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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1931 Ship Party ㊿

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Chapter 1931 Ship Party ㊿

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Well, in the end, no one stayed inside the hall to watch the fireworks through the windows; everyone moved to the deck to watch the fireworks.

The party started while it was still bright, but now the sun had completely set, providing a perfect setting for the fireworks.

[Master, thank you for the hard work.]

[I’m the one who should be telling you that, Anima. You’ve been directing things the whole time, haven’t you? Thank you…… Now it’s just greeting and seeing people off, then cleaning up, so we can be a bit more relaxed.]


While waiting for the fireworks to start, Anima came close, and we exchanged words of appreciation. Anima had mostly been working behind the scenes, directing everything. Unlike Caraway, who I occasionally saw hosting the event, or Eta and Theta, who were moving art pieces, I barely saw Anima during the party.

As we talked, the fireworks began. With a loud sound, colorful fireworks appeared in the night sky, captivating us with their beauty.

Since we were on the open sea with no obstructions, the view was incredibly clear and felt quite luxurious. Actually, given how far out at sea we were, it wasn’t a place where fireworks would normally be set off, so these fireworks created using Gods’ power were indeed quite extravagant.

[It’s a magnificent sight. I’ve seen fireworks before, but these seem much more vivid and intricately designed than what I’m familiar with.]

[In my world, events called fireworks festivals exist…… They’re events where watching the fireworks was the main attraction, and they were quite popular.]

This time, with Makina-san’s involvement, the fireworks were quite elaborate, reminding me of the fireworks festivals I attended in the past. Glancing to my side, I saw Anima enjoying the display, her eyes shining as she looked up at the sky.

Well, since she was right beside me, I gently held Anima’s hand…… She looked surprised for a moment, but then she smiled and intertwined her fingers with mine.

Without saying anything more, we just stood side by side, watching the beautiful fireworks.

After watching the fireworks, we returned to the party venue for the closing remarks. Since we were wrapping things up, it was the perfect time to give the final speech, so I took the Loudspeaker Magic Tool and stepped onto the stage.

“Once again, thank you all for coming to the onboard party today. Since this was my first time hosting a party, there may have been some shortcomings, but I’m glad if you enjoyed it. Despite everything, I had fun planning and organizing the party, so I might host another one like this in the future. If your schedule allows, I hope you can join us again then.”

The speech was really simple and only took a few minutes. After that, I handed out souvenirs to people as they left the venue, serving as a way to see them off.

The souvenirs consisted of sample tea leaves from Nifty and a special blend prepared by Nebula and Illness-san for today’s event, essentially a tea leaves set.

We had considered items like cups, but given the risk of ceramic breaking and the inconvenience of carrying larger items, we settled on the tea leaves set.

[Thank you for today.]

[Likewise…… S- So in here is the blend using Nebula-sama’s treasured tea leaves……]

[Ein, you shouldn’t open it here. Wait until we get home.]

[Uuuu…… Yes.]

Ein-san, who momentarily looked like a bloodthirsty carnivore, nodded meekly after being scolded by Kuro.

As I thought, Ein had probably been so well-behaved during the party because Kuro told her to.

[Kuro too, thank you.]

[No, it was a fun party. With Kaito-kun hosting the event, it’s nice because we can enjoy ourselves without worrying too much about our status. I’m looking forward to the next one.]

I see, since I’m not affiliated with any major faction in a public sense, it seems like people were able to enjoy the party without worrying about their respective statuses.

Indeed, in a normal party, someone like Kuro, one of the Six Kings, would be a significant VIP and would likely receive a lot of special attention, which she probably doesn’t enjoy.

In that sense, there’s a demand for parties hosted by me…… It might be a good idea to consider a second one after some time.

With these thoughts in mind, I handed out souvenirs and exchanged a few words with each person…… and just like that, the first party I ever hosted ended.


Serious-senpai: [Alright, that’s the end of the party. There was a bit of flirting at the end, but that much is fine. Now then, on to the next arc.]

? ? ?: [There’s still the event where Pandemonium visits with the wine she got from Nebula-san, remember?]

Serious-senpai: [Ah…… Ahhh…… R- Right……]

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