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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1929 Ship Party ㊽

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Chapter 1929 Ship Party ㊽

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As the bingo game progressed and the number of bingos increased, Greene and Anne were standing side by side at the edge of the party hall, staring at their bingo cards.

In the middle of the party, Greene was with Lilia and Lunamaria, while Anne was with Tre and Razelia. However, as the party approached its final stages, they regrouped for the last sideshow.

[……Anne-san, hypothetically speaking……]

[What is it?]

[For example, if I got a bingo here and I picked out that extremely expensive-looking necklace with the midnight crystal on display over there, do you think I would gain animosity from the people around?]

[Hmmm. I think it should be fine…… Or rather, up to this point, almost no one has paid any attention to it. Basically, high-ranking Demons often create their clothing with magic, so wouldn’t jewelry not be that popular to them?]

Needless to say, being commoners, Greene and Anne are overwhelmed by the prizes lined up on the stage. However, as they had seen the second person to get bingo, Kaori, having a relatively commoner-like demeanor similar to them, they were now just enjoying the bingo game, hoping for a good prize to get if luck happened to be on their side.

Greene’s eyes were glued to a necklace that was lavishly adorned with a midnight crystal, a rare and extremely expensive item even by world standards. It was an ornament that would be impossible for her to obtain on her salary, and Greene’s eyes sparkled with admiration for such a thing.

[……Even so, despite all the expensive magic tools and ornaments on display, looking at the winners so far, they’ve chosen almost exclusively artwork and knick-knacks, haven’t they?]

[This is just my guess…… but those magic tools on the stage may certainly be of such rank that it’s difficult for us to even see them, but as Phantasmal King-sama said at the beginning, aren’t they all commercially available? For the top-ranked people from various fields here, they may have custom-made magic tools or be able to use the magic itself on their own, so such things wouldn’t be very attractive to them, right?]

[Ahh, I see…… The participants’ levels are so high that they either already possess similar items, or if they do need something like it, it wouldn’t cost them much to buy it themselves. And so, they’re choosing things that they found unusual, such as works of art and knick-knacks……]

[That’s what I think. Even Death King-sama, who just got a bingo, also chose a small container……]

Yes, while the magic tools on the stage were indeed luxurious, they wouldn’t particularly pique the interest of Human Realm’s Rulers and the high-ranking nobles, the Demon Realm’s Six Kings and their Executives, or the Divine Realm’s Supreme Gods and High-ranking Gods.

Of course, Alice, who prepared the event, had already taken such things into consideration, and right from the start, she had prepared prizes such as magic tools for ordinary people like Greene and Anne, and rare crafts and miscellaneous items for the wealthy participants.

[……By the way, Anne-san, you’ve also got two slots there that would net you a bingo, but is there something you’re looking forward to getting?]

[If it’s possible…… I would like to have that magic box. That one on the platform is made with black magic crystal, which is something out of reach for me personally……]

[Oya, you don’t have a magic box?]

[No, I do have one, but it’s not a very good magic box. When operating as a group, there’s a need to bring along a lot of essential items like mining tools, food, and drinks. Even for a medium-sized group, this amounts to quite a quantity. Currently, I’m managing this by preparing several magic boxes made from low-purity magic crystals to handle these needs. However, if I could get my hands on a black magic crystal magic box, I could store everything in a single magic box, which would be incredibly helpful……]

“Our next number is 22.”

[-Eh? Ahh, b- bingo.]

[You did it, Anne-san! Congratulations!]

[T- Thank you. I’ll be off for a moment then.]

As they were talking, Anne happened to get bingo on the next number. Smiling happily at Greene’s congratulatory words, she made her way to the stage and successfully obtained the magic box she had been aiming for.

Furthermore, two numbers later, Greene also got a bingo, and she was able to acquire the Midnight Crystal necklace that had remained without any issues. All things considered, both of them seemed very happy.


Serious-senpai: [Ah, I see, if they’re all commercially available, then those things are definitely for the general public……]

? ? ?: [Of course, they were prepared after researching in advance who wants what. Alice-chan wants Kaito-san’s party to end on a positive note for everyone. However, if those were given away as memorabilia, the guests would instead feel apologetic, so that sideshow was prepared thinking that it would make them feel like they were lucky enough to get it. Kaa~~ Alice-chan is just so talented, as a fan, I couldn’t help feeling really happy!!!]

Serious-senpai: [……Well, she actually is quite competent, and as usual, her dedication to acting in the shadows is too great.]

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