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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1938 The Party is Over ⑦

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Chapter 1938 The Party is Over ⑦

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After talking with Eta and Theta, I decided to take the opportunity to thank others as well. I had spoken briefly with Anima during the fireworks, but I hadn’t talked to Caraway yet, so I decided to start with her.

[Caraway, great job today. It seemed like we left most of the hosting to you, but was it tough?]

[Thank you for the hard work too, Miyama-sama. No, no, that isn’t the case. I actually had a lot of fun.]

When I called out to her, Caraway responded with a cheerful smile. Her tail was shaped like a heart, indicating she was in a good mood or happy, which was reassuring.

Me, Anima, Caraway, Eta, Theta, Illness-san…… that would be my household that were the main members on the host side…… Well, Illness-san is technically a maid at Lilia’s mansion, but she’s usually at my place, so I often forget that.

Of course, she still handles several times the workload of other maids at Lilia’s mansion while also managing most of the tasks at my house…… On top of that, she frequently enjoys her hobbies with Nebula. She’s truly impressive.

Well, that aside, among the members of my household, Caraway was the best suited for the hosting role, so I left most of it to her.

Nebula would likely excel at it too, but she couldn’t participate since she can’t stray far from her World Tree, so Caraway handled most of the hosting alone. Well, Alice did step in at the end part of the party, but other than that time, she’s mostly around the stage.

[You really seemed to fit the role. Your hosting was excellent.]

[Hmmm, I wasn’t consciously trying, but I suppose it might suit my personality. If there’s a similar opportunity in the future, please count on me.]

[Ahaha, alright. I haven’t thought about it yet, but if we have a second event, I’ll ask you again.]

[Yes! It could also be not just a party, we could plan some sort of event.]

[……Fumu, an event huh……]

Indeed, now that she mentioned it, I did think it would be great to host another party like this someday, but as Caraway said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a party.

[Now that you mentioned it, we could certainly organize something other than a party.]

[Yes. How should I say this…… We have sufficient budget…… Nifty’s sales are incredible after all…… Besides events that we had to directly participate in, we could even run a promotional campaign or something similar.]

[Ahh~~ A campaign does sound good. But if we’re doing that, wouldn’t it be better if we had our own store?]

[Yes, as Miyama-sama said, a store would offer more possibilities. However, opening one is quite challenging. Balancing between countries would require simultaneous openings in all three, and finding reliable people to manage the stores would be difficult.]

[Ahh~~ That’s certainly true…… If we have to hire someone, it becomes quite a large-scale effort, and finding trustworthy people would be difficult……]

Now that she mentioned it, finding trustworthy people to manage the stores is indeed quite difficult. If we had someone reliable for Nifty’s operations, like how Lilia-san has Mary-san, it would be great…… But giving the responsibility to Anima or Caraway would add too much to their workload, making it really challenging.

Currently, we have Anima, Caraway, Illness-san, and Nebula taking on most of the tasks, with Eta and Theta helping out as well…… It would also be ideal if we could find someone to oversee everything, but well, that won’t be easy……

[Well, let’s just think about that later. For now, let’s enjoy the afterparty.]

[Yes! Ah, Miyama-sama, let me pour you a drink.]

[Thank you.]

For the time being, I’ll set the thoughts about the store, campaigns, and other events aside. Now, I’ll just relax and enjoy the afterparty, engaging in a pleasant chat with Caraway.


Serious-senpai: [A trustworthy person to handle the tea-related operations…… A producer…… with the skills…… Speaking of which, there was also that Omnipotent fellow who wanted to serve the Absolute…… Ahh……]

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