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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1935 The Party is Over ④

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Chapter 1935 The Party is Over ④

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[Author’s Notes]

~ ~ Useless Trivia ~ ~

The reason why the subspace Laguna arrived at was like an enormous river is because Jane Doe’s true name comes from the Latin word “canalis” which means “canal”, so the situation is reminiscent of that.

After waiting for Laguna to calm down, Jane, also known as Canalis, looks into Laguna’s memories.

[……Fumu, it seems like you’ve been particularly worried about being left behind by someone named Lilia-san, doesn’t it?]

[……You really can’t hide anything from a God huh. Yes, it was indeed as you said. Young Lilia and I had been having mock battles once a month now, and we’ve been growing together through mutual effort…… No, I suppose there’s no point in pretending here.]

Since the other party was an Omniscient God and could see Laguna’s memories, there was no point in hiding anything. With that thought, she felt she could honestly express the feelings she had been suppressing deep in his heart.

When Lilia grew significantly through her battles in the God Realm and reached a level where she could compete on equal footing with Laguna, she was truly happy.

Just as she was called the Strongest Human, there was no one among Humans who could match Laguna’s strength. Of course, if you included Demons and Gods, there were some who were equal or superior to her…… But if it’s just within Humans, Lilia was the first to reach the same level as Laguna.

That made her genuinely happy, and she threw herself into training even more, enjoying the rivalry.

[……Young Lilia and I have completely different conditions. Young Lilia has not yet reached her prime and is still developing, with a lot of room to grow, improving at an astonishing rate every day. But for me, that isn’t the case…… I’m already about 1800 years old. It may not be much time for Demons and Gods, seeing me as someone young, but I’ve been training for a long time. Us Humans are generally known for our rapid growth, and I was able to increase my strength on the same level as Count-ranks.]


Jane listened quietly to Laguna’s words, not interrupting her.

[……For quite a while now, I’ve felt the limit to my growth. I’m not saying I can’t grow at all, nor that there are no factors for me to grow further. But soon, my growth will stop, and I won’t be able to keep up with young Lilia’s growth speed…… No, I already can’t keep up with her at the moment. I’m just masking it with experience and technique, but that’s nearing its limit too.]

[Is that what’s causing you uneasiness?]

[Yes. I know it’s a rather luxurious worry. Even within Human history, I must be exceptionally gifted…… but still, I can’t help feeling frustrated. To be left behind by a good rival I finally found……]

She didn’t know exactly when it started, but Laguna vaguely felt her own limits. The wall she reached after continuous training…… She doesn’t want to accept it. That she would soon stop growing…… Thus, she threw herself into training even more.

And the more she trained, the more clearly she felt her growth limit approaching. If she stopped training, Lilia would leave her behind in no time. She had no choice but to keep pushing towards the visible wall, and that was her biggest worry recently.

[I see, I see. It would indeed be sad to be left behind by a rival. Well then, let’s go with that!]


[Your thank you gift, I mean. Let’s see…… To reach the level of talent and growth speed of someone like Lilia-san, it would require reconstructing your very existence…… Let’s see. It should be fine to extend your growth limit a little and increase your growth speed slightly. Just a moment, I’ll go ask permission from Shallow Vernal…… Yes…… Yes, something like that…… Eh? Something for lovers to eat together that doesn’t exist in this world? Well, I can make that…… Yes, if that’s what you want, I’ve got no problem with it. Yes, in that case……]

After announcing so casually that she would solve Laguna’s problem, Jane asked for permission from the creator of this world, Shallow Vernal.

After that, still expressionless as before, Jane spoke in a gentle voice.

[Alright then, I got the permission without any problems, so let’s get it done quickly…… There, all done.]

[Eh? Ah, errr……]

[The adjustment to your growth limit and growth speed is complete. Tahaa~~ I’m sorry it’s a reward that’s hard to feel immediately! As a bonus, I’ll also give you a spear I made myself. Ah, it doesn’t have any special effects; it’s just very durable and conducts magic well. Tahaa~~ I’m sorry it’s not some amazing Sacred Treasure~~ For something like that, I’d need more permission from Shallow Vernal, so please bear with this!]

Unable to keep up with Jane’s cheerful but expressionless declaration, Laguna was left with a bewildered expression on her face.


【Laguna’s Growth Limit has Slightly Increased (by an Omnipotent God’s Standards)】

【Laguna’s Growth Rate has Slightly Increased (by an Omnipotent God’s Standards)】

【Laguna has Obtained a Durable (capable of withstanding Cosmic Destruction-level Attacks) and Highly Conductive to Magic Power (100% transmission rate) Spear】

Serious-senpai: [The standards of an Omnipotent God are scary, but what is even more scary is the fact that Lilia is apparently still more talented and has a higher growth rate…… As expected of the World’s Bug.]

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