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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1927 Ship Party ㊻

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Chapter 1927 Ship Party ㊻

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After speaking with Sieg-san, I continued to rely on the ability Eden-san gave me to make the rounds and was able to complete all the greetings in not too much time.

Although the party was reaching its end, there was still quite a bit of time left. Just as I was thinking about what I was going to do, I saw Caraway go up on stage.

“Everyone, please excuse my interruption again while we’re having fun. We will soon move on to the last sideshow of the party. The sideshow will be led by Phantasmal King-sama, and so, without further ado, the stage is theirs.”

Come to think of it, I think there was a mention of a “bingo game” at the end of the sideshow schedule that Alice had given me. I wondered what a bingo game would be like at a party like this, but Alice told me it would be fresh and fun since it’s a culture that isn’t common in this world.

While I was thinking about this, Alice, in her Phantasmal King form, came up on the stage and spoke. She didn’t seem to possess a Loudspeaker Magic Tool, but since it’s Alice, she should be able to use Loudspeaker Magic even without it.

“Yes, yes. Well then, I will now be taking charge of the stage, and we will be playing a little game. It would be a bingo game, one of the entertainments often held at parties in the otherworld where Kaito-san is from. I think there are many people who don’t know about it, so I will explain it including the rules. Please enjoy it as an opportunity to experience the culture of another world.”

After prefacing her explanation with this, Alice explains the rules of the bingo game. Well, the rules aren’t that complicated, so after a brief explanation, the introduction of the prizes begins.

The maids seem to be going around handing out bingo cards as they go along, and I’m given one too…… If they expressly handed me one too, does that mean I can join in?

Or rather, the prizes…… Were they prepared by Alice? I did tell her to send an invoice for the sideshow expenses to Anima, but I will check again later to make sure Alice didn’t pay out of her own pocket.

“……Ahh~~ Before we introduce the prizes, I’d like to say a word or two…… We have prohibited the use of Law of Causality Manipulation, Luck Manipulation, Phenomenon Establishment or any such things in this bingo game. We have set up a barrier to prevent such things here in this venue, but everyone, please be prudent. Ahh, and for those Gods who might still try something, we also have some basic countermeasures.”

That’s an unusual warning for a normal bingo game, but since more than half of the people in this venue are capable of Law of Causality Manipulation, Space-Time Magic, Phenomenon Establishment, and other such cheating magic, in a sense, giving out that warning may be important.

And as for Shiro-san and Eden-san, who seem to be able to slip through those countermeasure wards, it seems she also prepared some other countermeasure.

“The one who prepared the prizes this time is me. Kaito-san has nothing to do with them, and there are no items related to Kaito-san…… Oi, you b*stards! I figured you guys would be aiming for those, but don’t blatantly show your lack of interest, you Gods!”

Upon hearing Alice’s words, Shiro-san handed the bingo card she had in her hand to the nearby Chronois-san, while Makina-san placed her bingo card on the table and started drinking her beverage.

Unn, well, those two certainly don’t need prizes, able to create whatever they want if they really want it…… Well, if the two of them have lost interest, things would be kinda peaceful in a way.

“I got a little annoyed with how blatant some people are, but it seems we can go on without a problem, so it’s all good. As for the prizes, there will be no “first prize” or “second prize”, but rather, the winners will get to choose what they want with the time they won as the basis for the ordering. I’ve prepared a wide range of items like magic tools, artworks, and decorations. Most of the prizes are commercially available, but we have asked Nebula, who lives in Kaito-san’s house, to help us make some of the prizes. Well, as for the prizes itself, they will be displayed at the back of the stage, so please take a look. There’s no time limit for choosing, so feel free to decide after winning. However, since bingo continues while you choose, items with limited quantities are first-come, first-served. Well, that’s how it’s going to be.”

After a brief explanation, Caraway, Eta and Theta placed the prizes on the stage. There are quite a variety of things, even some huge ones that look like Teleportation Magic Tools. It looks like there are a lot of gorgeous prizes, but since the participants are all top-class people from various fields, that much might be necessary.

Also, there’s some sort of signage…… Errr, “In cooperation for some of the prizes, Underworld King Kuromueina”…… Ahh~~ so Kuro is also involved, then the magic tools are from her company? Alice and Kuro are pretty close…… I feel like some sort of light-hearted exchange like “Kuro-san, please offer the prizes~~” “Okay~~” went for the prizes to be provided.


Serious-senpai: [Indeed, that’s the best possible measure to deter Shiro and Makina. That’s why she didn’t let Kaito get involved in the preparations for the sideshows huh……]

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