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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1930 Ship Party ㊾

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Chapter 1930 Ship Party ㊾

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With the bingo game, which was the last sideshow, over, the party was now in its final stages. I had already done my round of greetings, so all I had to do was to say a few last words to close the party.

Well, I just wanted to say “Thank you very much for your time today and I look forward to having this opportunity again”, not having to talk too long, so it’s not a problem.

Looking around the venue, the atmosphere of the place was that everyone was leisurely chatting, as if they knew that the end of the event was near.

However, even so, it seems that things have grown quite large since we started thinking about how to make use of the magic ship I had been given.

It was quite hectic, but moving around busily here and there somehow ended up being fun. No, it would be tough to organize events like this regularly, but doing it occasionally in a festive mood was enjoyable, enough that I might consider hosting a party again after some time has passed and if I feel like it.

There were no major unexpected events, and the party went on quite peacefully……

(Kaito-san, there’s something I’d like to consult with you. I’ve consulted with Earth God and I’d like to give you a little gift as a thank you for the party, how about it?)

……Eh? At this time? What’s more, it’s something you’re jointly doing with Eden-san…… or rather, Makina-san? Is that going to be alright? I feel like it could cause a big fuss……

(I don’t think there will be a problem. The suggestion to set off some fireworks had just been brought up earlier, so there wasn’t really a need for us to prepare anything. According to Earth God, they intend to prepare traditional Japanese fireworks, so the atmosphere will be a bit different from those in this world.)

I see, well, I’m not sure about its origins at all, but fireworks do have a strong image within Japanese culture, and there are fireworks in this world as well, perhaps introduced by past Hero Actors, but I felt that there weren’t many types around.

This party served Japanese food, along with some other stuff that fit the “otherworld culture” theme, so it might not be a bad idea to have fireworks at the end of the party.

(Since Kaito-san also seems to be feeling favorable to the idea, let’s set off around “100,000 fireworks”……)

Please stop right there! T- That number is just wrong! Since we have no idea how long it would take to set off 100,000 fireworks, considering the duration of the party, please limit it to an amount that will last about 20 to 30 minutes.

(I see, I understand.)

Also, please talk about this to Caraway, who’s facilitating the event…… Ahh, no, Caraway or Anima would panic if Shiro-san suddenly brought that up to them……

Errr, I’m going to be the facilitator then? However, can I really move the event along in a timely manner……

[……Alice, are you aware of the situation?]

[I wasn’t really listening to whatever it was, but I was paying attention to what Shallow Vernal-sama and Makina were talking about…… I’ll take a peek at your memory. Ahh, I see…… I’ll handle the proceedings then.]

[That would be great, thank you.]

[Well, considering those Gods, this is still them being relatively calm, so let’s think of this kind of unexpected plan as manageable.]

Alice is really reliable; she quickly understands the situation by glancing at my memories and immediately takes action, which is incredibly reassuring. I’ve relied on her quite a bit for this party, so I feel bad adding more to her plate, but I’m relieved that she’s taken on the role of emcee.

Shortly thereafter, it seemed like Alice had informed Caraway and Anima, as I saw Caraway, who was likely checking on the timing backstage, retreat further back.

A little later, Caraway climbed onto the stage with a Loudspeaker Magic Tool…… but that Caraway’s probably Alice in disguise using transformation magic.

“Everyone, the party is nearing its end, but before that, we have an unscheduled surprise event to add. To commemorate this party, by the graciousness of the God of this world, Shallow Vernal-sama, and the otherworld God Eden-sama, there will be fireworks in about 30 minutes. You can view them from these windows, but for those who want a clearer view, we will temporarily open the deck. If you wish to watch from there, please follow the maids near the door.”

Looking toward the mentioned doors, I saw several maids waiting…… but I didn’t recognize any of them, so they were probably Alice’s clones. How should I say this…… She’s really too capable.

I was truly saved by her, so let’s thank her next time by treating her to a delicious meal.


Serious-senpai: [W- Well, considering those two Gods, at least they didn’t do it on their own. That’s something.]

? ? ?: [It would have been nice if they had told us earlier, but I guess that was just a spontaneous idea. Well, if it’s just something like this, that’s manageable……]

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