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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1928 Ship Party ㊼

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Chapter 1928 Ship Party ㊼

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And so, the bingo game started, but there was nothing special about it, just an ordinary bingo game.

Alice takes a large spherical lottery machine out of nowhere, spins it, takes out a ball with a number written on it, and reads it out. If the number matches, the player makes a hole on that spot in their bingo card.

“Now then, for our third number, 17…… Let’s raise a hand for any of you who are one step away from a bingo~~”

[……Ah, me.]

“That’s strange. I should have adjusted things so that Blessing effects wouldn’t apply, but why are you straight out only one step away from a bingo? No, there are also others who are one step away from bingo but……”

The bingo card in my hand was indeed one step away from a bingo, as along with the free hole in the middle, I just needed one more…… a 7 and it would be a bingo.

Alice said she had taken precautions, so she had probably negotiated with Shiro-san in advance to make sure my Blessing didn’t take effect.

(Yes. As requested, the Luck Correction by my Blessing has been removed for this bingo game.)

Then, this situation really is just a coincidence. Well, it’s common in bingo games for someone to be one step away from a bingo early, only to not win for a long time, and in the end, if you don’t get a bingo, it’s meaningless……

“Yes. Our next number…… is 7.”


“Kaito-san? Did you pick up a Luck Correction buff from a strange place again? Hmmm, but I don’t sense any indication of that, so it was just a coincidence…… The probability of getting a bingo straight from the start of the game is about 1 in 500,000, so it’s technically not impossible. Anyhow, there seem to be no other bingo players, so congratulations! Now, please go up on the stage and choose your prize. Meanwhile, as Kaito-san chooses his prize, our bingo game continues.”

It was an unexpected straight-out bingo, earning me the first pick. I’m kinda iffy having the organizer be the first one to pick, but looking around at the participants, I saw no signs of dissatisfaction, and some, such as Isis-san, were clapping happily.

For the time being, I went up on the stage and looked at the prizes, and there were quite a few. However, taking something too big feels kinda awkward here, and there’s nothing in particular that I want…… Ah, there’s a new book I was thinking of buying later. I’ll take this one.

[I’ll take this one then.]

“Yes, yes, alrighty. Then, our next number is……”

When I picked my prize and got off the stage, the drawing had gone on twice since I won, and there was a second bingo.

[……Eh? Ah…… Eehhh……]

“Whoa, our second bingo goes to Mizuhara Kaori-san, who runs an Otherworld Restaurant in Friendship City. Congratulations. Now, please go up on the stage and choose your prize.”

[Ahyii, y- yes……]

To my surprise, the second bingo winner was Kaori-san. Kaori-san was obviously very embarrassed as she walked up to the podium and stood in front of the prize section.

There, she immediately glanced at a large magic tool…… a Teleportation Magic Tool, but I saw her shaking her head frantically and looking towards the items with a lower value.

Seeing Kaori-san, who was clearly being reserved with the others, I went up on the platform again, moved next to her, and whispered.

[……Kaori-san, don’t you want the Teleportation Magic Tool?]

[Ueehhh!? K- Kaito-kun…… Uuuu, i- indeed, if not for this opportunity, I would haven’t had the chance to get a Teleportation Magic Tool, and it would certainly be really convenient to have one, but it’s too expensive for me to choose……]

[No, it should be alright. I mean, to be honest, most of the participants here probably either have Teleportation Magic Tools or can use Teleportation Magic themselves, so there aren’t many people who would want it……]

[……Eh? Ahh, i- is that so? Wouldn’t doing that be frowned upon?]

[You’ll be alright. First, that happening is unlikely, but if anyone complains, I’ll protect you, so don’t worry.]

[Uuu, saying such a cool thing……]

Since she had won the bingo, I’d really like her to choose what she wants without hesitation. After telling her that if anything happens, I’ll take care of it, showing a slightly worried expression for a moment, Kaori-san nodded and called out to Alice.

[U- Umm, Phantasmal King-sama. May I have this Teleportation Magic Tool……]

“Yes, yes, alrighty. You want to have it placed in a random box for you to take home?”

[Ahh, I have a magic box, so it’s fine. Thank you very much.]

“Now, there are still a lot of great prizes to be won! It’s about time for more bingos to pop out. Our next number……”

Kaori-san put the Teleportation Magic Tool into her magic box and got off the stage with me.

[I- I was so nervous…… Kaito-kun, thank you for coming. Umm, I was very anxious, so having you there makes me happy.]

[No, I’m glad if I could help you even a little bit.]

[Ugh, y- you’re as much of a playboy as always……]

When I responded to Kaori-san’s words with a smile, she blushed a little and scratched her cheek with a wry smile.


Serious-senpai: [It’s certainly one of the most expensive magic tools, but it seems like there aren’t many people in that party who would want it.]

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