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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1932 The Party is Over ①

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Chapter 1932 The Party is Over ①

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The ship party has ended…… but that doesn’t mean everything is over and we can just go home and rest. Even after seeing off the participants, there’s still cleanup and other tasks for us organizers.

The cleanup of the venue will primarily be handled by the maids, so what will I be doing…… Well, I’ll be preparing for the afterparty.

Since the maids helped us out this time, we’re holding an afterparty for the organizers in part of the venue to show our appreciation.

We have some of the food from the party as well as dishes bought from shops…… Well, there’s no real preparation needed since we just take them out of the magic box and arrange them…… Also, each maid has a room prepared for them, so they can either stay on the ship tonight or return home via Teleportation Magic.

As for me, I plan to stay on the magic ship for the night and return tomorrow.

[Miyama-sama, thank you for the hard work. It looks like we have enough hands for the cleanup, so I’ll help with the preparations.]

[Ah, Emily-san. Thank you. Could you arrange the drinks? I thought of making the drinks self-service.]


The one offering to help was Emily-san, who managed the maids dispatched for this event… The Super Maid of Physique.

Actually, I met Emily-san during the Maid Olympia judging, but unlike Alexandra-san (Aria-san) who I coincidentally met later and exchanged contact information with, I hadn’t exchanged contact information with Emily-san. So, I wasn’t sure where to send the invitation.

And so, I planned to send an invitation through Laguna-san, but before I could do that, she was introduced to me as a recommendation from the World Maid Association. No, seriously, that was a really fast recommendation…… I heard that she personally requested to participate, so her application came in immediately.

During the interview, I did suggest inviting her as a guest, but she preferred to work as a maid, and having a leader who could manage the maids does give everyone peace of mind.

[Are you okay, Emily-san? You don’t look tired but……]

[Yes, I’m perfectly fine. After the afterparty, I plan to return to the royal palace and resume my duties there.]

[Ehhh…… S- So you still have your duties as the Head Maid of Hydra Kingdom today?]

[Yes, I love my work after all.]

[I- I see……]

I’ve heard that Emily-san is a maid with inexhaustible stamina, but seeing it firsthand is impressive. The maids dispatched from the World Maid Association for this event took a break from their regular duties to participate, but Emily-san would apparently be resuming her duties as the Head Maid of Hydra Kingdom’s royal palace while helping here.

Even though Laguna-san gave her permission to prioritize our party preparations, Emily-san would return to the royal palace via Teleportation Magic to work as usual once she finished here.

Perhaps a workaholic, but unlike Illness-san who I’ve rarely seen take a break, Emily-san seems to never rest at all. Despite this, she doesn’t show any signs of fatigue; in fact, she looks even more energetic now than at the start of the party. I suppose that’s to be expected of the Super Maid of Physique.

When I asked Laguna-san about it, she just tiredly replied, “Ah, it’s fine. If you let her do as she likes, she really won’t take a break at all. She does it because she enjoys it, so just leave her be.”

Emily-san is a woman with tanned skin and chestnut-colored hair in a side ponytail, giving off a very healthy vibe. She’s around 190 cm tall and has an athletic build that suggests she’s well-trained.

Incidentally, her tanned skin is apparently not from sunburn but her natural skin color. She gives off the impression of a tall, athletic beauty.

[Well, if you ever feel tired, please don’t hesitate to say so. Please, don’t overdo it.]

[Thank you for your concern. However, that’s exactly what feels goo…… Ahh, no, I mean, of course, there are times when I feel a bit tired, but right now, I feel completely refreshed in both body and mind, so I’m fine.]

Emily-san’s bright smile conveys a sense of kindness and friendliness. However, being Laguna-san’s former rival, she seems to be extremely skilled……



The Head Maid of Hydra Kingdom’s Royal Palace and one of the only four Super Maids in the world, known as the Super Maid of Physique. She is a tall woman with a bright and kind personality, and she loves her work so much that she is always working. Her inexhaustible stamina is so legendary that no one has ever seen her look tired.

……However, her true nature…… is “a self-sufficient masochist who finds pleasure in fatigue”. She experiences pleasure from feeling tired, which activates her body and cells to recover from fatigue, making her more energetic the more she works.

She was once Laguna’s rival, and Laguna, who has fought her many times, states “If you don’t settle it in a short battle, the longer it drags on, the more exhausted you’ll get while she keeps getting more energetic, making a long battle hell.”……

She is always working, and when Laguna forcibly gives her a day off, she just finds temporary work elsewhere.

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