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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1933 The Party is Over ②

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Chapter 1933 The Party is Over ②

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With Emily-san helping out, we proceeded with the preparations. But, well, since all we were doing was taking things out of the Magic Box and arranging them, it wasn’t much of a hassle, and it turned into more of a chat.

[By the way, I’ve heard that you were once considered Laguna-san’s rival……]

[Ahh, there was indeed a time when I was called that for a short period. In the past, the Human Realm had very few immigrants, and not many people had seen a Peerage Holder, so I was called that. But in reality, Laguna-sama was always a level above me. Even when we first met, she would win 9 out of 10 times. I was only called a rival because I could somewhat hold my own against her. But that was only for about 500 years after the Treaty of Friendship was signed, so it was a short period……]

From what Frau-san told me during the Maid Olympia, Emily-san is a Viscount-rank Demon. Laguna-san is currently on the level of a Count-rank, but she had mentioned that back when she was traveling with the Hero Party, her strength was at the upper level of Viscount-ranks, almost reaching Count-rank. And so, Emily-san is probably quite strong among Viscount-rank Demons.

[……Emily-san, you’re a Demon, right? In that case, you came to the Human Realm quite early, right after the friendship treaty was signed?]

[Yes, I was originally interested in the Human Realm. My family are fishermen in the Demon Realm, but my grandmother was a Mermaid who got lost and settled in the Demon Realm long ago. She told me many stories about the Human Realm. So, right after the Treaty of Friendship was signed, I volunteered for the reconstruction support and worked in the Human Realm. That’s when Laguna-sama noticed me and approached me.]

[You were scouted because of your work ethic and abilities then?]

[Ah, no. It was more like I was scolded because I worked for about 48 days straight without a break, and everyone around me was getting freaked out. After that, various things happened, and Laguna-sama hired me. She told me to take breaks many times, but eventually, she gav…… she understood what I wanted.]

That isn’t just workaholic level…… Moreover, it’s not like she’s being forced by anyone; she just loves working so much that Laguna-san must have been quite troubled.

Even though she was suggesting breaks and vacations out of consideration for Emily-san, they were unwanted or even disliked. She feels somewhat similar to Ein-san, who even Kuro gets exasperated with. Although Kuro insists Ein-san takes some breaks, it’s on the level of a few minutes every few months.

[Come to think of it, one of the reasons Laguna-sama had me start training with her might have been to make me stop working for a while, no matter the method. That said, I don’t really like fighting, so I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it.]


[Yes, it’s only when certain conditions align that battles feel goo…… Errr, excuse me. My fighting style shines in long-term battles, but mock battles rarely last that long, and in a real battle between Peerage Holders, it could last days or even months…… so I don’t often get the chance to utilize my forte.]

(Note: Mochiaji means forte, but well…… see that “……” before the sentence? mochiaji was placed there, so there could be an unsaid “ki” before the sentence, turning mochiaji to “kimochi aji”, which turns the sentence to “I don’t often get the chance to experience the tasteful stuff.)

[I see. In mock battles, it usually ends at some point, so it doesn’t turn into a long-term battle.]

What’s this? What she’s saying is very reasonable. It makes sense that in mock battles, it would be hard to use her forte. But somehow, I kinda felt a bit of a murky emotion there for a moment.

It felt like the kind of vibe Pandora-san, Phenex-san, or Tiamat-san give off when they talk about their fetishes…… N- No, comparing her to them is too rude…… Must be my imagination, unn. It’s probably just my imagination. I mean, look, Emily-san has such a refreshing atmosphere…… Unnn. Let’s not think about it.

[B- But, hearing you talk like this, it really sounds like you love your work, Emily-san.]

[Yes, I absolutely love it. Especially during busy periods when there’s an abundance of tasks. The pleasu…… The feeling of getting into the zone while processing work endlessly and the euphoria that comes with a job well done is quite delightful.]

[A- Ahh~~ It’s like how you feel your best when you warm up a bit during exercise, right?]

[Yes. fufufu.]

[A- Ahaha……]

I thought I was diverting the conversation to avoid stepping into strange territory, but it seems I accidentally hit the nail on the head.

For a brief moment, her face showed sheer ecstasy when she talked about busy periods…… I don’t think she’s just one of those that gets motivated. She clearly looks like she had a particular kink for it.

Well, at least she’s trying to hide it and put on a facade, so I guess she’s much better than those three perverts.


Serious-senpai: [……And so, the Four Heavenly Masochists have finally been revealed…… In an Extra Story way before, Shea was included as a filler, but she’s more of a hardworking person than a masochist. Now, with Pandora, Phoenix, Tiamat, and Emily, the Four Heavenly Masochists are complete…… Three-fourths of them are Phantasmal King’s subordinates though!?]

? ? ?: [Please don’t bring that up. I’m already having a hard time dealing with it myself……]

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