce myself. I’m Canalis.]

[Canalis-sama…… I’m truly grateful for this matter. If there’s ever anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask……]

[Those are kind words. If such an opportunity arises, I’ll be counting on you. Now then, I’ll send you back.]

With those words, the scenery wavered, and when Laguna realized it, she was standing by the seaside. It felt like a dream, but the blue spear in her hand proved that what had happened was real.


With a small smile, Laguna kicked off the sand and leaped into the sea. Activating a countermeasure spell to avoid disturbing the waves, she rapidly accelerated underwater, moving far offshore in an instant.

And then, upon reaching a place where there were no signs of people or ships, she leaped out of the water and swung the spear towards the sky.

The spear wielded by the one regarded as Human Realm’s Strongest produced a shockwave that split the cloudy night sky, allowing moonlight to shine upon the sea.

Bathed in the moonlight, Laguna wore an innocent smile, like that of a child.

(……Ah, the wall of limits I had always felt is gone. Feeling that I can still grow, what happiness…… Canalis-sama said she had extended it just a bit, but at least, for now, I can’t even tell how far my limits have been extended.)

The wall of growth limit that had vaguely been felt before was now completely unnoticeable. Laguna didn’t know to what extent the growth limit had been extended, but it was certain that it had been significantly extended to the point where she could no longer sense it at all.

Of course, she would need to train diligently to continue growing, but for someone who had been troubled by the feeling of her limits, it was a liberating sensation.

(……This won’t do, I can’t help but feel exhilarated. My body is itching to train as soon as possible. Fufu, I thought myself pretty old, but now I feel like a child……)

The sun had already set, so it wasn’t possible to begin serious training at that moment. However, the joy of being able to train and grow from now on filled Laguna’s heart with exhilaration.

(As expected, given my position, openly showing my faith to her…… might be inappropriate. However, I suppose offering personal prayers should be acceptable.)

Creating a foothold on the sea with magic, Laguna knelt down in a knightly salute, lowering her head and holding the blue spear above her head, she prayed.

(Canalis-sama, I offer my heartfelt gratitude and prayers……)

Having sworn not to speak her name, Laguna didn’t utter it even in this solitary place, instead offering deep gratitude and prayers to the God in her heart.


Serious-senpai: [I don’t know exactly to what extent, but it feels like she’d be somewhere between Count-rank and below Lilia level…… so perhaps she can reach the level of Duke-ranks? No, considering how Lilia was like under the effect of Critical Point of Fate during the God Realm Battle, she might go even further……]

~~ Additional Info~~

*changed for English viewers* The Author originally named Nebula as Nepula (pronounced as Nepyura), but the Translator thought it was just a typo, but apparently, the change from “b” to “p” was actually intentional. According to Translator-san though, he’s too lazy to change it to Nepula.

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